Alleged Galaxy Buds 3 case render is very Apple, but with a clear dome

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro review
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What you need to know

  • An apparent Galaxy Buds 3 retail listing was discovered on a South Korean website, spilling the device's upcoming charging case redesign.
  • To accommodate the new stem, the Buds stand upright in the case, which features a clear dome and several lights to indicate its charging progress.
  • A recent leak suggests that Samsung is preparing to unveil its new suite of devices this summer on July 10.

A discovery made on a South Korean website seemingly spoils the new Galaxy Buds 3 charging case.

The early site listing was found by X user TEQNIKA, which shows a case change made to accommodate Samsung's new design (via 9to5Google). The user states that the Korean website Coupang is the source behind the new clear-top Galaxy Buds 3 case. The initial rendering suggests consumers can see their buds alongside a green dot on the outside, likely indicative of the case's reserves.

The second photo from the retail listing gives us a better look at how the buds will sit in the case. Considering the supposed new stem-like design, the buds stand upright in the case within black holders. There are lights on each holder, most likely another indicator of its charging process when the top is opened.

It also looks like users can clip their charging case onto their bags. On a related note, 9to5 mentions that this revamped design looks similar to Apple's AirPods Pro case — which is true, minus the clear dome.

Lastly, that early retail listing gives us our clearest look at the new Buds 3. Its smooth, silvery design is evident alongside its new stem, forgoing the old bulbous look.

A redesigned Galaxy Bud has been theorized for a while now, and a pixelated render leak earlier this month expanded on it. Again, it showed Samsung's apparent interest in moving toward an Apple-like design, which might not be bad as it could introduce a stem over the stabilization wingtip.

What's more, a recent leak shows that this new supposed stem design might come packed with pinch-based touch controls. The discovery was made through the code of the Samsung Members app, revealing that the Galaxy Buds 3 stem could feature pinch and hold-based touch controls.

Speculation says double pinching could skip songs or decline phone calls. Single pinches might act as the "play" button for songs and to answer incoming calls.

We're not far from knowing how true this early listing is as a summer Unpacked countdown recently surfaced. It appears that Samsung is preparing for its full reveal of devices on July 10 at 10 PM Korean Standard Time (9 am EST).

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