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T-Mobile has been planning on moving solely to no-contract plans for several months now, and today is the day they go into effect. Clicking on over to T-Mobile's website reveals no-contract plans as your only option to receive service, with some seriously competitive pricing. The default plan setup is one that offers 1 line of service, with unlimited talk, text, and data -- which is throttled (to 2G speeds) after 500MB -- for $50 per month. You can then slide up the scale of data in 2GB increments from 500MB to 12GB. Each bump in data adds $10 to the monthly plan, so the range is $50 for 500MB up to $110 for 12GB of data, with hotspot/tethering included in the price at each level. Hit the break for more details

T-Mobile Plans

The only break in the pricing scale is the unlimited data tier, which is a bit fuzzier. You can select a 100-percent unlimited data tier -- as in, no throttling at all -- along with the unlimited talk and text for just $70 per month. The caveat here is that T-Mobile lists that you only have 500MB of hotspot/tethering included with the plan. You can purchase an additional 2GB of hotspot for $10 per month, or 4GB for $20 per month. So for example a completely unlimited plan with 4.5GB of tethering would cost $90 per month. We really wish that T-Mobile wouldn't split hairs like this on the tethering, but the pricing structure is simple enough (and cheap enough) that it's hard to complain. Breaking out an extra payment for tethering separately helps keep the initial price this low, and having 500MB included is a nice bonus.

As far as family plans go, they're no longer a separate plan structure. You can add additional lines to an account to make a "family" plan but the pricing structure doesn't change at all. Moving from 1 to 2 lines adds $30 per month to the account, and at the moment each additional line is $0 added (although we believe this is a current promotion). Each new line has unlimited talk and text, all you have to do is make data plan choices. The data plans follow the same convention as above, and you can mix-and-match with different data allotments on each line.

Handset subsidies are also out the window. That doesn't mean you'll be paying a full $600+ for a phone up-front though, as T-Mobile is implementing handset payment plans for every device it sells. Each device will have a different down payment (usually around $99) and monthly installment (usually $15-$25) to pay off the complete amount, but as was the case with previous installment plans they charge no interest in the purchase.

T-Mobile hasn't made any formal announcement about these plans going live, but that will likely be the focus of their event on Tuesday in New York City. For now, if you're interested in browsing around and seeing what the prices would be for your own usage, hit the source link below.

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T-Mobile's new no-contract rate plans now available


As soon as Tmo gets a smartphone with the Snapdragon 800 in it, I'll very heading over to T-Mobile from Verizon, my contract is up May 20th.

No subsidy phones could mean the end of TMO. What are they thinking? People want the cost of their phones "hidden" in the bill..

Or this will expose the fact that "hidden" does not mean the same as "nonexistent"...

The only way to answer the question about the lower T-Mo price as another carrier would be to explain how the cost of the phone is part of your contract.

No, this move is genius, actually. Once you pay off the amount of the phone, then your monthly bill decreases by that amount. On any other carrier, when you subsidize the phone, you're paying for that subsidy indefinitely, and your bill never decreases once the carrier has recouped the cost of the phone.

On T-Mobile, it makes sense to keep your phone longer, so that you can reap the benefits of a lower monthly bill.

On any other carrier, it makes sense to upgrade as soon as you are able, because you will still pay the same amount, whether you have an older vs a newer phone.

I really like the fact that I can finance a phone through T-Mobile and not have to pay any interest.

Last paragraph in the above post, THAT is why T-Mobile will win me as a customer the very moment a Snapdragon 800 smartphone reaches the carrier.

Must not have read the part about T-Mobile giving payment plans for every device. In pretty much every case T-Mobile will charge less up front than the other carriers now.

Kudos to Tmobile. It will fail of course as people here in the USA are very very used to getting the "free"phone when they start their contact. I hope I'm wrong of course.

yeah, it probably will fail because like others said, people are too dumb to understand it and want the cost hidden. Ive been trying to explain to people lately how it was better to buy my HTC DNA off contract instead of signing a new one, my old contract, with unlimited data, is like $40 cheaper over the new ones. Everyone calls me crazy though.

I'm sitting in my ECON class, and we brought this subject up. Literally EVERYONE is ignorant about long-term contracts costing more than buying the phone off contract... It's pitiful really.

That's the truth. With two nexus 4's, mine on t-mobile the other on at&t prepaid, almost cut our bill in half. I pay $55 a month after taxes, hers is $70, was $200 with verizon. Went from 700 min shared to unlimited talk, text, and web for mine, 1GB with at&t. In 10 months I will recoup the cost of two 16GB Nexus 4's after that, $75 a month savings. Gets even cheaper buying the refill cards on ebay, I saved another $24 this month doing that.

No people are not dumb, the problem is T-Mobile bs data plan, on top of their throttling your speed after 500mb! And you guys think this is good?. T-Mobile you can not compare yourself to at&t or Verizon, these guys use pure LTE and LTE is the fastest in the USA.
If you want better service, with truly unlimited data with no throttling and LTE; Sprint is your company..

FYI, T-Mobile is deploying LTE this year; and as a matter of fact, they've already started. Many people have wifi at home or in the area, so 500MB is totally doable. Sprint being better than T-Mobile is purely subjective, and therefore not fact. However, I can say that quite a few people here will disagree with you.

No thanks. Sprints have horrible download speed and poor phone choices. I'll stick with my international sim and bootloader unlocked pentaband phones with frequent software updates.

Not even sure why I wasted my time replying.

This is just the Value Plan, though. You don't have a contract but you make 2 years worth of monthly payments on a phone. I'm on one right now, and I'm fine with it. They still have the same "free phone" kind of deal, they just call it "0 down". Of course, by not having a down payment on the phone, that should technically raise your monthly bill since you're paying full price for the phone, but most people won't think of that when they go in to sign up.

T-Mobile hits a winner. Once people realize how much better a deal this is, they'll flock to it. This is a brilliant plan. For people like myself you normally purchase a new device one a year, the subsidy meant nothing to me. When I got my Note 2, I put half down and $20 a month. Prior, I was paying full price for the phone and my bill was at least $20 more a month . Win-Win!

But the Fees and other additional charges of traditional carriers, are still added to the bill, on top of the cost quoted in the ad, correct?

We have 4 phones and three iPads on Verizon (all 4G) with a total of 6GB of shared data for all 7 devices.

Our total cost on t-mobile, as best as I can calculate would be HIGHER than we pay on Verizon and we would still be on t-mobile!

So, good for many but not so good for some.

you must really rely on wifi then, because I have no idea how you can get buy with only 6gb across 7 devices, with 3 of those being tablets too.

I was thinking the same thing. All devices on 4G? No way, no how I could share 6GB across 7 devices. I wouldn't do it on 2 devices.

We use them a lot but likely 60% on home or work wifi and the rest on cellular. We don't stream video for the most part but do steam audio a good deal. It is amazing how much use an ipad or Android phone can get without using a lot of data.

When our children do stream video on a road trip or the like you see the usage run up faster.

Typical total usage in a month is 5gb.

When you select data for the family plans is that per device or shared data? It is not very clear.

Data is NOT shared ... I have 4 lines in our family, 500MB is allotted to each line per month and each line is independently throttled once that line has hit its quota for the month.

I hope that T-mo can successfully promote this... Been off VZW 4g lte now for 4 months, will never go back to that money sucking company that dissolved all of the programs/policies that made them great.

While I'm not as outwardly angry about it, I feel the same as you. Left them last month, and I don't have any intentions of ever returning. Once T-Mobile gets their LTE rollout to Utah, I will have zero regrets about leaving Verizon.

I'm not too angry about it...

In fact I should be grateful. If it wasn't for Verizon's sunsetting their unlimited plans, and forcing my wife and I to pay even more for tiny data allotments (shared of course), I wouldn't have ever shopped around.

Thanks Verizon, you made me shop around and now my wife and I are saving $1000 per year on our services by switching to T-Mobile.

-Plus my phone didn't come with nasty bloatware that comes on Verizon phones...
-and it'll be compatible with other networks, if I ever would want to change...
-and I can change without penalty, since I don't have a contract...
-and my warranty isn't voided by running the software that I choose...
-so my phone won't be outdated (for lack of updates) for much longer...
-all for a lot less money...

In the world of cell phones, I feel like I just escaped East Germany.

I'm a current T-mobile customer with their old even more plus plans. I'm currently paying $59.00 + taxes and fees for 5gb of data + 500min, unlimited texting.

I only use about 450mb of data per month though so I am considering going to the $50/month 500mb plan. My only question (which I'll ask at the T-mobile store to see what they say) is if there is a way for me to pay the extra $10 for 2gb of data when I need it. It would be amazing to have a lower monthly bill most months and the same monthly bill on occasion.

Anyway I remember being very impressed with T-mobile when I made the decision to get off my parents plan and buy my own smartphone. They were the only carrier really offering a different option to the classic subsidized plans and I'm really glad to see that continue.

I know their not perfect but I'm glad to be a customer :-)

Problem is the data is NOT unlimited. Try streaming a few netfilx movies. Oh, wait it is a violation of the agreement to stream anything.

Not only that, but they throttle as well when you use too much data in one day. And you're talking about prepaid vs contract with difference in service benefits, ie. adding extra lines.

1. i have no interest in watching a 2 hour movie on a ~4" display smartphone.
2. 2GB/month is plenty for me.

if you look at most people's data usage, i'm in the majority, you're in the minority - the outlier. hence, the Straight Talk plan offers the better value for most people.

You being part of the majority doesn't automatically make your opinion a fact. Straight Talk's data usage policy varies wildly by area, from what I've read across the Internet; not to mention the fact that they can cut off your service with no warning or advanced notice. So much for having the advantage, huh?

+1 there. Unless you look at the mnvo's, but there is always some sort of catch with those. Either hidden throttling, no roaming, giving a discount to be a walking ad for them etc.......

unless you bring your own phone, theres really not much difference between this and the old fashioned way of the 2year agreements. say you buy the S3, t-mobile wants $199 down then $20 a month for 24 months. you get the 2.5gb plan for $60 a month. thats $60+$20= $80 a month for 24 months. say you want to leave after 1year, you have to pay $240 (the rest of what you owe for the phone) to get out. but if you do bring your own phone, like if you buy the nexus4 from google then this is good deal.

I don't know, I've been off Verizon's tit since November and couldn't be happier. I don't even miss LTE! I've been on TMo under their $30 prepaid plan, and I still would be if I didn't need more minutes. As it is, I'm on Straight Talk using an AT&T sim card and it's not bad. When my girlfriend and son's contracts are up with Verizon, I will switch to a T-Mobile Value Plan, unlimited talk and text on three lines, unlimited 4G on one line, 2GB 4G on another, and no data on the third. This will cost me $93 a month with my discount, as opposed to the $200 I was paying on contract when we were all on Verizon. So I'll have to buy a feature phone and another Nexus 4 at $50 more than Verizon's "discount price", But oh well....

My Nexus 4 has T-Mobile's service while my old phone which is still under contract has Verizon. When my Nexus 4 loses it's signal in certain places my old phone maintains it's signal with 4GLTE speeds. That why it's so hard for me to get rid of Verizon even though I really want to.

I'm actually disappointed. Those prices are not that much better than the others. For my habits i would need the 4 gig plan, which would be 70 bucks. Same plan on Sprint would be $80, but I could get a nice phone (S3, Evo LTE) for less than $100 if not free. With these plans I'd still have to fork over at least $350 for a decent phone (Nexus 4), meaning that Sprint would end up being about the same price over two years. Given that neither has great service here I'd be inclined to go with Sprint and save upfront.

The only Sprint plan with unlimited talk is $109.99. The $80 plan has 450 minutes of talk. So nice try, but T-Mobile beats it like a rug.

Coverage is a different issue however. Luckily, I live in KC which is about to get LTE!

You are correct. However, the $80 Sprint plan does include unlimited mobile to mobile to any network. That essentially makes it unlimited talk for me (and I would bet most others).

I'm not cheerleading for Sprint. I WAS a customer for 15 years, but recently switched to Verizon due to network issues. Just calling it how I see it.

ya Sprint is unlimited talk to any cell phone on any carrier, which I would think works out great for most people. me personally I never call land lines except when I need customer service for something, and that's never 450 minutes a month. and Sprint has unlimited data, no throtteling down to 2g speeds like T-Mobile.

But that same plan offer unlimited mobile to mobile, and most of American user mobile phone! And if you like you can get a Google number(data) and call unlimited!..T-Mobile can't touch Sprint, especially in our KC Area!
and we get LTE SPEED with out throttling down to 2g!

Since you talked about buying the nexus 4 at $350(I am assuming that's from Google), why not get the unlimited everything for $70 with no throttle?

I have a nexus 4 on T-Mobile with the prepaid unlimited everything plan. For 70 bucks a month, I could not be happier.

I guess I don't get something here....All unlimited for 1 line is $70 as I checked just now, If I want to add additional line its not $0 and there is no promotion....it jumps to $120 for all unlimited and 2 lines. $125 is what I pay now without TEXT because I use Google Voice. Of course I would love to jump to this ALL unlimited, but migration fee for me is $300 bucks for 2 lines.

You didn't read the entire article. It says that the $0 is for talk and text and that you still have to choose a data plan.

This is a little bit confusing, which calls for a switch after my 70$ unthrottled unlimited t-mo plan runs out this month. I'm going to stick with Simple Mobile for 50$ with 2 gb of un throttled data and gives unlimited international calling to Chinese cell/landlines + SMS for 10$ more. When my GF comes back home, I will go to Gosmart for 5 gb of un throttled data for 45$

To be honest I an slightly disappointed, unlike the previous Value Package which was much more flexible, such as excluding text and data. I'm trying to get my family members to switch from ATT, but they could save more with the old version. But I'm glad they got rid of the contract scheme and left my $30 prepaid plan alone.

Also I think they are being a bit stingy with their Mobile Broadband plans. I recently bought their monthly pass (prepaid) $35 for 3.5GB which have no tethering and no texting, but the new $40 version now have tethering and texting, and 1GB more (total 4.5GB). WTF. Should make the $35 prepaid option 5GB if it won't have tethering and texting to balance the value.

I have had an account with Verizon for almost 20 years and recently opened a T-Mobile 4G monthly no-contract account two weeks ago. I have a place in the mountains with no Verizon reception at all. The T-Mobile phone gets five bars and an exceptional signal. At my home in a suburb of a large city, the closest Verizon antenna is three miles away. Lukewarm reception. I will most likely migrate my phones, including the wife's, to T-mobile.

This is a really good deal compared to the other jokes in the industry, but still is not even close to as good of a deal as Solavei. Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data (5 GB unthrottled) for only $49 per month. Check it out Solavei.com/EricnAnderson

The unlimited 70$ plan actually caps at 4.5gigs. Is so disappointing that T-Mobile is going about this in this fashion. This is why the 4.5 and unlimited is the same price. No idea why they call it unlimited but if you get the unlimited plan and hit 4.5 gigs then you will get a text saying your speeds were throttled and to pay 10$ for another 2 gigs. This is what we learned in our training for the new plans.

There are pretty much two data options. You can pay an extra $10 for 2GB of full speed access (in addition to the 500MB included with the $50 base plan) up to a total of 12.5GB, with each extra 2GB being $10 (for those of us who aren't great at math, that would be $110 for Unlimited talk, text, and 12.5GB of high speed data that can be used to tether your heart out). Anything over your paid allotment will be at 2G speeds. The alternative is the $20 Unlimited data feature, which would bring your total to $70 ($50 base + $20 Unlimited data). The former is great for people who like to tether, the latter for those of us who don't really care.

I believe the 4.5GB cap Go Ogle mentioned is referring to tethering. The $70 Unlimited plan is in fact non-capped and includes a 500MB allotment for tethering; an additional 2GB tethering allotment can be added for $10, or an additional 4GB tethering allotment can be added for $20 (all tethering allotments are a hard cap). 4GB allotment plus the included 500MB is a 4.5GB cap; this is the only cap I can assume he (or she) meant.

I can also assume that I have never used the word 'allotment' so many times in my life.

Not a bad plan but you can do better at wwwonevoicemobilecom where you pay just $50 a month for unlimited talk, text, web without getting throttled after 500 megabytes.

I currently Have the old classic family plan. If I were to switch to this new plan I have to pay $500 migration fee. Is that worth it?

I just changed my plan yesterday I also had a $500 migration fee. I have 5 lines on a family plan.

my old plan
1500 shared minutes
Unlimited texts
5 gig data on 2 lines
2 gig data on 2 line
no data on 5th line
the cost was $240 per month (and this was cheaper then anything any carrier had that I could find.

My new plan
Unlimited minutes
Unlimited text
Unlimited 4g data on one line
500 MB data on 4 lines
If any line needs to have more high speed data I can simply add it for the month when they need it

Cost $130 per month, I pay off the migration fee within 5 months, If I wanted I could probably sell my Galaxy Note 2 for $500 thereby eliminating my migration fee.

The new plans are really a terrific idea...if you plan on staying with Tmobile for more then 6 months its a no brainer, also the migration fee means you are off contract and the cell phones from the carrier are free and clear get unlock code and use other sim cards when traveling to eliminate roaming charges and such.