Best heavy-duty cases for S22 Ultra 2024

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a mammoth-sized device with robust internals chugging it along. For a smartphone of such large stature, you need a rugged case that can take a beating — without bringing harm to your beloved S22 Ultra of course.

We've worked hard to collect all the best heavy-duty S22 Ultra cases in one place. These are the biggest, baddest, and brawniest phone covers that can sustain damage from steep drops, water immersion, and unexpected shocks.

Tough Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases for you

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Picking the right rugged case for your S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a beautifully designed device that is surprisingly graceful for its size. It's a given that a phone so large will be heavy. Unfortunately, both factors work in tandem to create a highly dropable device. To prevent cracks, scratches, and nicks on your valuable S22 Ultra, get a stellar heavy-duty case. Rugged covers may be pricier than usual S22 Ultra cases, but they more than make up for it by adding impregnable protection and sometimes screen protectors as well.

CaseBorne's R Series Kevlar / Aramid Fiber Case is our favorite heavy-duty case for S22 Ultra. We trialed this CaseBorne cover and found that it fits the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra well and adds many layers of protection. You get reinforced corners, raised edges around the camera unit, a hard back made of Kevlar, and a design that increases grip to prevent falls. Not to mention, the red and black combo looks absolutely brilliant.

If you're looking for something that allows you to show off your Galaxy S22 Ultra's natural hue, you can grab the waterproof SPIDERCASE or the Ringke Fusion-X. Both are excellent options. If you find the S22 Ultra clear cases to be too chunky for your liking, we recommend the basic-looking Raptic Shield case.

Adding rugged protection to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra makes it quite bulky. Grabbing a wallet case like the Ghostek Exec or the Marphe Wallet Case can help lighten the burden by reducing the number of things you carry. After you're done picking out one or two of the best heavy-duty cases for your Galaxy S22 Ultra, be sure to check out the best accessories for your S22. If you're on the hunt for something unique, check out the best battery cases for the S22 Ultra as well.

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