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Following launches in Poland and Korea, Samsung has announced the UK rollout of the 'premium suite' upgrade for the Galaxy S3.

The update, which we've covered in some detail previously, brings Android 4.1.2 and a slew of new TouchWiz features to the S3, including full screen multitasking through the 'multi-window' mode.

Other highlights in this software update include a new gallery app, the context sensitive 'page buddy' home screen page, and new group cast features for photo sharing, among other features.

Samsung says the update will start hitting UK handsets today, so if you're a Brit with a Galaxy S3, then it's time to start hammering that 'check for updates'  button. If you've already received the new software, hit the comments and let us know.

More details in the press release after the break. 

Samsung Unveils Premium Suite Upgrade for the Galaxy S III
Packed with enhanced features to provide an even more effortless and innovative experience

20th December, 2012, London, UK — Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., today announced a Premium Suite upgrade for its flagship smartphone the Galaxy S III, further improving the experience with innovative and even more convenient features.

Samsung is committed to providing customers with the best mobile experience by continuously offering an operating system upgrade for its devices. As part of this effort, Samsung has recently provided the Jelly Bean 4.1 upgrade for the Galaxy S III, and will bring even more enhanced features to the phone through the upcoming Premium Suite upgrade. Consumers around the world have already enjoyed the elegant intelligence that the Galaxy S III brings to their lives and the Premium Suite package takes this to a higher level.

The Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade will include many of the innovative and productive features newly introduced by the Galaxy Note II:

Multi Window: Effortlessly utilise two different applications side-by-side simultaneously for an ultimate multitasking experience.

Fun and Easy Photo Experience:
·         Through Samsung Gallery, view more photos at the same time and also intuitively create and categorise photos and videos
·         Exclusive to Samsung, the Paper Artist app offers a variety of fun and creative picture-taking effects. It also provides intuitive emotional photo editing functions such as the brush coloring tool

Group Cast: With Group Cast on the Galaxy S III and a Wi-Fi network, share and collaborate on documents, presentations or images in real-time with multiple friends or colleagues without loading the file separately. This is now a stand-alone app, rather than part of Allshare Play, making it is easier to access.

Contextual Awareness:
·         Smart Rotation: the device detects and recognises the user’s face, automatically rotating the screen direction to adjust to the user’s face position
·         Contextual Tag: tag friends/location/date to the photos/videos/voice memo taken or recorded
·         Contextual Page: the device detects when the earphones are plugged in, automatically opening up the music player

Auto Share Shot Pairing using NFC: By setting the camera to ‘Auto Share Shot’ mode, quickly share photos and videos by simply tapping the Galaxy S III with other NFC and S-Beam enabled devices.

Camera Enhancements:
·         With the new ‘Best Face’ feature, an improved version of the previous Best Photo feature, choose from five continuous shots the best face of each person in the photo, to create an image that satisfies everyone
·         Low light mode is added to allow bright and sharp photos to be captured even in dark places
·         Capture amazing scenery by using Panorama mode, now expanded to 340~360-degree
Other advanced and convenient features on the Galaxy S III.  

·         Continuous Input: Using one continuous finger/stylus motion across the keyboard, users can type words faster and easier
·         AllShare Cast: Wirelessly connect the Galaxy S III to the television to immediately transfer smartphone content onto a larger display
·         Smart Dock: TouchWiz interface allows people to adjust the phone setting to automatically switch to a relevant UI when a device is connected to the docking station
·         Improved touch response: Enjoy even faster and smoother touch response on the Galaxy S III
·         S Beam: By simply touching another S Beam-enabled device including Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III mini, the Galaxy S III allows a 1GB movie file to be shared within three minutes and a 10MB music file within two seconds, even without a Wi-Fi or cellular signal

* The UK roll out of the Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade begins today.
** All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.
*** Android, Google, Android Beam, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Latitude, Google Play Store, Google Play Books, Google Play Movies, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Talk, Google Places, Google Navigation, Google Downloads are trademarks of Google Inc.


Reader comments

UK gets Samsung Galaxy S3 premium suite update


Why are you spamming this web site???? Please take this crap elsewhere.. Happy Holidays.. signed The Grinch

Yeah what is going on with this? Why the hell is it taking so long to reach us here in the US? I mean, this update is in Romania for God's sake, and we don't have it here?

Taking so long? Wasn't this suite just announced only weeks ago? Some people have no patience. I think Samsung is doing a great job rolling out their updates quickly!

No luck yet, been pressing that Update button for a hour, Just keep getting 'Acces to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Tray again later' Whatever that means?

I got that today so when I got home a couple of hours ago I just plugged it in to Kies, that told me I needed to update Kies so I did once that was done the update downloaded and I am running 4.1.2 now :)

So we should be rocking this with Verizon say just a few days before Summer 2013, looking forward to it. ( they have to add there blot ware. ) think the delay last time was so they could add IRRIS there mobile wallet .

This looks very cool.. Am loving the Jelly Bean update and now Swiftkey 3 updated with some new features too.. Am sure we'll get it real soon!!!

He say's this using a cell phone in which cell phones were first developed in the US. His cell phone is using Android which again was developed in the US. His post is using the internet which again was developed in the US. Posting on a site that is based in the US!

Posting on the World Wide Web which was developed by a Brit in Switzerland using a Webkit browser originally developed as KHTML in Germany

Actually, Android is based on Linux, which was invented by a Finn. The technology most people use for phones (GSM/UTMS/HSPA/LTE) was invented in the EU.

More importantly, the English language which everyone on this site is using, was developed in the UK.

Cool, thanks for inventing the internet, too bad it couldn't exist as it is today without the rest of the world. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure a Canadian invented the telephone even though US tries to take credit for it. I love my Korean developed Samsung Galaxy S3.

Anyways, how often does the US create an update for a Google product that is "not available" in other countries? Ya need to get off your high horse and realize the rest of the world is > than the US and we don't really give a shit who made what.

Update's been released on Vodafone and Unlocked UK models. I installed the Vodafone Germany Rom on my Unlocked UK S3 yesterday and today they released the damm updates!!! Had to wipe my phone again to get CSC sorted!! WHYYYYYYYY?

I have a French model but on a 02 Uk network in the Uk and it is unlocked. Will i be able to get this update? thank you

You'll have to wait for the French Version to be released. It should be next week or so. You can try flashing any of the 4.1.2 roms from sammobile but basically, you can't use Kies and its a pain.. Just wait :)

all you people whining that the US doesnt have the update yet, dont blame samsung blame the usa carriers, they have to get it, then test it for months... then just about after everyone has already got the update by downloading a custom rom they finally release it, well unless you are on sprint and then you have it about a month after the UK

Does anyone know of a app similar to the smemo or snote which supports multi view,? I am really surprised that the upgrade did not include updates to existing apps to make use of multi view or at least add to some. The whole cutting and pasting using multi view is pretty limited when not having a app to make use of features.

Just getting the " Access to the update service is in the order users requested it".
I'm guessing that means they need to prioritize the update bandwidth usage. ?

Any idea what the new bit of software that out days is going to download soon as it's my turn? Got the premium suite already.

Hi - I'm in the UK.
under my settings folder I have no 'upgrade' button or anything to generate a search. I am running v4.0.4
Can anyone advise me if I should have a button to upgrade? or if this will only appear when 4.2 is available?


I haven't got upgrade options . I got v4.0.4
please give me any advice , how should I upgrade software

many thanks