Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S4.

Protect your Galaxy S4 and give it a bold look at the same time


The Samsung Galaxy S4 can get a little slippery. I'm not going to knock it for being made of polycarbonate, I get Samsung's reasons for doing it and they're good ones. But with no texture and humid east coast summers, a case is a must for this one. The phone is tough, and can withstand a fall as well or better than any other, but these things aren't cheap — protecting it with a case is a smart investment.

If you want a case that looks bold and tough, and actually is pretty darn tough, the Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid case for the Galaxy S4 might be what you're looking for. It's two-part construction, where a hard outer shell is mated with a soft impact resistant core, makes it easy to put on and use and will protect your S4 from the things life can dish out. And the styling will make it stand out in the crowd.  Read along after the break for a closer look.

Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S4.

The UAG Hybrid is a one-piece design, that slips over your GS4 and stays on whether in your pocket or in your hands. The tough hard plastic outer shell keeps your phone safe and sound, protecting against minor bumps and bruises, while the softer rubber inner material molds to shape and puts a softer face towards your expensive hardware. The combination works well, providing a snug fit while still easy to take on and off. 

You've got easy access to all the ports and external microphones via precision cut-outs, and the flash and camera lens have a beveled edge to keep out of the frame and dramatically cut back on the flash washout you get from some other cases. You've also got a slightly oversized volume and power button molded into the design, and they are well placed and easy to use, fitting the original design perfectly. In addition, the UAG Hybrid case comes with high quality optically clear screen protector to keep the nicks and fine scratches away from the S4's great display while in your pocket or inside a bag. 

Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 is available from ShopAndroid.com for $29.95, and comes in four great color choices — from the bold orange Outland model pictured, to a more subtle Scout model in black. It's a great way to keep your investment safe while looking good at the same time.


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Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S4


Hey Jerry, any chance you think this will work with the wireless charging back for the S4? Its been a pain trying to find a case to fit around the extra thickness of that backing.

The Urban Armor cases I've had for my One and the iPhone 5 have been very tight fits. That being said, they're also the best cases I've ever owned.

Posted via Android Central App

Really? Oh well. It's a great case with awesome protection. It fits great on my wife's s3. If it works the same way this uag case should fit the seidio convert holster. It does on the note 2. I love these cases.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

The silver is adhesive backed and removable on the S3. I imagine it is here too. Very low key once removed.

Love these cases. I have had the UAG case for my past Galaxy S3...iPhone 4S...iPhone 5....HTC One.....Note 2.....and presently on my Galaxy S4. Brought the white UAG for my white S4. And yes I have had many phones lol.

Posted via Android Central App

You Sir,

Spend lots of money on new phones. That's like every premium phone in the past year! :)

I dont have them no more, nor did I spend money on them. One was from an upgrade and others were from trading with other people. Never had them all at same time. Only money really spent was on cases.

Posted via Android Central App

This to me feels better than the otterbox. The dust cover on otterbox most times will keep dust in it and scratch the screen. The solution is the uag case with an oleophobic screen protector. Works great.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

Otterbox still offers more protection (compared at the Commuter level), but UAG will do for most people in everyday setting. But if you are really clumsy, get the Otterbox.
In actual testing, the Otterbox can survive a 30 feet throw while the UAG did not.

I have their case on my Note 2, Best case out there!! If you want otter box protection without making your phone 1000x thicker get one of their cases!!

Looks good. Hope they make one for the note 3. I'm pretty sure that will be my next phone and this will be my next case.

Posted via Android Central App

I can attest to what Jerry says about this case. I was honestly worried when I ordered it from the Store here at android central that it was going to be a beast of a case like otterboxes. I couldn't be more wrong. It also fits into my jeans nicely.

This case does very well for me. It has survived a trip to California and back when I went to a dog show. I dropped my phone twice at the outlet mall we stopped at both times it was tile flooring and the case doesn't have a scratch let alone the phone.

To my surprise cause I didn't read the fine print it comes with a screen protector also. If the S4 case would have been built for the Note 2 (same style) then my wife would have gotten one also. Unfortunatly she doesn't like the look of the Note 2.

I know exactly what you mean. The s4 case is better looking than the note 2 version.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

I have the white version of this case and love it. It stays white! It doesn't pick up any dust or dirt at all. This is a sturdy beast of a case but very light and easy to handle. It has already survived one drop. I bought a blue one for my son but the orange one is really calling my name.

I have the white one for my GS4. I call it ruggedly handsome. The white does not get dingy or yellow. The GS4 still maintains a slim profile with the case on. I highly recommend it.

Posted via Android Central App

I have this specific case, it's cheaply built, flexible in the wrong areas and constantly the phone top right corner goes out of alignment... the imitation screws are just cheezy, I bought the case because I believed in the pictures..

There fake versions of this case being sold out there. The genuine UAG product doesn't exhibit any of those qualities you are experiencing. Maybe call UAG for support. People on Amazon have had great success with UAG and the counterfeit case problem. They want you to be happy...

Posted via Android Central App

The only bad part about this case is that it fits too tightly, if you need to swap batteries or SD cards its a pain to get off and the force you need to get it off makes you feel like one wrong move and your phone will snap in half.

You don't need them to. It's fantastic. I've had the navy one for a couple months now. There's a good enough lip around the camera where I don't it won't get easily scratched and its very slim. Not as robust as the armor/otterbox, but good protection and easy to get off as I switch batteries frequently

I love these cases too. They look good, tough as nails and will protect your phone. Best case I've had.

Yes, they are a tight fit, but I never felt like it was going to snap my phone in half. I don't swap batteries or my SD card out much, so your mileage may vary. Never taken me more than 1 minute to get the case of when I have taken it off.

You guys talked me into it - just ordered a white one! Have no interest or concern ref using the screen protector, in fact, the only part of my Otterbox Defender I do not care for is the attached screen protector. I know some have razor-bladed theirs off and I intend to do the same. Personally have never seen the need for adding a protector to a Gorilla Glass screen. But that's just me...

I hear ya. Unfortunately every Gorilla glass screen I've had I've manged to scratch. Even the GS4's screen manged to pick up some small light scratches after a month of running naked. :(

Posted via Android Central App

I usually get a new case every month for my phones. I haven't bought another since I've gotten this. Amazing case!

Posted via Android Central App

Im very picky about cases as well and I really enjoy this one. No complaints and I also read about the counterfeit cases from this company. If you read online you can learn about the real and fake packaging and can gauge wether it is authentic or not.