Samsung Galaxy Note 4 accessibility

Having a solid set of proper accessibility features on a phone is incredibly important for the small set of people who need them, and Samsung has done a good job of keeping its recent phones accessible for all. The new version of TouchWiz introduced on the Galaxy S5 brought new options and refined the accessibility features on the device, and nearly all of those features have made their way over to the Galaxy Note 4 as well.

The Note 4 interestingly adds two new features when compared to the Galaxy S5, but also removes two from the set at the same time. The vast majority of things are unchanged, however, meaning you can easily switch between the two and get acquainted with the settings.

As we mentioned in the opening, the Galaxy Note 4's accessibility options closely resemble those found on the Galaxy S5. We've written up a pretty extensive article highlighting all of the different features, of which roughly 95 percent are identical on the Note 4. So in an effort to not repeat ourselves (where we can help it), start off reading our Galaxy S5 accessibility post then check back in here for a description of the differences.

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Here are the differences on the Note 4 accessibility options coming from the Galaxy S5, organized by subsection.


  • Hover zoom: This is a feature specific to the Note 4 because it takes advantage of the phone's S Pen to zoom in on content on the screen. When enabled, Hover Zoom lets you hover the S Pen over the screen to zoom in on that portion of the screen. You can choose between seven different fixed zoom levels, as well as how big the magnification spot is (small, medium, large). When enabled it does reduce the S Pen's usual functionality, as it disables Air view, Air command, Direct pen input, Reduce screen size and TalkBack. But if you need the zoom, using the S Pen may be a better way to accomplish it than any other and make it worth turning off these features for.


  • Sound detectors: Building on the ... interesting addition of a "Baby crying detector" on the Galaxy S5, the Note 4 also includes a "Doorbell detector" that will notify your attached Samsung Gear smartwatch when a doorbell is heard by your phone. To make this work, simply place your phone within 10 feet of your doorbell, presumably in a place that isn't necessarily filled with ambient noise. When the phone detects that the doorbell has rung, you'll be notified. Turning on Doorbell detector disables any S Voice or Google Now always listening features you may have enabled.

Dexterity and interaction

  • Smart scroll: The Note 4 is missing the Smart scroll option found on the Galaxy S5.

More settings

  • Hand wave to answer/end calls: The Note 4 is missing the hand wave gesture to answer and reject calls found on the Galaxy S5.

Get to know these settings

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 accessibility

Chances are you may not need these accessibility settings on your own Note 4, but maybe there's a chance you could help someone else that you know take better control of their device with them. If you know someone who could benefit from the accessibility settings in the Galaxy Note 4, go familiarize yourself with the settings — it could make a huge difference in how someone uses their phone in daily life.