Best Google Pixel 7a cases 2024

The Pixel 7a is one of the best values in Android with hardware that holds its own against the fastest smartphones and software that makes the most of every bit of it. With five years of updates planned for the phone, it makes sense to keep it protected and in good condition so you can keep using it for years to come or keep its value high when you sell it for an upgrade.

Choosing the right case for your Pixel 7a is no easy task. There are hundreds of amazing options out there, from heavy-duty bumper covers to slim and trim cases. To ward off damage, we suggest grabbing a sleek Pixel 7a case that has plenty of drop protection and robust build quality. Here are all the best Google Pixel 7a cases that fit any budget.

These Pixel 7a cases are practical, affordable, and easy on the eyes

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From slim and trim cases to heavy-duty covers, you've got a lot of choice

The best Google Pixel 7a cases from Otterbox, Google, Totallee, and Caseology.

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You might be tired of hearing this, but the Caseology Parallax is easily the best phone cover for your Pixel 7a. Countless Android Central writers have put the Caseology Parallax to the test time and time again, and it has always surpassed our expectations. This year, the Caseology Parallax for the Google Pixel 7a is available in some of our favorite shades. If you got the Sea colorway of the Pixel 7a, we suggest the Midnight Blue version of the case to go with it.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? If you're looking for something different, Dbrand is the way to go. The handsome Dbrand Grip Case is available in tens of cool patterns and colors for the Pixel 7a. It had a black grippy frame and sides that goes well with all the available designs. However, budget shoppers should not that the Dbrand case isn't as affordable as the Caseology Parallax.

Practical buyers will want to make the most of what they spend. For people like that, we suggest looking at cases that come with bonus features. For example, the CaseBorne Premium Crystal Clear Case comes with two screen protectors for the Pixel 7a. Then there's the sleek TORRAS MarsClimber that has a tiny kickstand on the back. Sort your priorities and purchase the phone cover you desire.

If you want something cheap and efficient, the FNTCASE Slim Shockproof Case for Google Pixel 7a is a beautiful case that comes in a bunch of awesome shades like bright orange and deep purple. Not only is it cheap, but it feels really solid and well-made for the price. We used it hands-on and found it to be as sturdy and smooth in hand as the Caseology Parallax, which is the gold standard of phone covers.

The fun doesn't stop there. You can get other accessories to go with your beloved little Pixel 7a such as USB-C chargers and phone grips.

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