Best Battery Cases for Galaxy S20 Series in 2022

ZeroLemon S20 Plus Lifestyle
ZeroLemon S20 Plus Lifestyle (Image credit: ZeroLemon)

Your Galaxy S20 already comes with 4,000mAh battery — or 5,000mAh if you sprang for an S20 Ultra — but no matter how big your battery is, there will always be those of us who need more. If you're one of the bold, battery-burning few, these are the battery cases you can trust and buy today for Samsung's newest flagships.

If you want a battery case for the regular Galaxy S20, you can stop reading right now: LANYOS is the only readily available battery case available for the littlest model at this time. Luckily, this is still a pretty good option for the S20. It adds 4,800mAh, more than doubling the battery life of your phone, and it has an easy button on the back to dictate when the battery charges or stays in reserve.

For the S20+ and Ultra, you get 6,000mAh, giving you an extra 150% battery capacity, should bouncing around mmWave antennas take a sizeable chunk out of your battery. It may only be available in black right now, but you know what they say: black goes with everything.

I really wish ZeroLemon had offered this for the regular S20, but I understand that it thinks the bigger models will be the most popular. This is the only name-brand option available right now, but it doesn't make you over-pay for the fact that it has a captive market.

ZeroLemon's case warns you that the Ultra Power case will add a significant thickness to your phone — it's 2.5 times thicker than a naked S20+ — but that extra bulk can help make it easier to hold steady if you're going to be spending lots of time filming on it. Just keep in mind, a bigger, thicker case like this can allow heat to build up quicker and take longer to dissipate.

The S20 Ultra can come with up to 512GB of storage, which you can then expand with up to a 1TB microSD card. I don't see you needing the storage capabilities of i-Blades Smartblade system, but hey, every little bit helps when you're a data hoarder.

I like the way that the Smartblade clips on and off, though. It allows you to be more confident that the bank will stay in place than models that rely on microsuction or magnets alone. This bank only adds 1,800mAh, but it's a slimmer profile for those that just need a little extra help.

Go big or go home

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When choosing a battery case, capacity and size are important, which is why for the Galaxy S20+ and Ultra, I highly recommend the ZeroLemon Ultra Power, which will more than double your battery capacity with a reliable name-brand case.

For the S20, as I've said before, your only real option right now is the LANYOS Battery Case, but with 4,800mAh and a flexible bumper for easy application, that one option should be enough for most S20 owners seeing out battery assistance. If you need more, you'll have to invest in a battery pack instead.

Where are all the other options?

If you burn through battery like it's going out of style, there just aren't many battery case options for you right now. Mophie hasn't debuted any battery cases for the S20 line, ZeroLemon is only offering cases for the S20+ and Ultra, and manufacturing shutdowns in China have slowed down the usual tide of no-name battery cases we could normally fall back on.

There are a few reasons I don't expect to see a plethora of options becoming available. Firstly, with the S20 series already featuring such large batteries, more people should be able to get along fine without them. After all, I take my Galaxy S20 to the parks and can usually last from lunch to park close on a single charge, something I can't really say for most other phones I've used in the last two years.

The second issue is that if you buy a battery case, it can only charge that particular model, but if you buy a power bank, you can charge just about every phone you throw at it. With Power Delivery basically standard across all smartphones sold today, you can find a slim, quick power bank for less than $30. You can even find wirelessly charging power battery packs without breaking the bank, if you don't want to deal with wires poking out of your pocket.

10000mAh USB-C charger

Aukey 10,000mAh Battery Pack ($30 at Amazon)

Aukey checks all the boxes for a great power bank. It's phone-sized, easy to use, and affordable. It's also got Qualcomm QuickCharge in addition to Power Delivery.

Xcentz USB-C Power Bank 5000 PD

Xcentz USB-C Power Bank 5000 PD (Image credit: Xcentz)

Xcentz USB-C Power Bank 5000 PD ($19 at Amazon)

5,000mAh is enough to completely recharge even the S20 Ultra, which is great for a power bank the size of two large lipsticks.

Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery

Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery ($80 at Samsung)

Not only can this bank charge your S20 at 25W when plugged in with an e-marked cable, it can wirelessly charge your phone should you forget the cable at home.

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