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It's no secret that Beat Saber is one of the single best games you can buy for your Oculus Quest 2 — or any other VR headset that you have, for that matter. With millions of copies sold, great official DLC, and even custom songs, it's hard to stop slicing blocks once you get started. While it's an amazing experience unto itself, the best Beat Saber accessories will have you cleaning up sweat far less often and spending more time enjoying the high-quality music, heart-pumping exercise, and addictive gameplay of Beat Saber instead.

Unijoy Sweatbands

Stop the sweat: Unijoy Sweatbands

Staff Pick

OK, so if there's one single accessory that you absolutely need to get to keep Beat Saber at its most enjoyable, it's a pack of sweatbands. This 4-pack of sweatbands will keep you from constantly having to remove your headset during any Beat Saber session — especially those extra-sweaty ones — and will even make it a little more sanitary to share that headset with friends or family that might want to play as well. These sweatbands are great for any exercise, but there's simply no denying how wet a VR headset can get after prolonged Beat Saber play.

$10 at Amazon
Tataco Vr Silicone Cover

Wick it off: Tataco Silicone Covers (3-pack)

The foam pad that the Oculus Quest 2 ships with isn't exactly the most sanitary way to play a game like Beat Saber because it absorbs all the sweat, leaving you with a disgusting mess to clean after you're done. Drop one of these silicone covers over the top and cover that foam to keep it from getting sweaty and, eventually, unpleasant-smelling. This 3-pack will make it easy to swap the headset between friends and family and even clean the covers with a proper cleaning solution for that extra-cleanly feel.

$23 at Amazon
Vr Cover Quest 2 Foam Replacement

Ditch the pad: VR Cover facial interface replacement

If you'd rather completely replace that foam instead of just covering it up with silicone, VR Cover has you covered. This set of PU-leather facial interface replacements are gentler on the skin, don't absorb moisture, and can actually be cleaned since they aren't made of a porous material. As a bonus, the plastic gasket that clicks into the Quest 2 sports a passive grille design that's made to help aerate your face a bit, which could cut down on fogged lenses and let your skin breathe while playing.

$29 at Amazon
Vr Cover Quest 2 Controller Grips Halo Protector

Protect the neck: VR Cover Halo Controller Protector

Have you ever accidentally banged the controllers together while playing Beat Saber? Don't worry. You're in good company, but you might not be feeling so worry-less if you accidentally break that halo ring around the top of the Oculus Quest 2's controller. That's why these halo controller protectors are so vital. The soft silicone design slips right over the top of the Quest 2's halo rings and even has strategically placed holes for the IR lights inside the controller, so tracking speed and accuracy isn't affected.

$15 at VR Cover
Amvr Quest 2 Controller Grips

Get a grip: AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover

Part and parcel to a solid slicing streak is your grip on the controller. If your hands are sweating like crazy while playing, the AMVR controller grips will give you a much better grip on the smooth plastic Quest 2 controllers, thanks to a cleverly designed surface. On top of that, the "knuckles" straps will hug the backs of your hands tightly so you can actually let go of the controller, and it won't ever leave your hands. Now that's a good grip!

$16 at Amazon
Sony Mdrxb50ap Earbuds

Extra bass: Sony MDRXB50AP

Like most Sony headphones, the names of these earbuds are completely unintelligible and unmemorable. Thankfully, the experience you get from it is the complete opposite, as these earbuds deliver significantly more bass than you're probably used to if you've ever used a pair of cheapy pack-in earbuds before. Several silicone tip sizes are included to fit all sorts of ears, and the 3.5mm plug on the end fits perfectly into the port on the Quest 2. As a bonus, they also come in Beat Saber red or blue colors to match the mood.

$30 at Amazon
1MORE Quad Driver earbuds

Quality without the size: 1MORE Quad Driver earbuds

The price is a huge step up from what is expected of earbuds, but 1MORE Quad Driver earbuds deliver an experience that's worth the price. If you're not a fan of over-the-ear headphones but still want the best quality that a fairly reasonable amount of money delivers, these are the earbuds for you. As the name suggests, these earbuds pack in four drivers to deliver a superior audio experience to any earbud you've ever heard. If you're serious about audio and don't want the bulk of over-the-ear headphones, this is what you buy.

$104 at Amazon
PlayStation Gold headphones

Rising above its station: PlayStation Gold headphones

It might have PlayStation in the name, but these amazing 7.1-channel surround-sound headphones deliver a superior experience on any device with a 3.5mm plug like the Oculus Quest 2. Since the Quest 2 supports high-quality 3D audio, games like Beat Saber sound their best with a set of over-the-ear headphones with large 40mm drivers like these. I personally use and prefer them over other headphones for playing in VR and can't sing their praises enough. If you don't mind a bit of extra hassle when putting them on over your head strap, these will deliver the best audio experience around.

Chromecast 3rd Gen

Show it off: Google Chromecast (3rd-gen)

It might be a few years old now, but the 3rd-gen Google Chromecast is the best and least expensive way to share what you're playing in VR with everyone in the room. Hook it up to one of your TV's HDMI ports, strap your Oculus Quest 2 on your head, and hit the cast button either on the Quest or in the Oculus app, and boom. Everything you see in VR will be cast straight to the TV, including the audio, so everyone sitting in the room will no longer have to guess what's happening behind the visor.

$30 at Amazon
VBlades Beat Saber Wands Quest

Make it authentic: VBlades Beat Saber controller wands

When you want it custom, you buy it at Etsy. There's no getting around how authentic a custom-made experience can be, and this VBlades Beat Saber controller will make you feel like you're actually slicing blocks with a lightsaber. This new enhanced design works perfectly with the Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and even the Oculus Rift S. You can order it in several unique color combinations, including that unmistakable Beat Saber red and blue.

$25 at Etsy
Eyglo Elite Strap Quest

Extra comfort: Eyglo Elite Strap

If you've graduated to those 90, 180, or 360-degree levels, you might have noticed that the headset can become a little wobbly as you frantically switch directions to slice blocks coming at you from all angles. If this is happening — or you need a little extra comfort for longer play sessions — the Eyglo Elite Strap will replace that flimsy cloth strap with something far more sturdy and, maybe more importantly, far more comfortable. It even comes in two different sizes to better fit all sorts of folks.

$28 at Amazon
Anker Powercore+ 20100 battery pack

Last longer: Anker PowerCore 20,000

Have you ever gotten an incredible winning streak only to find that your Quest 2 is on the verge of dying or, worse yet, suddenly goes black from a dead battery? While it's not as elegant as the official Oculus Elite Strap with battery, it is far more reliable than that less-than-stellar accessory. The Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh QuickCharge 3.0 battery pack fits nicely in any pocket. It connects with any USB Type-C cable to your Quest 2, giving you hours upon hours of extra playtime without ever having to take the headset off.

$50 at Amazon
Anker Charging Dock Quest 2 Hero

Keep it charged: Anker Charging Dock for Quest 2

The Anker Charging Dock for Quest 2 is easily the best charging accessory on the market because it not only gives you a place to keep your Quest 2 safe when it's not in use, but it makes plugging cables in to charge a thing of the past. A small "plug" fits into the USB Type-C port on the headset and enables quick drop-and-dock charging, plus replacement batteries and covers with POGO pins on the controller act the same way. Never worry about starting a session with an almost-dead headset again!

$87 at Amazon

Stay on beat

With a good set of accessories and a strong will, you can now power through longer Beat Saber sessions without having to worry about cleaning up a sweaty mess afterward. Sweatbands are certainly the most important thing to get. This simple solution alone will help absorb all that latent energy coming from your body and keep that headset cleaner for the next person who wants to play — or, of course, to make that post-exercise clean-up a little less grueling.

For an upgraded experience, you could change out that facial interface with one of VR Cover's excellent PU-leather pads and aerated gaskets, which will help your skin breathe a bit easier while your heart is pumping. Don't forget a nice pair of headphones so you can enjoy the music to the fullest, either. Those built-in speakers on the Quest 2 are great, but nothing quite matches the audio fidelity of a good pair of cans.

Of course, the ultimate Beat Saber experience can be had with custom accessories, like the VBlades Beat Saber wands, which make it feel like you're actually holding the same lightsabers that you swing in the game. Now that's some deep immersion! Lastly, if you're looking for a longer-lasting experience, grabbing the Anker PowerCore battery pack will keep your Quest 2 powered for longer, and the Anker Charging Dock for Quest 2 will make sure you never begin playing with a low or dead battery again.

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