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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases protect Samsung's supersized flagship, and with that big beautiful 6.9-inch screen comes a larger and heavier phone than even last year's devices. While I can understand not wanting to bulk up your S20 Ultra, a case is not optional on a phone this big; you need a protective case to add grip to that big glass back and add some cushions or shock-absorbing bumpers to the corners. From clear and ultra thin cases to big and functional, these are the best Galaxy S20 Ultra cases to buy your new flagship.

Ringke Fusion X

Clear but sturdy: Ringke Fusion X

Staff Pick

Want to show off your S20 Ultra's glass-backed beauty while still protecting it from scratches, slips, and the oh-so-dreaded shatter? This case gives you robust bumper and corner protection and a crystal clear back.

Speck Presidio Grip Purple Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

Germ-free grip: Speck Presidio Grip Case

Speck's iconic grip pattern is traditionally a place for grime to accumulate over time, but these days Speck puts a Microban treatment on the case, so it repels germs and helps keep your phone's filth from infecting you.

Cyber Ranger Series

Clearly protective: ArmadilloTek CyberRanger Series

With extra protection in the corners and a crystal clear back, this durable case proves that not all clear cases have to be dainty. You can get it in clear with orange or red accents or a smoky black as well.

$10 at Amazon
Vintage Wallet Case

Luxury look: Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

Snakehive's leather folios always feel wonderful in hand, but I'd expect nothing less of European full-grain nubuck leather! This year's color options also include a darling teal, which looks positively to die for.

$39 at Amazon
Caseology Parallax

Perfect geometry: Caseology Parallax

This hybrid case comes in four colors this year — I love the new teal — and combines a sturdy plastic frame with a flexible, curve-hugging TPU sleeve to give you the best of both worlds in a slim package.

Vanguard Series

Go beyond: ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series Case

The Vanguard Series is one of the better heavy-duty kickstand cases for Galaxy phones, and this year we have the more subdued Red as a launch color alongside the brighter orange and blue.

From $19 at Amazon
Ringke Air S Galaxy S20 Ultra Lavender

Slim silicone: Ringke Air-S

Ringke is better known for its clear cases, but the Air-S is a sleek TPU case that comes in three fun colors — and no, one of them is not boring black — and it offers more grip without big bulk or high prices.

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Crystal clear winner: Spigen Liquid Crystal

I've loved this case for years, and I continue to love this case for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Liquid Crystal is easy to get on and off and adds grip without obscuring that signature Samsung design.

$9 at Amazon
Totallee Thin Clear Case Galaxy S20 Ultra

Ultra slim grip: Totallee Ultra Thin

There's no way around this: the Ultra is a huge phone. Understandably, you wouldn't want to bulk it up more, so get this Totallee case for some grip and scratch protection without added heft.

$13 at Amazon
Spigen Tough Armor

Classic hybrid: Spigen Tough Armor Case

The flexible bumper is shock absorbent and makes the case easy to slip on and off, while the hard shell on the back helps hold the kickstand and extra shock-absorbing foam.

$16 at Amazon
OtterBox Commuter Series Teal Galaxy S20 Ultra

Pastel protection: OtterBox Commuter Series Case

This seafoam green or black case features a shock-absorbing inner layer and a rigid shell that's easy to grip and easy to adhere PopSockets to because weighing half a pound, you're going to want a PopSocket on the S20 Ultra.

ESR Essential Zero

Thin, clear, wonderful: ESR Essential Zero

Clear cases don't come much thinner than the Essential Zero, and while I'm not sure how hard a drop I trust it to take, it adds enough grip that you shouldn't have to worry about that.

$5 at Amazon
Tech21 Studio Colour Galaxy S20 Ultra

Plant-based protection: Tech21 Studio Colour

This ultra-thin case sports both 8-foot drop protection and anti-microbial properties while being made with sustainable, plant-based materials. The color choices here are distinct and diverse, but I like blue and cherry.

$30 at Amazon
Samsung Leather Cover Galaxy S20 Ultra Press

Luxurious leather: Samsung Leather Cover

This is one of the few case options for the S20 Ultra that offers the same color selection as its smaller comrades (you can get it in black, silver, blue, gray, red, or brown). It's a good thing, too because these premium, genuine leather cases will look absolutely stunning, no matter which color you choose.

Go beyond a basic case

There's no need to hide the Galaxy S20 Ultra's beautiful glass back, especially when clear cases like the Ringke Fusion X are getting more durable every year. For a thin case option that will add a lot of grip, the Tech21 Studio Colour comes in some darling shades and gently hugs the S20's curves while also helping you keep hold of your super-sized S20 Ultra.

Considering how big this phone already is, you might as well go for broke and choose among the best Galaxy S20 Ultra cases you can find. That might mean a durable case that can double as a kickstand both horizontally or vertically. I've enjoyed the ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series because it's durable as all get-out and the kickstand also doubles as a phone grip while I'm walking around. That kickstand is also far more sturdy than most of the wimpy landscape-only kickstands built into the back of other cases. The ability to use it in portrait mode makes it easier to browse social media or reading e-books while eating a quick dinner in the break room.

How much protection do you really need with the S20 Ultra?

Weighing in at about half a pound, getting a case that can absorb the impact of an S20 Ultra being dropped from shoulder-high is pretty important, but no matter what, you need a case that offers a lip around the screen and that big, honkin' camera module. I'm a fan of the ArmadilloTek CyberRanger because it has absorbent gel cushions in the four corners of the case to help better protect your super-sized phone from the ever-so-dreaded corner drop.

However, don't think that you have to go thick and tank-like to defend your Ultra; some slimmer cases are offering decent drop protection these days, like the Tech21 Studio Colour with its 8-foot impact protection and lithe form. Even slim TPU cases like the Ringke Air-S can offer some impact protection and grip without getting bulky.

Materials matter

For a protective case, there's a whole MSDS database of material types out there, but there's only five you really need to care about:

  • TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane): flexible, cheap to manufacture, and can be molded into just about any shape and color you want. This is the de facto material for single-layer cases and the inner layer of hybrid cases; most "silicone" cases are actually TPU.
  • PC (polycarbonate): hard plastic will crack before it bends, not great for drops but okay for scratch protection; this is what most "ultra-thin" cases are made of.
  • Leather: tanned hides (or a faux material imitating it), feel great in hand, have a luxurious feel, but tend to be expensive. Leather is the most popular material for folios and wallet cases, as well as premium cases.
  • Metal: mostly used for accents in phone cases, can be molded in many ways, thousands of metal types available, and feels nice in hand. You won't see metal often used in smartphone cases because most metals will interfere with wireless charging.
  • Fabric: easy to work with, comes in tons of thicknesses and patterns, cheap to manufacture, and can range from quite inexpensive to luxury brand. Fabric cases tend to not hold up over time, but depending on the texture/base material, it can feel absolutely amazing.
    • Microfiber: thin fabric with an excellent texture, typically used to line premium cases to prevent the phone from getting scratched while inside the case.

For the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you want a case with at least some TPU in it around the bumper so that it's easy to get in/out and adds a little impact absorption. If you can, a case with a microfiber lining is a great way to ensure that should dirt/dust find its way into the cracks and crevices of your case that it shouldn't scratch the back glass of your S20 Ultra.

Need more options?

Thousands of cases are out there for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and if the cases here aren't enough to tickle your fancy, we have some more precise roundups for those of you looking for heavy duty cases, thin cases, clear cases, leather cases and wallet cases.

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