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The best Samsung Galaxy S20+ cases keep your bold phone protected without covering up what makes it so striking. The Galaxy S20+ is the Goldilocks of the three Galaxy S20 phones, and has proven to be the most popular variant in most markets. If you got yourself a unit before the phone was discontinued, grab yourself the best Galaxy S20+ case and enjoy using it for years to come!

Spigen Liquid Air

Best Galaxy S20+ case for most people: Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Staff pick

Spigen makes one of the most popular single-layer cases on the market, the Rugged Armor, but the Liquid Air is not only a fresher look, but it's got much, much better grip thanks to that diamond texture across the back.

Samsung Kvadrat Cover Galaxy S20 Plus Press

Sustainable style: Samsung Kvadrat Cover

Samsung's branching out into eco-friendly cases this year, and the Kvadrat case is fine-looking and it feels even better. This case is made of recycled materials, is 100% compostable, and comes in green, grey, and red.

From $35 at Amazon
ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series

For a cruel, cruel world: ArmadilloTek Vanguard Designed for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Our phones are our lifelines, and the robust drop protection and dust plugs on these cases can help your S20+ survive what life throws at it. It also has a kickstand that works well in portrait or landscape mode.

Caseology Solid Flex Crystal Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Clear control: Caseology Solid Flex Crystal

This name-brand clear case gives us the best of all worlds: air cushions to protect the corners, shows off the signature Samsung style, and adds a great amount of grip for less than a large pizza.

Samsung Leather Back Cover Galaxy S20 Plus Press

Classy covering: Samsung Leather Back Cover

Samsung's leather cases are always a hit, and while the S20+ doesn't come in as many colors as the regular S20, the leather cover still comes in six shades, though the ruby red certainly stands out most to me.

UAG Pathfinder Army Green

Ready for war: UAG Pathfinder

This mil-spec drop-tested case has a rugged grip, robust corners, and big buttons for those who are rough on their phone or tend to take their phones on intense adventures.

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

Full-grain luxury feel: Snakehive Vintage Wallet

When it comes to wallet folios, even Samsung and Bellroy don't feel as good in the hand as Snakehive. This European full-grain nubuck leather wallet case comes in over a half-dozen colors, and you can get initials embossed on the front corner.

$39 at Amazon
Caseology Parallax Galaxy Navy Blue

Hybrid hero: Caseology Parallax for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Combine the grip and flexibility of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with the stability and shine of hard plastic, add in a shallow texture on the back, and some swanky two-tone colorways, and you've got a winner.

Totallee Thin Case

Like nothing's there: Totallee Thin Galaxy S20+ Case

Totallee's thin cases are unbranded, ultra-light, and ultra-thin. If you hate cases because they're bulky, Totallee is made for you. This one is available in a rigid black or softer clear case.

$10 at Amazon
Unicorn Beetle Style Case

Rugged showoff: Supcase UB Style

Supcase's Unicorn Beetle Style offers a crystal clear backplate while two-tone TPU hugs the sides of your phone and keeps it safe. It's available in black everywhere, but if you check around, you can also find blue and purple!

OtterBox Commuter Series Galaxy S20 Plus Mint Case

Dual-layer durability: OtterBox Commuter Series Case for Galaxy S20+

OtterBox serves up its name-brand protection in the classic hybrid style with the Commuter Series. It's not as easy to slip on/off as the Symmetry, but it's also more affordable for the same level of protection.

Ringke Air

Almost invisible: Ringke Air

Let this thin TPU case cling to your Galaxy S20+ and all of its curves so that you can grip your new phone with confidence. Don't expect much shock absorption, but it'll give your new phone scratch protection at least.

Speck Presidio Grip Galaxy S20 Plus

All those ridges: Speck Presidio Grip Samsung Galaxy S20+ Case

Simply put, the Speck Presidio Grip has everything you could ask for. The ridges on the back allow for enhanced grip, there's 13-foot drop protection, and microban protection keeps bacteria at bay.

Miracase Marble Full Body Case

Beautiful and durable: Miracase Marble Full Body

Who said pretty cases have to delicate? Miracase brings a stabilizing front frame to this slim TPU case that's adorned with two-tone marble and glimmering rose gold accents. You can also get it in lavender or teal.

$17 at Amazon
Tech21 Pure Clear Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Plant-based protection: tech21 Pure Clear for Galaxy S20+

Tech21 makes the PureClear case with sustainable, plant-based materials, while also making it durable and drop-resistant. It also has a BioShield that's supposed to keep your phone clean and germ-free.

$12 at Amazon

What are the best Galaxy S20+ cases?

If you want some slim protection for your Galaxy S20+, grab the Spigen Liquid Air or the Caseology Solid Flex Crystal so that your S20+ has at least a little protection from scuffs, scratches, and slips.

If you want some more robust protection, I've been a fan of the ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series for a couple of years now. The fold-flat kickstand doubles as a tentative phone grip while weaving through a crowd, and despite the case's beefier back, it still supports wireless charging so you can keep those dust flaps securely covering your USB-C port and keeping out lint and sand.

There are great cases out there for all of the S20 models, and we've also rounded up our favorite Galaxy S20 Cases and Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases to help you get more ideas for the perfect case for your perfect new phone.

How much protection do you need in a case?

Samsung Galaxy S20 CasesSource: Android Central

The Galaxy S20+ is a pretty sizeable phone, but the amount of protection it needs depends on you. If you're not the type to stray far and keep your phone close to your side, all you might need is some extra grip and some scratch protection, though consider grabbing a thin case that keeps a good lip around the camera module.

For most, I recommend a case with at least some shock absorption for drop protection. You don't need military-grade rugged tanks, but having some air cushion corners or impact-absorbing foam in the corners is protection worth having. This is the category most cases in this roundup fall into.

If you're hard on your phone or spend lots of time outdoors, then you should consider the heavy-duty protection of the ArmadilloTek, UAG, or OtterBox. Or really, any of the great cases on our Best Heavy-Duty Cases list.

What case material is the best for my phone?

Case materials depend on your desired case style, but honestly, there are very few cases that use only one type of material these days unless it's a TPU case. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is flexible, cheap to manufacture, and can be molded into just about any shape and color you want. This makes TPU a good material for thin and medium cases, as well as making TPU the de facto inner layer material in hybrid cases and most clear cases.

Hybrid cases usually consist of TPU and polycarbonate, a hard plastic, but some also use leather, wood, or metal. Metal isn't ideal in a phone case as it's heavier and interferes in wireless charging, but leather can last a long time if you take good care of it. Leather cases are thicker but can age so gracefully, and they're also used in most wallet cases for the S20+.

One other material that users looking to keep a phone in pristine condition inside a case might want to seek out are cases that are lined with microfiber. Microfiber lining can keep the inside of a case — or the dirt that sneaks between a phone and its case — from scratching the device.

Should you only buy cases from brands you know and trust?

The saying "you get what you pay for" far predates smartphone cases, but it's not the only yardstick by which to measure a case's quality. While I'll be the first to say that I have a list of casemakers I tend to favor, I also know firsthand that a trusted brand can make you pay through the nose for its prestige.

There are plenty of perfectly fine cases to be found outside the known brands, and you can save yourself a few dollars if you know how to judge a no-name case. It might not have any reviews in yet, but if the listing has good pictures of the case, and the brand's previous cases have decent reviews, you can probably take a chance on it. Just don't buy a case where the shipping costs more than the case and remember, if a price seems too low to be true, it almost always is.

As time wears on, prestige cases will often drop in price. For instance, the OtterBox Defender Series launched in early 2020 at twice the price it sells for today. On the other hand, Urban Armor Gear and Snakehive's S10 cases are generally the same prices now as they were a year ago, so it's not a universal rule.

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