With all the cameras and drones capable of capturing 4K footage nowadays, you'll want to have a microSD card that can efficiently handle the large file sizes of such recordings. Thankfully, microSD cards are super affordable these days and the Black Friday sales we're seeing make it even easier to stock up on storage. One such microSD card hitting a new low today is PNY's 256GB Elite-X card. It is a stellar choice and today it has gone lower than ever before on Amazon at $26.99. Considering it regularly sells for $40, today's price drop is one you shouldn't pass up.

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PNY 256GB Elite-X microSD card

These days, you need a microSD card that can efficiently handle the large file sizes of 4K recordings and high-res photos. This microSD card has Class 10, U3, and V30 performance and up to 100MB/s read speed so it's got you covered.

$26.99 $39.99 $13 off

This Class 10 microSD card features up to 100MB/s transfer speed, allowing you to move a full-length movie to or from it in just a few seconds. Whether you're planning to use it with your smartphone, tablet, dash cam, drone, or maybe the Nintendo Switch, this microSD card can handle it all. It's also A1-rated which means it is great for use in smartphones. An SD adapter is included as well so you can use this in full-size SD card slots like in your camera.

If you have more storage needs, be sure to check out the full promotion that this microSD card is a part of. It features everything from SD cards to portable hard drives, flash drives, internal drives, and even NAS systems.

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