Hey, look over here. It's the T-Mobile myTouch Slide in pristine white! [via TMoNews] This is the first time we've seen a white myTouch Slide in the wild and it sure looks clean. Remember, the myTouch Slide is coming in 3 colors (red, black, and white) and have seen a black version in real life as well. Honestly, we don't know what's the hold up with the release, the myTouch Slide looks pretty ready for release in our eyes. We're pretty excited to use HTC Sense and Android 2.1 on a device with a hardware keyboard!

And if that's not enough, TMoNews also has new shots of the custom "Espresso" interface on this bad boy.


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T-Mobile myTouch Slide seen in white, plus, new Espresso screen shots


Omgah, it has Sense? And 2.1?

Nice step up that was the low end abortion that is the myTouch.

Well, it was a nice phone, all Android Phones rock and all, but myTouch was definitely a light on features phone...

am i the only one who doesnt like sense? i had a hero on sprint and i also own a cliq... i've had the cliq since november and i love it! i've never had a single problem with mine.. love the convenience of motoblur and the philosophy behind it. sense tries to do this too, but i think it just gets in the way... things i would intuitively, and quickly do on my cliq, took longer and more steps on the hero... i traded it in for the moment with stock android.. slapped GDE on top of it and called it a day.. im happier with stock over sense.... and i was a big fan of the ideas behind sense since i saw it on the euro version of the hero.. i was kinda disappointed when i finally got it in my hands.... just my 2 cents..