Ever since Apple's AirPods debuted back in 2017, truly wireless earbuds have been wildly popular. We've seen a lot of companies try and create AirPods alternatives for the Android space, with one of the most recent options being the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Andrew was impressed with the Galaxy Buds in his full review, calling them "exceptional everyday earbuds." But does everyone feel that way?

Here's what some of our AC forum members had to say about them.


I got my free set the other day. Not impressed. Slightly above average sound. I think I'll stick with wired headphones.


It depends on your use cases. I keep them at the office. They are useful when I have to make a call with my phone as it helps not having to hold the phone up to your ear. Also I used them when I took the train in to Boston for a conference. I could listen to a podcast and the case is small and light weight so easy to carry around. I don't go on the train very much and I don't have a while lot...


If you don't want them, sell them. Why keep something you don't like? I am really impressed with mine. I actually use them all the time for phone calls, Audible, music and podcasts. The connect immediately and are really convenient to carry with me. All that said, if I didn't like the way they felt I wouldn't use them.


I always used over ear because in ear bothered me but I tried the buds. I was surprised how comfortable they are in the ear and stay in play very well.. I agree to get rid of if you don't think you will like but at least in my case the in ear feel changed my opinion.


What about you? Do you like the Galaxy Buds?

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