Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus cases 2024

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus is virtually identical to the baby S23, it's much larger in size. While the increased screen size results in a better viewing experience, holding on to a huge rectangle constructed mostly of metal and glass can be quite a task. Luckily, the best S23+ cases make the job much easier, while adding some style to your Samsung. Say hello to all of the greatest, most secure phone covers for your premium Android phone.

These S23+ cases don't compromise

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Pick a reliable case for your S23+

The 6.6-inch Galaxy S23+ isn't suitable for one-handed usage. Its large stature makes it more prone to accidental drops and other manners of whoopsies, which is definitely something you want to avoid with one of the best Samsung phones. To keep things in check, put a solid case on your S23 Plus before things go awry.

Our favorite Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus case is none other than the robust CASETiFY Clear Case. This slim bumper cover comes in hundreds of cool designs unlike anything else out there and the drop protection is commendable. What we love even more is that every single phone cover from CASETiFY is made of around 65% recycled materials.

If you want a rugged apocalypse buddy for your Samsung Galaxy S23+, the CaseBorne V by ArmadilloTek is just the right add-on for you. Your S23+ is safe and sound in the rugged CaseBorne V. It can survive falls from any angle and even the display is protected. There's a kickstand on the back and the case comes in two jazzy options on top of the usual plain black colorway. On top of that, CaseBorne now provides a free lifetime warranty with its phone cases. That's a big win!

Most of these cases are perfect, but that doesn't mean that you can forgo a screen guard. Grab a nice screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S23+ to keep it in tip-top condition for ages.

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