Amazon Echo is ready for college football with NCAA game scores and new skills

Amazon continues to improve the capabilities of its Echo speaker, and now, it's ready for football season. You can now ask the Echo for the scores to the latest NCAA Division 1-A football games. This is in addition to the Echo's existing ability to relay the latest NFL game scores. You can also get a schedule of upcoming games as well.

The Echo has also picked up some new third-party skills, starting with Crystal Ball. Enabled through the Alexa app, Crystal Ball will make predictions on the outcome of games. Other new Alexa Skills include Craft Helper for Minecraft, Guess the Number, and Trivia Alex.

All of these new skills can be enabled in the Skills menu in the Alexa app, which you can download now from the Google Play Store. You can grab the Amazon Echo itself directly from Amazon for $179.99.

Buy the Amazon Echo from Amazon for $179.99

Joseph Keller