We can't deny the fact the Galaxy Note 7 is one of the best-rated Android phones of the year. No other phablet-sized device compares in design and functionality, and it's one of the few mobile devices with a useful pressure-sensitive stylus in tow. But it hasn't been without its problems, with its reputation taking a beating due to unexpected problems with its battery.

Thankfully, an official recall has been put into effect, and there will soon be plenty of safe, vetted Note 7 units waiting to be taken to their forever homes. If you're still deliberating whether to purchase the Note 7, here are five reasons you might consider it when it's back on sale.

It's the prettiest phone Samsung has ever made

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but, the Galaxy Note 7 is so much prettier than its flagship predecessors. Look at its curves, and the way the display cascades into its curved edges — it's as if there's hardly a bezel at all. And take a peek at all the available varieties of the Note 7—the Blue Coral alone is the nicest smartphone color combination we've seen yet.

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It's one of the best smartphone cameras

Eat your heart out, iPhone users. You may be enjoying the camera on your new iPhone 7, but Samsung phones have been worthy sole-shooters for some time. The Note 7 is no different with its 12-megapixel rear-facing camera equipped with OIS and a f/1.7 aperture. It also offers manual camera controls, including the ability to shoot in RAW, and a variety of nifty camera features, like live YouTube broadcasting, from inside the camera app.

It's the most stylus-friendly Android device

Let's be real here: It's one of the fewest Android smartphones with a stylus that's worth using. Samsung made the Note 7's S-Pen twice as pressure sensitive as last years. It doubled its pressure sensitivity to 4096 levels and narrowed the point for more precise selection. The overhaul of the Samsung Notes app has helped, too, which you can use to take written notes, draw a doodle, or annotate a screenshot. The added stylus is also great for editing PDFs and signing documents.

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It has more bells and whistles than other flagships

With most flagships, you're lucky to have NFC and expandable memory. With the Galaxy Note 7, you have that in addition to two types of wireless charging methods, including PMA and Qi, as well as a second wireless payment method, namely MST, which enables Samsung Pay. The Galaxy Note 7 also offers an iris scanner, which might seem hokey at first, but it's actually quite neat and you can use it to secure your files and apps behind a special folder on the Home screen.

It's better than the Galaxy S7

The Galaxy Note 7 runs Samsung's simplified Grace UX, which isn't as garish as the GS7 and GS7 edge's TouchWiz UI, nor is it as bloated. The revamped UI includes helpful features like a blue light filter, which helps reduce the amount of blue light in the evening, and a souped-up Power saving mode, which offers customizable levels so you can extend your battery life while still having access to your most-used features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7