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A quick heads up to all the Xbox users out there, that the Xbox Smartglass application has been updated. It's not a big update save for one feature. It now works on the Google Nexus 7 and other 7-inch tablets. This was one of the biggest criticisms of the app when it launched -- or any app that we can't use on the Nexus 7, really -- and while it may have taken a little while, Microsoft has finally rectified the problem.

Aside from that, there's a handful of bug and crash fixes included for anyone who experienced some issues in those areas before. Head on into the Google Play Store and grab yourselves a copy.


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Xbox Smartglass updated, now compatible with the Nexus 7


Why are so many of these articles written so poorly? I'm referring to grammar, spelling and punctuation. I've noticed recently things around here have gotten much worse. This xbox article is tough to decipher. I bring this up only because my 14 and 16 year old girls LOVE Android Central as much as I do. My kids are constantly coming to me asking why the words in the articles are misspelled and the grammar is incorrect. Very difficult to explain to high school kids. I've followed A/C for about 2 years now and I hope I don't sound mean or angry. I know all of you ladies and gentlemen are brilliant and can do much better. I hope I haven't offended anyone as this is not my intent. I just want my children to continue to be able to read A/C and possibly learn a lot in the process. Thanks.

Richard, you are the man. Thank you and I hope I didn't sound rude of gruff. Once again, you guys come through with flying colors. Another reason I'm proud to be an Android Central member!!!

Anyone else having problems with this app to get it to connect my phone will only connect when in 3g/4g never on wifi

Am I doing something wrong with this app or is the keyboard function not available on the smartphone version? I tried to use Smartglass the other day (before this update) so I could easily browse YouTube etc and the Keyboard function is greyed out.

I have an uneasy suspicion that Microsoft is limiting the keyboard to Windows 7 or 8 devices. I haven't had a moment to test the new version. True?

You can only open the YouTube app... but you can pair the YouTube app on the XBox with the YouTube app on your phone. Then you can control all the playback etc via your phone. That has to be on Wifi to work, but it works great. Much easier to find video's etc via the phone interface.

Still doesn't have all smartglass functionality. Meanwhile the iOS version counties to be superior. Sigh.

When the app originally came out, it worked as advertised for me on my S3. Now, after several updates, when I launch my app it does not give me the capabilities to interact with the Xbox. I get through the sign in process, but once at the app's Home screen it will say "connecting" in a little green box, but never connects to the Xbox. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone else have this issue as well?

Texian83...I am having the same issue on my Nexus 7. So frustrating the MS smart glass promotional video and new release got me pretty excited! Ugh. What am I doing wrong???

I have seen this also but usually due to my Gamertag not being logged into Xbox Live. After logging in with my Xbox Live gamertag it works fine.

I am def logged into Xbox live on my Xbox. Do you mean something additional with the gamertag? Ex: I am logged into Xbox live and can play games online and play Netflix etc.

When I launch smart glass on my nexus 7 it logs into my online account but I cant interact with the Xbox like promo videos show. I can only modify my avatar and other useless things like that. Again, very disappointed.

Yeah I'm actually on that same boat! I popped in halo and I've read so much about the fun little features like the stats and info that should automatically begin running when the game starts but I've had no such luck...kinda stumped and disappointed