What color Pixel 7a should you buy?

The Pixel 7a deviates from the color schemes seen on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series just a tad. We still get the basic black and white options, and the coral hue from the Pixel 6 series has made a comeback, but there's also a soft baby blue that's completely new. What's even more awesome is that you can get a matching case from Google in the same blue shade. If you really want to go all in on the new color scheme, there's also a similar variant of the Pixel Buds A-Series that was announced beside the Pixel 7a.

Feast your eyes on all the colors of the Pixel 7a

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You can play it safe or get something bold

There's never a one-size-fits-all answer for colors, because tastes differ vastly from person to person. For instance, some of our writers at Android Central hate the light blue Pixel 7a, whereas others adore it. You should get a color that pleases you, bearing in mind that you'll be carrying the Google device for a long, long time. After all, the budget phone is slated to receive three years of OS and five years of security updates.

If you want it known that you're rocking the splendid new Pixel 7a, there's no better way than getting the Sea colorway. The icy blue hue launched with matching Pixel Buds A-Series, so you can really cash into the Pixel ecosystem if you want. We haven't seen a blue Pixel since the limited edition Pixel 4a in Barely Blue, so it's definitely an identifying trait of the Pixel 7a.

Looking for an even louder and more boisterous choice? This year's Coral is a red-hot hue that looks like something Chester Cheetah would highly approve of. This tone isn't for everyone, but it's definitely eye-catching and unique. Like all the other Pixel 7a colors, Coral comes with a matching case that you can purchase separately from Google. Now that Google's cases are actually usable, we highly recommend getting one to go with your Pixel 7a.

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