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We talk a lot about tablets here at Mobile Nations. The big four (Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows) all have a tablet or tablets available, and while some may have been tossed aside others are all the rage. At least on the Internet, they are. Sales numbers and analysts aside tell us all manner of things, but as usual, I know the best way to find out what you guys and gals think or do is to just ask.

So that's what I'm doing this week. Are you part of the so-called post-PC generation, or do tablets just not offer anything you need? It's an interesting topic, as you can pick up a Chromebook for as little as $200 and some phones can do just about anything you can do on a tablet now. So tell us!

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I have a Note 10.1 og and Nexus 7 og, does the screen look any worse than those? I was thinking of getting one of the Tegra.

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If you would place them on a table side by side (which I have not done) you'd probably see a difference, but for me this is a very good screen. I've read a lot of reviews that complained about the screen resolution. If it was a 10" tablet then it would probably be a problem, but at this size, it's bright, clear, and plenty sharp for me. Don't listen to those who say it's not a very good screen. It's the same resolution as the first Nexus 7 which everyone seemed to think was wonderful. I have no complaints whatsoever. I've had it for about 3 months now, I think, and would recommend it to anyone. Best thing about the TN7 is it's very fast, and only $200!

Excellent, thank you. I may really think about getting it. I wonder if they will do a refresh at the same price point.

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I don't know what you mean by a refresh, but I would like to add that they do have an LTE model now for $299.

Nexus 10. I don't really use my laptop much anymore, and when I do it is through remote desktop on my tablet.

Ha. Perverts think everything was make for porn. HD TVs, 3D, smartphones, 4K tech, computers, the Internet, etc. Truth is, they're not but porn certainly takes advantages of these technologies.

The internet is for porn.

Source: Google Porn and see how many results you get.

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The only people who have tablets, have porn subscriptions.
-- Pope Benedict

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For a minute I thought that 'Google Porn' was some awesome site created by Google full of porn, but then I realized that you used the word Google as a verb.


Google is a verb was first said by Archduke Ferdinand right before the shot.

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For me:
1. Read & study information primarily on PDFs so I can mark 'em all up.
2. Taking lecture notes
3. Research on the WWW
4. Email (though I don't like Google's app)(before you ask, I prefer the desktop)
5. Instant answers to any question that might pop into my mind (again WWW)
6. Surf the 'Net'
7. Recreational reading
8. Pinterest (occasionally)
9. Google + (mostly ignore)
10. Twitter (mostly ignore)
11. Facebook (hate it)

Use a tablet primarily (iPad) will be upgrading it soon though. Rarely use my laptop anymore either.

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Got a tablet, never touched it. Now the kids use it (and LOVE it). I just don't find it useful. My Chromebook is way more useful to me, personally. I use that thing daily.

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I have to admit, I got a Chromebook around Christmas time, and didn't expect I'd actually use it or like it that much...but I love it, and it has definitely taken over a lot of the use my Nexus 10 used to handle...though I still use both quite a bit.

I have owned just about every tablet. The most useful is the Note 8. I also have had a Chromebook since July 2013. The Chromebook is now my go to device, because the battery is good for all day use and I'm more productive. Doing anything on a tablet takes about 2 to 3 times longer.

In the 2 years that I've had various versions of the Nexus 7, I've only traveled with my laptop once — and I travel by airline at least once a month. I use my Nexus 7 for media consumption as well as email, document-editing (Word, Excel, and text files), remote login/maintenance, photo-editing, planning, etc. for my multiple jobs.

My laptop is a Toshiba Portege ultraportable, but my Nexus 7 and a Think Outside folding keyboard are way easier to fly with. Plus, I can use my Nexus 7 for the duration of a flight, without ever having to put it away.

How's the tablet? That's the only tablet that caught my eye now (the Tab Pro 8.4)

My device went through hell to send this message.

I use my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Ed. for work and play. I use it to take notes at work. I use the S pen features when using it for sketching or drawing. I will play games and surf the net while relaxing on the couch in front of the TV. I use it in addition to my phone (which is always with me). It hasn't fully replaced my laptop though, as I still use that for my Graphic Design work.

I spent years between the ages of 17 to late 30"s when I was younger building pc's tinkering with them using them every day. Now there is just no need for one. Well apart from using it to re install my phone software when I'm messing about with new roms. But generally the traditional desktop pc can go in the history books.

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I still use my Nexus 10 professionally, but at home my Chromebook has replaced my tablet for most browsing and writing.

My old Samsung 10.1 (original) has been reborn as a Chromecast remote control for streaming content at home. As soon as ICS (or the processor) is no longer capable of doing this, my N10 will probably slide into that role.

I'm not sure if I replace the N10 for work though. Google looks like they might be done with the 10 inch form factor and the Nexus 7 isn't a big enough advantage over the 5 inch Nexus 5.

I've got the note 3 now so dont use them as much, but I also have the Nexus 7 (2013) plus the Motorola Xoom is still going strong here as well.

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LTE Galaxy Note 8 for it. I dont even use a pc at home anymore unless I need to do some photo editing. Crazy how times have changed. My desktop and laptop just collect dust now.

I love my Nexus 7 2013 and it goes everywhere with me. At home, my iPad Air gets a lot of use. Between the two of them, I get everything done for work and play that I want to do. I still have my trusty Toshiba laptop running Win7, but I rarely get to it, unless it's to store some data or install (yet another) Microsoft security update!

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Bought a Dell Venue Pro 8 for $140 and replaced my iPad mini. Use it to read and study for my CompTIA exam. Also for Netflix and Twitch at night in bed.

My desktop is used for gaming. Everything else is on my phone.

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My old Transformer Prime is on the bookshelf running Dayframe. My Nexus 7(2013) isn't used as much as my phone...but is preferred for sitting down to catch up on articles saved to Pocket.

I have a Nexus 10. I like it, but I use it almost exclusively for games, since it's mostly been supplanted by my Chromebook for casual web browsing and chat. When it eventually breaks down or stops being supported, I probably won't get another tablet.

Verizon iPad Mini here. I use it for GPS, music, and as a laptop replacement, when I'm in an area that has less than reliable Wi-Fi. It's a great complement to my 1520. Not really looking to upgrade, unless the next Nexus or Surface tablet is a serious upgrade to what's currently available.

I wanted a tablet until I got a Chromebook. Now I don't think I would use a tablet at all.

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The only tablet i've ever owned is the OG Galaxy Tab 10.1. It's been sitting in a dock connected to power all day controlling my music the last year or so. Since I've bought a Chromebook I haven't really had any justification to buy a new one though I've wanted to many times.

LG GPad 8.3 for me (gave the mini Retina to the wife) along with my HTC One M8. Have no use for a notebook much less a desktop and a Chromebook seems to "computer like".
Most of my connectivity during the day is done on my phone (even though I do take my tablet along) and when I get home the tablet takes the primary role.
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Ever since I got my new nexus 7 I don't have any use for my laptop does everything I need to do.

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iPad 4, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, LG G Pad, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Nexus 7 (original), Nexus 7 (new).

So, I guess 7. But the original Nexus 7 is now a photo frame, so I'm not sure it counts.

After getting my Note 3 I haven't bothered to pick up a tablet. No kids, and there is nothing my tablet can do that the Note can't.

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QUOTE: "Are you part of the so-called post-PC generation, or do tablets just not offer anything you need? It's an interesting topic, as you can pick up a Chromebook for as little as $200 and some phones can do just about anything you can do on a tablet now."

Interesting thing about that, I have all of these. I have a PC I use for work (and other stuff), plus a Nexus 10 tablet and a Chromebook. I use all 3 quite a bit, though I'll admit that I use a tablet a bit less since I got the Chromebook. If I'm being honest, however, IF I was put in a position where I could have only 1 option, I'm taking the PC, even though that's probably what I reach for the least when I'm at please don't put me in that position!!!

+1 i love tablets but if i had to choose it would be my laptop every time. All of the major tablet OSes are WAY more restrictive than a traditional PC.

I use a first gen Nexus 7 everyday. I also regularly use my work iPad2 and an Acer Chromebook. I prefer the bigger screen of the Nexus 7 over my phone (Nexus 5) and other than a few websites that still use Flash it suits my needs very well.

I've got the original note 10.1, don't use it that often anymore but it's a good tool for drawing and media consumption. I've recently picked up verizons ellipses 7 inch tablet and I carry that thing most every where I go. I'm using a note 3 for my phone and the larger screen is still appreciated.

Haven't owned a laptop in years since the last one broke, and my desktop is for gaming/production. It's used for game art creation.

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2012 tab2 7, 2013 tab3 7, replaced desktop for everything except games, and movie music data storage,, going to be hard for cloud services to get me to store 5+ Tb of data with them

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I traded in one of my two tablets after realizing that the tablets are basically collecting dust now that I have and use my Chromebook almost exclusively. About the only thing I pick up the tablet for is my Time magazine online subscription which inexplicably only works on the tablet. Bonus for the Chromebook that my Nexus tablet can't do without a lot of machinations: Amazon Prime video.

Just sold my Galaxy Tab 3 and bought a Nexus 10. I can't NOT flash roms. Even though it's a little aged, it's still one hell of a tablet!

Had the original Nexus 7 for two months sold it and got a Galaxy Note 2 and a Chromebook which I use more than I ever used the N7.

From my Note 2 to you

My tablet does everything I need, especially since its rooted. The only thing I use my notebook pc for is programming

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Nexus 7 2014, I use it sometimes but mostly my son plays games on it. Can't make the full switch from laptop to tablet yet.

Just bought galaxy tab pro 8.4 for work. Man this screen thing is stunning. I've VPN into my workstation and use it as regular PC, just small enough to fit in my hand for reading and just big enough to watch and stream videos. All work related apps are pre installed, an awesome device.

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I used to be one of those people that thought tablets were soooo stupid! Especially after the release of the original iPad.

And now I am hooked...

Nexus 7(2013) for playing games, and mainly as an ereader (I read A LOT so this is not a trivial function)

Recently acquired iPad Air for web browsing and pdf reading. Being able to have several large textbooks + my 500+ academic articles with me at all times is amazing!

I still need a laptop though. Unless I'm doing a very focused task (like reading an article) i am much more productive on my laptop and actually my tablets have become a major source of distraction and procrastination. Doesn't mean i don't want them.

In my dream world there would be one tablet with the form factor of an iPad (I despise landscape mode so 4:3 works better on large tablets) the active stylus of the samsung notes, the cross compatibility of google and the full computer experience of windows 8 tablets (only better) so i could do all my work on one device.

I've wished for sometime to be offered a 7"-8" android tablet that would slide into the back of a 14" laptop dock (similar to ASUS padfone) and would pop up full blown Ubuntu when docked.

I'm not holding my breath though.


I use my iPad3 (pitch forks down) when my wife isn't hogging it.If these rumors about the Nexus 8 being made my HTC are true, I'll gladly get one.

1st gen Nexus 7. I don't use it quite as much now that I have smartphone too (N5). I still wouldn't trade my main PC for it. I use a desktop and love my big monitor. Easier to browse web on, do things side by side (stream a tv show while browsing the web), word, excel, manage photos and files, etc. I could get a laptop but the tablet and the phone are enough usually for occasional pleasure trips away from home. Chromebook could be a good option though.

I used to have a Nexus 7 2013 edition and a Nexus 4. And then I got the LG G2 and sold my tablet. I don't miss it at all. I would even consider hooking up a monitor, keyboard and mouse to my smartphone, and use it as a desktop PC, if there were enough productivity apps available on Android (looking at you, Photoshop!!!).

My son has a gaming laptop and a smartphone. He's looking for something more lightweight he carry around campus next year, take notes in class, work on projects etc. I think he's decided on a ASUS transformer t100. Then he will keep his other laptop and large monitor and keyboard for use in his room.

Been using a Lenovo Yoga 10 inch Tablet since my PC gave up a month ago..Switches on quicker,a lot quicker to use different apps..Just ordered a Chrome cast dongle from Google so I can watch YouTube on my lcd tv.. I am happy with it..Hopefully Google will add Google Chrome to Android soon... ;-)

Started with a 10.1" (Asus Transformer) then a 7" (Nexus 7) and now enjoy an 8.3" (LG G Pad.)

8" is where it's at. 10" is too big. 7" is a tossup if the phone is already close at hand, 8" is not too big but a better experience than the phone.

That said, I still use a laptop quite a bit too, and that's ok.


I have the Nexus 7 2013 and the Samsung tab 3 7" I love Samsung but the Nexus 7 leaves my tab 3 in the dust both running stock and rooted. Nexus 7 also has a better wifi card/chip also

I have a Xoom LTE and a G Pad 8.3. My kids more or less use the Xoom for games and Netflix.

I use my G Pad to read, browse the Internet, Netflix / Hulu, Chromecast music or video, an occasional game. I use my phone for all the same stuff too but when I'm home I use my tablet more. I even get my text messages through Q Pair on the LG tablet.

I rarely touch my laptop, last time I used it was to update my tablet through the LG app.

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I use a LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition. I was torn between that and the Nexus 7 (2013), but I ultimately went for the bigger screen since I already had an OG Nexus 7. The G Pad is so awesome. I hardly use my laptop anymore.

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What's most interesting to me is that everyone here seems to own one or more tablets. Where I live (SF North Bay) I rarely if EVER see anyone using a tablet, Nook, Fire or anything else. Do most people that own these use them at home or? With a good home theater system, Roku 3, PC, Galaxy S3 I seem to have most of the bases covered. When it comes to reading, call me crazy, but I still like to hold a book not to mention availability of titles is FAR greater :)

I have two ipads at home but they are mostly for the kids. I will only use one for some light web surfing and content consumption only. I can't stand typing on them and forget about creating anything meaningful for work like word docs, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. My Surface Pro 2 has all but replaced every device but my phone. Tablet, laptop, fast, long battery. Everything the ipad is and everything a laptop needs to be.

Sold my two 7" tabs since they didn't get as much use as my Note 3 phablet, but might pick up the rumored 8" Nexus, since it's a better size relative to a large-handed phablet user.

Was using the 1st gen N7 but just upgraded yesterday to the 2nd gen with LTE. Only laptop I use now is my work one, otherwise everything is on my tablet or phone.

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Oh. The missed opportunity. The headline should have been, "Tablets..huh..good God..what are they good for?".

Have two tablets; an OG Nexus 7 which has been relegated to a bedside alarm clock and a 2012 Note 10.1 which is used as a secondary device for casual web browsing and e-mail and sometimes watching NFL Sunday Ticket. My laptop is still (and always will be) the primary device though when I want to really get things done and be most productive. :)

My family has 2 iPad minis for the kids, 2nd gen iPad for the wife, and myself the Nexus 7 (2013). I mainly use for mine for pdf files that sometimes are a difficult to read on a phone (even on a HTC One) without having to pinch and zoom. Or for some of the games I play which I prefer on a bigger screen. It's also nice when laying in bed to not have a bulky laptop if all I want to do is surf some porn. I mean video games and/or sports.

My Nexus 7 (2013) is my main media consumption device at home - reading/gaming on the couch and controlling my Chromecast. My HP Touchpad (running CM11) is mounted to the wall in my kitchen, and repurposed for showing recipes and controlling music. I mad the icons huge and did away with the dock and status bar. I have the screen set to never time-out so I don't have to touch it with dirty/wet hands while cooking/doing dishes. After 15 minutes of inactivity it goes into a slideshow of pictures from my wedding.

For heavier tasks, I use my wife's MacBook Air - and when I get sick of MacOS, I move to my trusty old Windows Desktop.

Honestly I don't use my og iPad it's too slow. I am looking towards either a iPad mini with retina or a nexus 7 to replace it. Hopefully soon

My Galaxy tab 2 7.0 is my daily driver. It's olds and slow, but still fast enough top do most of what I need.

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Before my note 3 I'd use my nexus 7 daily. Now I'm using it once a week if that. Anymore it's only used to watch videos, whereas before I did just about everything on it;check mail, read the paper..... The note 3 has just about replaced my tablet.

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Rocking a Nexus7 2013.
I use it as a Chromecast remote, to read RSS feeds and to watch streams in bed.

It also acts as a laptop replacement when I travel, especially now that we have an android chrome remote desktop app.

I use both the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, however, sadly, I use my Nexus 7 far less than I used to, and not because I don't want to, but because I switched phones, and no longer have free tethering :( .

I used to use iPads as practice guitar amps...probably will again one day. I used Nexus tablets after I no longer needed the iPad for a mobile guitar amp. Now, I'm just using my Note 3, because I don't have time to enjoy a tablet. So, I guess the essential devices find a way into your life and the luxury devices don't.

Nexus 7 2012, not my favourite, but it works. I am looking to see what everyone does later this year before upgrading.

My current mobile hardware is: Acer C710, Kindle Fire HDX, HTC One (M7) and an nVidia Shield. Chromebook is great for actual use(I remote to my server, check out sites desktop style, write on forums and write in general). The Fire HDX is fantastic consumption device for Books,Magazines,Comic, TV Shows and Movies(Plex, Prime, Netflix and Hulu) with some gaming. The HTC One is my "always on me device". Small, powerful(same innards as the FireTV), I lightly play games, lightly read books, and lightly surf the internet on it. Mostly it's best for use in the car and when on a run. Rarely do I use it the same way I do my HDX. Lastly is the Shield which is the best android gaming device available. I stream my multitude of PC games anywhere in the house, and Android really has some solid games that work perfectly with it(Jet Set Radio, Sonic4(1+2), Cordy, Jazz, Horn, GTA3, Vice City and San Andres and many many many others. Storage is the biggest problem I get with the shield as 16GB(11GB) is an insultingly low amount of storage space for games that take advantage of that hardware, especially since games like Vice City and San Andres can't be moved to my 64GB Class 10 SD card, making the SD-Card slot on this device relatively pointless. Storage is important to me, and having a good amount is useful. At least 32GB for mobile devices is my baseline.

HTC One(M7) - 32GB
Kindle Fire HDX - 32GB
Acer C710 - 320GB (upgraded the RAM to 6GB)
nVidia Shield 16GB (with a relatively useless 64GB Micro-SD Card)

Checking T-Mo I see that they DO offer a 32GB HTC One(M8), but the 64GB OnePlus One for $350 makes it look like HTC is trying to rip me off. I'm happy with the 32GB Fire HDX, but I'm happy that Amazon at least offers a 64GB version. I got it on a lark since my 2012 Nexus 7 died, and the HDX absolutely DESTROYS the 2013 N7 across the board in SoC performance. On top of that, I had a bunch of free Apps, Music, Books that I've collected from Amazon throughout the years making the transition between the Google ecosystem to the Amazon ecosystem relatively painless.

The C710 will be replaced as soon as theirs a reasonably priced 11.6" Chromebook with a 1080p display, till then I'm very happy with it and use it MUCH more than my Core i5 based 15.6" Geforce GTX powered laptop. The Shield is a very solid streaming device, but the limited storage and relative uselessness of the SD-Card slot makes it tough for it to fullfill it's purpose as a game machine. The Playstation Vita is a much better device considering that I can install ALL MY downloaded games to an external (but proprietary....grrrrrr) 64GB Memory card AND Stream my PS4 games. That being said, I found the Shields streaming to be a bit better than the Vita.

My home uses Wireless AC so everything loads quick on all my devices. In fact, where it not for my Media PC and work, I would never touch a Microsoft product.

My Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 10.1 og are my constant travel companions. The N10.1 is used almost daily for annotating documents, reading and surfing the web. I have an Asus 1201n that's still going strong that I leave on and use as my desktop and use primarily for some monthly spreadsheet work in Excel. The N10.1 really changed my life. I'm looking forward to my next Note hopefully released in the early fall.

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I have a 2013 Nexus 7, a Galaxy Tab 2(10.1) and a Transformer Pad TF300, and even with the Transformer having a keyboard dock, I still use the Nexus 7 more often cause of stock Android Kit Kat and that display.

I have a Galaxy tab 10.1 (OG). I used it for about a year after I bought it. It is the reason why I bought a new laptop. It is also the reason why I prefer laptops over tablets. It's not that I did not like it, I just found that I prefer laptops over tablets. I know that is probably backwards, but hey... personal preference right?

I recently retired my long in the tooth Transformer Prime and bought an iPad Air. I used the heck out of my Prime and I'm loving the Air so far.

Chuckles got Galaxy Note 8.0 (GT-N5110 wifi only model) bought it last year leaving Dublin Airport Good News was I had 300 euros left in my ancient wallet so had a browse at Dixons !! They had the usual apple lot as well but top model on sale was the 8.0 at (shock horror!) 387 euros so got rid of the holiday money (at least i wasnae going to lose 30 quids for fees for changing it back to pounds like the year before!) So had to get my bank card and debit 87 euros so overall cant complain cos it was just only 87 euro for the tablet and cant complain picture quality is brilliant and it plays anything i want to. Just the wee matter of starting the project of the chromecast ( usa model ) hav'nae got the min hub with card reader to get going yet!!

I have a desktop, chromebook, Nexus 7, and Nexus 5 for personal use. I have a laptop for work.
I still use my desktop to: pay bills (because it's where I keep paperwork, scan documents, etc.); stream media; photo editing; and video editing
I love aspects of my chromebook and it replaced my old weak laptop for web browsing and minor doc editing (I really really really prefer MS office vs Google Docs). BUT it's weak. It can't hold a candle to a decent laptop.
I use my Nexus 7 for night time reading, browsing, carrying to church, organization events, etc. Portability/size combo can't be beat.
I use my Nexus 5 all the time for all kinds of stuff. Primarily on the go email, facebook, instagram, web browsing, etc.
Having said all that, I plan to eliminate the chromebook and desktop with an i7 ultrabook and NAS storage.

I used my Nexus 7 (2012) almost everyday and then i got my Moto X. It works better for everything. Nexus 7 must be jelly cause it flakes out and crashes all the time now.

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I have my Nexus 7 2012. At least it's still trying.

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Xoom 4G. BlackBerry Playbook. Nexus 7 (2012). Nexus 10. Nexus 7 (2013). IPad Air. Use the new Nexus 7 the most and the Air mostly for Amazon Instant Video and Hulu.

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I love my 2nd gen Nexus 7.

It got more use when I only had a GS3 but now it gets used about the same as my One M8.

My M8 posted this

Big HP Windows 7 desktop.
ThinkPad Twist Windows 8.
Asus Windows XP Eee NetBook. 
Asus Transformer Android. 
Google 2013 Nexus 7.
Samsung Note 3.
(coming tomorrow) 
Asus VivoTab Note 8 (Windows 8)

Netbook and Transformer not used much. 

Job?  System level z/VM and z/OS support / programmer. 

One day I'm going to figure out how to connect all my little machines together and create a mainframe!  :-) 

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I barely use my tablet (N7 '13) or my laptop since getting a Note 3. Desktop for work.

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I've been waiting on the new Nexus 10 or maybe even a Nexus 12 if I'm lucky before pulling the trigger.

My two tablets are the fabulous Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 and an iPad mini with retina display. Both are great. Along with my Note 10.1, I can sync s notes w/my Note 3.

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I bought a Nexus 7 as thinking I'd use it, I rarely do, I want to use it but I can't find any use besides watching movies that I can do already on my N5.

I never thought I would have a need for a tablet, but I bought a Nexus 7 (2013), in November of last year, and use it daily. I also bought a Nexus 4 at the same time and it is used predominately. I basically have the two cloned, so when I get home from work, after using the 4, I pick up where I left off with the 7. So, I waste all day fooling around with phones/tablets. I wonder what I did 10 years ago? I guess that I don't get out much.

I forgot to add I also have a laptop running intrepid that gets daily use also. I am really pathetic.

I'm amazed by how much fun I'm having with tablets. I'm disabled and retired and I have one within reach at all times. I can use my nexus 7.2 to control my logitech squeezebox touch and my entire music library while I surf or game on my Note pro.
At first it was a cool novelty and took awhile for android to take off or for the switch to go off in my head but once that happened I was all in, gaming, netflix, started checking out comics. Nowadays my laptop chugs along on a desk doing its networking thing while getting very little face time from me. Tablet wise I Skype with my sons, then game or watch movies.
I'm 56 and tablets are my main way to get news, watch videos, game and check out new music. My stereo rig is safe until these manufacturers realize music fidelity would bring even more businesses there way.
I'm posting this from a tablet.....standard operating procedure now!

Kid has the first N7, but I have yet to pull the trigger for myself. Possibly in the market for one soon that's good for sketching mainly.

I'm using my 2012 Nexus 7 for the private times: watching movies, listening to music, playing games etc. But when I'm on the run or in the office, the tablet is stashed away in my bag.

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Original Note 10.1
I use it mostly for work, to track all of my mech. design sketches and meeting notes. Keeps me from getting lost in all the paper, lol. I can pull up anything I need, and organize relevant files together, without having to lug around a laptop. Since I bought it myself, I can do whatever else I want with it, but at home it usually just sits in my "bitch-bag", lol

No tablet since getting rid of my iPad, but I have a Chromebook and still use my laptop a lot for assignments. My phone is usually the most convenient of all, though. And I might give tablets another try soon.

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I bought an ASUS Transformer with a keyboard a few years ago. I don't use it very often but my 10 year old uses it all the time for Netflix and games. I got frustrated with it because it didn't work right with pop-up boxes on websites. I tried different browsers in case that was the issue but I never was satisfied. Sometimes the boxes (like for website login, drop down boxes for selections, etc.) wouldn't load or work like a regular laptop browser. I'm not sure if a tablet could replace what I do on my laptop, which is word processing, spreadsheets, and web surfing. Maybe the Transformer is too old to handle the latest stuff and I just need a newer tablet. Or maybe the problem is that I'm too old and used to sitting at a table and using a mouse. :-P