Best heavy-duty cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus in 2024

The Galaxy S22 Plus is a beautiful phone with a massive screen, but that screen is also a potential weak point, especially if you live a rugged lifestyle. Whether you need durability for hikes, urban exploration, or if you have a tough job laying concrete, you can still enjoy the S22 Plus with protection from a robust case. You can even get a case with a sliding door to protect your camera lenses from cracks or unnecessary exposure.

Keep communications open with a heavy-duty case

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Protect your S22 Plus from drops and debris

When it comes down to it, you'll need to decide for yourself what kind of protection you need. While it may seem like the right move to go for the biggest and toughest case right off the bat, you're adding a lot of extra bulk to one of the best Android phones you can get. A belt clip can help with that, but sometimes you need something that will slip into a pocket, and getting one of these heavy-duty cases off can take some effort.

For most people, a case that covers the front and back provides plenty of protection from drops and debris. If you're around a lot of dust or think you might drop the phone on something coarse like gravel, a case with a camera cover could also be a worthwhile upgrade. Damaging your lens could lead to degraded photo quality, which would be a shame given our S22 Plus review found this phone to take some of the best pictures of any phone.

The Poetic Guardian case strikes a good balance between form and function, with extra protection around the edges. This is where the majority of damage will come from during a drop. The clear front and back allow you to admire Samsung's gorgeous finishes. If you want something more fit for a job site, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro provides front and back protection with a belt clip for quick access.

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