Best thin cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 2023

Of all the phones in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, the S23 Plus is the most sensible of the lot. It has just the right specs, dimensions, and price. If you're a proud owner of this Samsung phone, a protective cover is a basic accessory that you cannot skip. The well-being of your S23 doesn't require a rugged case though. You can maintain its condition with the right thin case, as long as it's got solid defenses. Lucky for you, this collection caters to those exact demands.

Slim cases for your Galaxy S23 Plus

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Watch your Galaxy S23 Plus's waistline

While thin cases do not provide heavy-duty protection, they do provide more than enough durability for your average Joe. All of these lovely thin cases are great for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus and boast similar features, more or less. Pick any one that catches your eye and you'll be all set.

Feeling lost? The basic black Case-Mate Pelican Ranger is easy on the eyes and checks all the right boxes. You can use the S23 Plus's wireless charging features without a glitch and impressively, the cover can withstand falls from a stunning 15ft height.

Looking for something bright and different? The holographic coat of paint on the MYBAT PRO Mood Series is sure to scratch that itch of yours. On the other hand, if you want a more mature look, go for the evergreen Caseology Parallax for your Samsung phone. In all of its durable and elegant glory, the Parallax case is one of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus.

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