It's always good to pay attention to the competition, and what they have to offer, and today -- finally -- webOS 2.0 broke out of its shell. Our friends over at PreCentral have been bringing some extensive coverage all morning long, from a nice screen shot gallery, to an extensive video walkthrough, and a well-written review -- they have covered it all. Whether you are looking for a second toy to add to your collection, or just want to see what the competition has to offer, be sure to check out the coverage as it continues throughout the day at PreCentral.


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Will webOS 2.0 woo you back to the ways of Palm?


When they have proper hardware (maybe even similar to the Evo), I'm going back. WebOS is something I miss, but it needs to play catch up much faster.

Larger screen, candy bar phone would bring me back in an instant.

I didn't leave my pre because of WebOS, i'm excited to play with the software.

I went for the evo because the hardware was crap. And this is really just a new pre, I hope it's better, but i can't leave the evo (a phone that works like it's supposed to) for an inferior phone that still might not.

The only thing keeping me from switching is some good hardware. A 4 inch screen with a slide out keyboard would be amazing with webos 2.0.

I currently have a Sprint Pre (from an HTC Hero), and I gotta say, the software is amazing, even with the limited amount apps. My Pre is still pretty new, and is of a newer build than the release Pre's, so it feels much sturdier, but the hardware issues are still there. I mean, it's nothing to worry about for me at this point, but the phone still can feel a bit loose at times, which sucks. But webOS 2.0 looks great, can't wait for it to release.

I have no faith in them to develope decent hardware. And this pre2 retread isn't even going to be available on Sprint (at least thats the current story).

Def not. Outdated Phone Design (the guts are nice, but that shell is outdated now), meh OS upgrade = I'm sticking with my Evo

I just switched from a Sprint Pre to the Evo because there has been no indication that any type of better hardware is on its way. The Pre2 is just a slight upgrade, not tempting at all. I love webOS, and miss things about it, but to be honest 2.0 (from the review) doesnt really add anything for me to get excited about.

I really like WebOS and think it has potential to be the best smartphone OS but got sick of waiting for an official announcement. Last night I bought an Evo at Best Buy and of course today they make the announcement. Well after seeing that the new device isn't much different from the old one and only has a 3.1" screen. I am very happy I now have an Evo. Even though I've only had the 4.3" screen for less than a day, I can't imagine going back.

Palm/HP has lost their shot at stardom with a subpar release of an awesome platform. I don't envision many developers running to jump on board even with webos 2.0. I loved Webos but hated the Pre hardware. I now have an Epic and no longer desire anything from my former idol.

WebOS was never an issue. It was the crappy plasticky hardware. HP needs to revolutionize the hardware not just tweak it.

Too late.

webOS is a wonderful platform. I bought a Pre from Sprint on launch day, and loved the OS. The hardware was only meh at best.

I've moved on to an Epic, and am quite happy with the change.

Palm really should have licensed the platform from the outset. Instead, they piddled around, with just the Pre and Pixi, and let Android crush them.

As much as I like webOS, I don't see any chance they can resurrect it at this point.

When phones come out with names like Pre and Pixie, I would never get Palm. Its bad enough we have an android phone called Fascinate.

Hey that's my new Palm Pixie, silly goose.

Doesn't look like it has much to offer over android OS, so think I am gonna stay here.

Lol! I remember you! Your name is hard to forget. You commented on a front page article here when the Fascinate came out, too, talking about how it was "GAY" simply because of its name. Here you are again, insinuating that a "Palm Pixie" is for homosexuals as well, simply due to its name. Your homophobia is so sad and disappointing - what does a phone's name have to do with how good of a phone it is? Better yet, the question should be, "How the hell does a phone, to you, relate to sticking your penis in another man's anus?"...

The fact that you say you will not buy a phone because of its name is pretty pathetic, but okay, keep it up - you just may lose out on owning one of the best phones of your life someday, all because it isn't named the Motorola SLAP-B*TCHES&OWN-HOES.

The word "Gay" is used as a figure of speech and the way he is using it has nothing to do with homosexuals. As the dictionary states brightly colored, showy, foolish and stupid In my Navy days we used this word quite often to describe things. I know this is off topic.

As a practicing homosexual, I can confirm that the name "palm Pixie" is indeed very very gay.

And yes, the Fascinate sounds gay, but its hardware kicks ass. So I wouldnt care if it sounded gay.

Definitely not going back unless there are more and better options for handsets. However, the thought of using WebOS on a tablet format is tempting.

I don't get it. If that is the palm pre 2 then what changed. Is it all under the hood cause the phone looks exactly the same. They coupes have at least put a larger display on the thing. I have a d1 and I'm not going to get the d2 because it would feel like I had the same phone.

WebOS app selection sucks, hardware is marginal. The OS has some advantages, but not enough to offset those other two items.

the pre was the worst phone of my life. the hardware was awful. its way to small, cheap and shoddy, the keyboard was crap and the thing oreos...my old windows mobile phone was ten times better than the pre.

webos was eh alright, the cards were nice, but please... no decent developer wants to make quality apps for a small market like that.

android is a solid os, and the evo is badass. thank god i got an evo.

was looking at the new pre2 on precentral...still same as before, no front facing camera, 3 inch (plastic) screen, tiny ass keyboard (that cuts cheese)

plus the changes are going to verizon first lol not even sprint!

I wish there was a way to limit the responders to the poll to be only those users who switched from webOS to Android. I bet a lot of those "no way" votes are people who never used webOS (they may have considered it, but never lived with a Pre or Pixi). Of course, that's just my "negative nancy" attitude ;-).

i lined up to get the pre on launch day. webos was awesome. the pre was crapiculous. based on the updates in 2.0 and the impending palm pre 2 there is no way i'd go back. the pre 2 is basically a poor man's version of the evo (very poor). why would i go to a phone that is already outdated upon release (again as the pre was). but i sooooo much miss the cards and ease of multi-tasking on webos. its too bad that android has not stolen the cards concept for android yet. if they had that my evo and android would truly b amazing. sorry palm/hp waaaaaaaaaay too little and oh sooooooooo late. i dont see why palm/hp is even wasting their efforts anymore on this if they are going to put in less then even a half hearted effort.

the webos is what i been waiting for but not on a pre like device, when ever hp/palm decide to get serious and come out with a killer hardware then i will get back,but to the same old pre with a faster cpu? not me, i just don't know if hp/palm is paying attention on the other manufactures how they bringing the best that they can muster and here come palm with the same s**t all over again, i will wait.

Apps! I never had a problem with the Pre's hardware. (I know, I was lucky.) I was envious of Android and iOS's app selection.

Like many comments here, I think WebOS was and is terrific. HP/Palm's open development policies are great too. For whatever reason, there just are not enough killer apps for WebOS and it really is a shame.

Car words: webOS is like a Cummins engine in the Dodge pick up trucks... something great in a piss-poor shipping crate

Apps, Apps, Apps. WebOs just can not compete with Android in that area and so I'll be staying with Android. That being said I miss the ease of WebOS and the cards especially.

Fix that awful keyboard and we'll talk. I like webOS, but those tiny, rubbery keys were just unusable. A good physical keypad is hugely important to me and the one reason I have stuck with the BB Bold series rather than going to an Android, iOS or webOS device.

I used to love webos but the way Android or Google sync everything like YouTube, gmail, latitude n a lot more others is gonna b hard to get me out of this EVO...even though webos is nice I'm actually starting to settle here n looking toward to my EVO2

I got the Pre on launch day. Loved WebOS, even loved the little portrait keyboard. The form factor was nice, for its time. I was coming from a Diamond, so I was glad it was around the same size. The 3.1", 24 bit screen was an upgrade from the 2.8" Diamond screen. When the Hero came out, I was on the fence bigtime. I bought it, to test it out. After a lot of soul-searching lol, I decided to keep the Hero. I saw the writing on the wall. I knew Android was where it would be. Now, I have the EVO. There is no way I could go back. I even tried a Droid X, and Droid 2. No comparison. HTC makes the best Android phones, period. I didn't even realize how Motorola's screen ratio is so different. I will never again judge a screen size by just the number. The EVO's screen size has a better ratio. All 4.3's are not created equal. But, I digress. The Pre 2 just the same as before. Not even worth looking at. It reminds me of Blackberry and Apple putting the same hardware on every phone and giving it a new name. Am I the only one that isn't all about the card way of multitasking? It was more of a novelty. I much prefer the Android way of multitasking. I can have things running, without cards cluttering my screen. Just my 2¢ on the matter. Don't spend it all in one place.

If they come out with killer hardware (it doesn't need a 4.3 inch screen, but it needs to be at least 3.7), and evidence that app development is occurring, I would consider it. WebOS 2.0 looks terrific, and I loved the Pre form factor.

You lost me at '3.1" screen.'

webOS has always been an impressive platform hobbled by poor hardware, which led to a dearth of developer support.

Making the OS better is fine, but what HP really needs to build is a killer piece of hardware to compete with the Galaxy S, G2, and Droid 2.

I do miss the polish and ease of use that android does not have. The quick search is awesome and app management is great as well. The hardware isn't there for me yet, and if i jumped ship I would be pissed at the new stuff that android does in a year so its a catch 22. Making VoIP calls with google voice and video chatting through gChat though is my holy grail at this point and Android is the best bet for that.

I just hope android learns to manage my open apps better like webos does and that everything is always one or 2 clicks away.

I also stood inline everything was fine until I got home to find out I had a slight Oreo effect but kept it for a year anyway with no other issues...got rid of it before it could on Evo launch day.

With that said I never really did much multitasking so the Pre's claim to fame was more of a novelty to me. Webos is pretty but beauty is skin deep and the lack of real apps, Google and dev support don't cut it for me.

I could never go back to that little keyboard and screen with no text reflow and on screen buttons taking up what little estate there is in almost every app.

The only new phone I'm looking fwd to at CES is an Evo 2 and until then i'm hoping for some gingerbread...so no way Jose.

Palm needs a MAJOR hardware overhaul before I'll even begin thinking about heading back to webOS.. it now has a 1ghz processor and higher quality crappy camera...... thats it? thats the only changes?.. nooo way kimosabi, i'm very happy w/ my Evo.

...The Poll should have a new option... "Been There, Done That."
..It was nice while it lasted, hardware did really lag, the platform is full of potential tho. I see it being the next best thing if marketed, developed and pushed correctly by the new owners. The App collection is seriosly lacking, and as we all know that is the lifeline of these mobile OS's. Until then, I will enjoy the today and the now and keep loving my Epic 4G... Awesome replacement for my Pre.

Give it a 4.3 inch touchscreen made of glass and they would have me !!! I had the original Palm pre with its cheap and easily scratchible screen , 3.2 inches and that cheap crap slider phone are just junk

New member. The notification that the Pre2 isn't coming to Sprint has brought me here to do some shopping around about the EVO. I have a release day Pre. I love the phone. I have it decked out like a muscle car (thanks to the great homebrew communtity) but the hardware is going to crap. I won't use my insurance premium or upgrade to get a phone that will soon be the 1st of 3 generations. I'm thinking about getting an EVO and driving it for a year while HP gets the push out of new devices. I won't switch from Sprint to Verizon for a phone, sorry. Does anyone know, my premium upgrade was in June, if I use the upgrade now, will I be able to then upgrade again in June when my contract expires, or does my contract renew when I use the upgrade? Either way, it may not matter. It depends on whether Android can win me over or not. For Sprint user's, is the EVO the best way to go? Guess I should use the forums to research that question, huh?

I very reluctantly switched from the Pre to the EVO last July, but it took me less than a day to get over any regrets. I just finished reading and watching the video reviews of the so-called new Pre, and can only say that if I had waited for THIS, and not even on Sprint!, I would be really steamed! Sure, check out the forums, and then give EVO or Epic a try. I'm not saying I'd never go back to HP/Palm & webOS, but not this time around- I can't find any reason to. I really love the EVO!

I couldnt ditch my Pre fast enough. Got Evo on launch day.

The ONLY thing I really miss about my Pre is the Palm backup. Having an automated backup for EVERYTHING on your phone was awesome.
Android comes close but it will not automatically install apps. Oh well. The benefits greatly out weigh that one missing feature.

As long you can do wiithout a physical keyboard, the EVO is definitely the way to go. Otherwise, the Epic may get your attention. I am not a fan of samsung's hardware or software. So, I didn't even consider waiting for the Epic. I assure you, onscreen keyboards are more than sufficient on the EVO's huge screen. There are also several types of keyboards to choose from. I typed out that novel of a post above with ease on my EVO lol. I say, get yourself an EVO!

Thanks to everyone for their input. I have been scrubbing this site and I am at about a 80% solution for the EVO over the Epic. Wish both would get 2.2 OS soon. Would like flash, but would really want the ability to store onto the SD card. I will miss the OTA backup. I used that, plus a homebrew app to back up app data. Does Android have a "web doctor" method? Knowing I couldn't brick my Pre made me brave ebough to tinker. So sorry, rambling on in the wrong thread. Thanks for being kind to a newbie!

edit - Oops, I guess 2.2 got pushed out this month...sorry. This site is huge! So much bigger than PreCentral. Easy to get lost.

After moving to the Evo, I can never go back to the small-screen factor of the Pre....ever.

There are some things in WebOS I miss terribly (like not needing to "root", Preware, etc), but there is only one thing above all I still really, really, really, really wish I had: the *wonderful* card-based windowing in WebOS.

And with 2.0, they upped the card metaphor yet again!

If we could gain that in Android, it would make MANY MANY people VERY VERY happy, indeed.

Everyone pretty well summed it up. I didn't know that was a HPre at the top. HP only bought Palm for the patents, and this "new" hardware is the proof. CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!

Webos is by far the most superior platform and the most intuitive there is. Android nor Ios can come close as one can see in the multitasking capabilities. However, Palm has made an Epic fail once again with the same device as over a year ago..

I myself is saddened at this piece of crap. I got my EVO on launch day and by then hopefully Webos would have a futuristic phone behind it. I'd leave this choppy and buggy Android platform in a minute. Love the hardware but not the platform. Well maybe if we get the new sense on the Evo things may change.

I really miss multitasking with the cards quite honestly. But its not enough to pull me away from my EVO. This thing has replaced my netbook in many ways.

I love and miss webOS too, but I'm not going back either. I prefer the phone size, screen size, form factor, OS fluidness, multitasking, notification features, cleverness and UI of my old Palm Pre to my current HTC EVO 4G. All the new and improved webOS features are nice and all but the OS and UI was already great - it was/is just slow. Its like adding more frosting on a cake but not truly tackling the 16-chews-before-you-swallow issue. I wish Android and webOS would get married and have a pretty lil' mixed baby.

I was an early adopter of the Palm Pre on Sprint - July 2009, as a matter of fact. While the hardware wasn't the best, I didn't think it was bad at all, either. I never really had problems with mine coming apart or feeling flimsy. It just needed a slightly bigger screen.
In August of this year I changed jobs and the only for corporate email and calendar was through Good Technologies, which is an app only available on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Having become dependent on my phone having all of my contacts, email and appointments on them, I moved my Pre over to my Dad's account and bought an Android phone.
The Android (Samsung Intercept - yeah, I know, there are strong opinions out there about this one) phone let me load up Good, but unfortunately the client was mostly useless. The contacts, email and calendar were all sandboxed - and yes, that's a corporate configuration setting, not necessarily the phone. Anyway, the client slowed the phone down so much that it made the phone pretty much useless, so I removed it.
Now I'm left with an Android phone and not connecting to corporate email. From an operability standpoint, it doesn't hold a candle to WebOS. Not even WebOS 1.0. The mechanisms for swapping between applications, minimizing the current one, or making sure that an app closes is intuitive on WebOS. Android, not so much.
The thing I miss the most about my WebOS phone, though, is the home brew. I loved changing the theme on my phone on a regular basis. I loved the fact that it's near impossible to brick a Palm Pre - I still haven't loaded a custom ROM on my Intercept because of the chances of bricking it. In this user's opinion, the home brew community is simply more organized for WebOS than it is for Android, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that a ROM for a DROID is different that that for an EVO, etc. Developers can write apps for all variants without TOO much of a hassle, but if you want to tweak the OS itself, you have to choose which devices to play with.
So will the Pre 2 / WebOS 2.0 lure me back to WebOS? No, but not because of any disappointment with the hardware or software. I don't get another subsidized phone until August of 2011. By then hopefully there will be another handset out running WebOS, and the version of WebOS will be far past 2.0. Maybe by then Good Technologies will even have a client for WebOS.

Palm hasn't put out a revolutionary design since the Treo 600. The 1st gen Pre had one innovative hardware feature and that was Touchstone charger (which I miss). A lot of people ditched their Pres for the EVO because it broke new ground and out-speced evertything else on the market.

I would consider returning to a WebOS device but it would have to meet these minimum requirements:

1) 4.0" screen or larger (preferably 4.3")

2) Sturdy design with Gorilla Glass (like the Galaxy S phones)

3) Super AMOLED or SLCD screen. No compromises here please!

4) Add wireless USB to the Touchstone system. Charging is one thing, but wireless file transfers would be sweet. Another option would be syncing over wifi, but the Touchstone option would be nice and promote people buying the accessories)

5) Minimum 5MP rear and 1.3mp front facing cameras.

6) Minimum 720p/ 30fps video capture

Do all of these and I'm sure you'd see a lot of returning customers, me being one!

I really wish they'd get great hardware and more apps, WebOS is amazing I'd easily switch back if they had those two things.