Amazon deal nearly cuts the price of the Beats Studio Buds IN HALF — I'm listening!

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Getting a good deal on earbuds can be tough, especially from some of the top brand names out there. That's why it was a big deal when Amazon and other retailers recently cut the price of the Beats Studio Buds by 47%, marking a $70 discount and bringing these earbuds back to their lowest price ever. 

While they aren't on our list of the best wireless earbuds, they're still good enough to get the job done for most casual users. The Studio Buds include key features like active noise cancellation (ANC), IPX4 water resistance, and a wireless charging case offering up to 36 hours of battery life per charge. They aren't as high-quality in the audio department as the newer generation Studio Buds Plus, but they're still a pretty solid option, especially at this super-low price.

Beats Studio Buds:$149.95$79.95 at Amazon

Beats Studio Buds: $149.95 $79.95 at Amazon

The Beats Studio Buds are currently $70 off from Amazon and other retailers, making them the cheapest they've ever been. These name-brand earbuds offer a bare-bones product, with many of the classic features users have come to love with modern earbuds.

They include everyday audio features like ANC and transparency modes, a microphone for voice assistants and calling, and an IPX4 water resistance rating for those who hope to use them for workouts.

Price comparison: Walmart - $79.95 | Best Buy - 79.99

✅Recommended if: you're looking for good-sounding, name-brand earbuds that you can rely on; you liked other Beats products you've owned in the past; you hope to workout with your earbuds and need some with water resistance.

❌Skip this deal if: you'd rather pay more for a premium, well-ranked wireless earbud, like the Beats Studio Buds Plus; you want a pair of earbuds that includes the USB-C power adapter.

The Beats Studio Buds offer a capable, mid-level set of wireless earbuds, though this price makes them compete with those in an even lower price range. While they didn't make the index for our favorite wireless earbuds, the company's newer Beats Studio Buds Plus did, and they feature a similar audio quality, albeit with fewer features.

With the Studio Buds, you can expect to get 8 hours of listening time per charge on the earbuds themselves, or as much as 36 hours combined when using the charging case. They also feature ANC and a transparency mode, clear microphones for voice assistants, calling, and conferences, and an IPX4 water resistance rating.

It's worth noting that this particular deal doesn't include the USB-C power adapter you'll need for charging, though it's a small price to pay considering the $70 you'll save on the normal price tag.

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