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According to reports from the Android Central forums and XDA, Google's new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices are currently being upgraded over-the-air to a new version of Android, ver. 4.2.1. We've not yet been able to confirm whether 4.2.1 is also hitting the Nexus 7 or Galaxy Nexus, but we're sure these devices will get this latest update soon if it's not already going out.

The update fixes the notorious "December birthday" bug, which prevented any date in the month of December from being selected as a birthday or anniversary in the People app. So far we haven't noticed any other differences in the new software, which carries the build number JOP40D.

On the Nexus 4, the radio firmware version is unchanged from 4.2, and the hidden option that enabled some to use LTE on band 4 still seems to be present in the latest software. We can't verify first-hand that this unadvertised feature still works, but it doesn't look like this update has done anything to disable it.

As is always the case with these over-the-air updates, not all devices will get the update immediately, and we'd expect it to take a few days before everyone is up-to-date on 4.2.1. Nevertheless, we'll keep this post updated with direct links to the OTA packages for advanced users who want to flash them directly.

Google OTA links:

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