Are the Amazon Echo Buds waterproof?

Amazon Echo Buds in hand
Amazon Echo Buds in hand (Image credit: Jeremy Johnson / Android Central)

Best answer: No, the Amazon Echo Buds are not technically waterproof. They can, however, handle a solid sweaty workout or light rain in a pinch. But don't submerge them!

So just how water-resistant are the Echo Buds?

The short answer? A little better than average. I'll explain.

The Amazon Echo Buds have been tested on various workouts and in various conditions, and have been given an official IP rating of IPX4. This means that the Echo Buds are sweat-resistant, but not technically waterproof or sweatproof.

According to the Echo Buds product page and Amazon's support information, the Echo Buds have been tested to withstand water splashing and can tolerate sweating. But they stop short of calling them waterproof or sweatproof). So, for example, if you get caught in a light rainstorm while wearing your Echo Buds, or if you tend to sweat a bit on your next workout, you should be just fine.

Note that the charging case for the Echo Buds is not water-resistant by any means, so be sure to keep that away from moisture, and remember to let your Echo Buds dry off before you put them back in the case to charge.

Based on my own experience with the Echo Buds, this is a bit of a conservative estimation. Indeed, I've taken them on several runs and hikes with no problem, and I sweat... like, a lot. So if they can survive the Austin heat and humidity tucked inside my earholes, then they should last just fine for your next workout.

If waterproofing is what you want, these are for you

If you want true waterproofing and weatherproofing in a wireless earbud, take a look at the Jaybird Vistas. They sport IPX7 water-resistance and are fully sweatproof and "Earth proof" as well. This means that if they fall out of your ears on a cross-country run or hike and land in the dirt, mud, or in a stream, they'll be just fine to use once you wipe them off. Plus, they're one of our favorite sets of buds!

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