Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus screen protectors 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus sits right in the middle of the petite little S23 and the monolith that is the S23 Ultra. This perfect-sized phone definitely needs a perfect-sized screen protector to preserve its sanctity. Don't skimp out on protection for your S23+ after spending hundreds of dollars to acquire such a high-end device. Grab one of these awesome Galaxy S23+ screen protectors!

We use screen guards in this house

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Keep your screen crack-free

Flat screens such as the one on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus don't crack as easily as curved ones, but they're still fragile. That beautiful 120Hz AMOLED panel needs a lot of love and care if you want to keep it intact over the next few years of use.

Before, you'd have to decide between glass protectors or TPU films, but we now have a third hybrid variety. Both Whitestone Dome Glass and MOUS have excellent hybrid screen guards for the S23 Plus with a hard coating on top and brilliant scratch resistance. What makes Whitestone's UV GEN Film Screen Protector for the S23+ better is the UV cure that allows for a snappier touch response and tougher protection.

When it comes to tempered glass screen protectors, Hortune and Supershieldz destroy the competition. Both brands have proven to be excellent at what they do over the years, giving us solid tempered glass on the cheap. Hortune also throws in camera lens protectors for your S23 Plus, giving you better value for money.

Done with your screen protector shopping? Time to get a sick case for your S23 Plus! After securing the display, your next order of business should always be to grab a decent phone cover to safeguard your phone's chassis. If you want to go all in, consider investing in a heavy-duty cover for your S23 Plus.

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