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Net customer losses in postpaid; sustained net customer additions in prepaid

T-Mobile has just posted a preliminary report of its customer additions and losses for the first quarter of 2013, and while this is far from a full financial report it's a good indication of how the carrier did in the last three months. First, the losses -- T-Mobile shed a net of 199,000 postpaid customers in the quarter, although that's a significant improvement from the 515,000 they lost in the previous quarter. Luckily, strong gains in its prepaid business more than made up for these heavy losses.

The first quarter of 2013 netted T-Mobile 202,000 branded prepaid customer additions, an increase over the previous quarter and the seventh consecutive quarter of gains in this area. That puts overall branded customer acquisitions (both pre and postpaid) at a net gain of 3,000 for the quarter. It may not sound like much, but that's a huge improvement over previous quarters that saw 300,000 or more customers walk out the door every three months.

In the end, with strong gains of 576,000 non-branded customer additions -- such as those on MVNOs -- T-Mobile found itself with a total of 579,000 net customer additions, pushing the magenta network over 34 million in total once again. It will be interesting to see how T-Mobile's new plans and device financing structure will change these results going forward.

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T-Mobile reports Q1 2013 customer acquisition results


Same here.

Though I think I will switch my $60 prepaid to the $60 Simple Choice plan to pick up the additional 500MB of data.

I know I need to just go ahead and kick it up to unlimited for a measley $10 more, but have a lot of stuff going on that I need to get squared away right now.

Wouldn't these numbers of postpaid customers continue to go down since tmobile no longer does contracts?

No, postpaid still exists, just without contracts. A lot of people seem to think T-Mobile will be prepaid only now, and that's not the case.

My wife and I were able to go from $170 per month on Sprint to $120 per month on T-Mobile. With the new plans we're now paying $90 per month. Only thing we don't like about T-Mobile is coverage in the mountains (California) is nonexistent. But coverage is great where we live and work.

With the addition of the iphone on the 12th and the great Android selections, T-Mobile is headed for a strong year. Their new plans and real unlimited data, throw in the start of LTE, T-Mobile has a bright future.

^ this. I've had T-Mobile since 2000(Voicestream days) and I've never seen Magenta as strong and have such a solid plan than they have now. I have Phenomenal signal, no dropped calls, and Fast HSPA+42(20-29Mbps regularly) and eagerly await LTE here which I'm in a major area so it shouldn't take too long. I'm Proud to have stuck with them for so long and think their new plans are just incredible. Changed off my Grandfathered plan that I had for years to get on that new $70 truly Unlimited plan and I couldn't be happier! - )

I like the prices and idea behind t-mobile but you do get what you pay for and if I switched to them I wouldn't have service a lot of the time.

The wife and I just switched from paying $150 on ATT with caps on everything to paying $120 on Tmo with unlimited everything! The service is reasonable out in the sticks and amazing in the city (Portland). Glad to be part of the family!