Best cases for the Google Pixel Fold 2023

Never has a phone cover been so urgent as on a folding phone. The Google Pixel Fold may be splash resistant, but any sand or dust particles will surely cause destruction and wreak havoc. Unless you want to watch the world — and your wallet — burn, please put a case on your Google foldable.

There aren't many cases available for the Pixel Fold just yet, but whatever has been unveiled is excellent. From Google's own in-house Pixel Fold case to Spigen's stalwart offerings, these are the best cases for your Pixel Fold.

Err on the side of caution with these robust Pixel Fold cases

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Choose the right Pixel Fold case for your needs

We've been going gaga over the Pixel Fold ever since Google first confirmed its existence. Now that it's out and available to purchase, the excitement has only increased. Sure, it's a heart-breakingly expensive foldable. But it's also gorgeous to look at and boasts some powerful specs. If you have decided to invest in one, congratulations! Next, please use your remaining bank balance to purchase a phenomenal case for your Pixel Fold.

The Official Google Pixel Fold Case comes in two colors that made the shades of the Pixel Fold color variants, as well as a third bonus hue. Google promises a robust hinge and decent durability from its Pixel Fold case. You'll definitely get an excellent fit as well, seeing as it is a first-party case.

If you want to steer away from Google's own cases, there are a few good third-party options out there. The marvelous Caseology Parallax is built like a tank and it looks beautiful. You only get one color though, which might be a bit boring for some.

Dbrand has plenty of creative patterns for its Pixel Fold Grip Case. On top of that, the Dbrand Grip Case has a built-in kickstand, it boasts 9ft drop protection, and it is one of the cheapest Pixel Fold cases you can get. You can even customize the back panel if you like, which is why the Dbrand Grip Case provides the most value for money.

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