Potential Nothing Ear 3 teaser suggests a 'big leap' is inbound

Nothing Ear (2) earbuds review on red background
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What you need to know

  • It seems as though Nothing has started teasing the arrival of the Ear 3.
  • The company posted a short video of a frog leaping over a black beetle alongside emojis representing both creatures.
  • In 2023, Nothing teased the Ear 2 with a black beetle, and the company teased the Ear 1 with a ladybug.

Nothing has started teasing its next product launch, and it looks like its next set of earbuds is to be expected.

The company posted a quick teaser video on X, which notably featured two actors: a little tree frog and a black beetle. Nothing is stranger to interesting methods of teasing new products, but this video could indicate that the Ear 3 is on the horizon.

Much like the video, the teaser was accompanied by an emoji of a frog and a beetle. Nothing also stated that the product was a "big leap."

While nothing has been said for certain, the teaser's lack of information almost certainly points toward Ear 3, as a similar approach was taken with Ear 2. During the Ear 2 teasers in March 2023, the company promoted the device with a black beetle slowly pushing along the product's charging case. It was touted as the brand's next "evolution" and that everything was "just better."

Going back a little further, the original Ear 1 was teased with a ladybug.

With the current teasers involving a frog leaping over last year's beetle, perhaps we can get a little excited and say it's the Ear 3. But, speculation aside, we might not be far from Nothing's official word. The Ear 2 launched on March 22, 2023, so we've already passed that one-year mark. More teasers are likely before a grand reveal.

The Ear 2's debut brought a smaller, more manageable charging case, refined sound, and great ANC capabilities. Its Clear Voice Technology was improved, offering better wind and noise resistance when taking calls. The Ear 2 features an 11.6mm custom driver, as well. However, Nothing launched a second version of the Ear 2 in a smoky matte black finish in July 2023.

The second launch was accompanied by a new immersive audio feature called Advanced Equalizer. The function lets users customize their sounds in greater depth through its graphical interface in the Nothing X app.

If teasers truly are for the Nothing Ear 3, there's a chance we'll see some of these past-gen features included but iterated on to warrant the "big leap" claim.

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