Nexus S 4G pre-order

Best Buy has gone ahead and put up its pre-order page for the WiMax-enabled Sprint Nexus S 4G. The phone will run you $199.99 on new or upgrade two-year contract. We still only have the ever-vague "coming soon" as a launch date, but shipping dates are showing as early as April 14. They aren't yet offering off-contract pricing but hopefully that option will be available once the phone launches. Also worth noting is that you can pick up the original Nexus S on T-Mobile for $99.99 with new or upgrade 2-year contract. [Best Buy] Thanks to DeadlyBatman for the tip!


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Sprint Nexus S 4G up for pre-order from Best Buy


Great addition to sprint people will lineup to get this one for sure. Tmobile is rocking lately you definitely can't go wrong with that 99.00 price tag that's a great deal.

Actually, I don't think people will "lineup to get" the Nexus S from Sprint. Evo 3D, probably, but not the Nexus.

I am not saying it is not a great phone, but it doesn't have the name recognition, nor the marketing behind it.

The Nexus line of phones have a pretty good geek following and a lot of people have been waiting to get a Nexus phone on Sprint since they failed to bring the original Nexus One to Sprint. I'm sure it probably won't sell as much as the Evo 3D, but technically they've both gotten about the same amount of marketing at this point, launch pages at Sprint. I don't think it's fair to assume a few people won't line up for a solid deal like this one. I for one have decided to pass on the Evo 3D and get the NS 4G just because I'd like to start getting the latest and greatest that Nexus owners have been enjoying for awhile and since Sprint and Google's relationship is only getting better and better I can see this phone getting the latest OS updates before just about anyone else. Reason enough to line up in my humble opinion.

I guess I hadn't heard this so I called Sprint and both times I called the customer service representative had no idea what I was talking about. Where did you hear this from? Would like to know more since 2 of my lines are up for their yearly renewal in July.


I know that Verizon and I think AT&T have both ended there premier customer programs. Sprint still has a rewards program, but they have 2 tiers Sliver and Gold premier. The Gold level includes the yearly upgrades on the primary line. Sprint users can qualify for the Gold Level by spending $89 or more monthly or if you have been with sprint for 10 years or more. The Silver level does not include the yearly upgrade, but does include the anniversary rewards, free minutes or discounts on your bill, and 25% off accessories in the Sprint store.

No, Sprint did not take away the 1 year upgrades for Premier customers. They did change the criteria, however, so that you have to spend more to be special (which I think is perfectly fair) or be a customer for 10 years or more (which was the same as before).

The definition of Premier changed so if you are paying 69.99/monthly, your full-discount upgrade has been pushed out to 22 months as opposed to 12 months. You get an upgrade discount at 12 months, just not as much as you used to get. You have to have a higher monthly plan to qualify for the full $150.00 discount at 12 months.

My wife and I both have Evo's - my line will be available for the 1yr upgrade in June.

What is the benefit of jumping to the Nexus S 4G over the Evo?

(Sorry, too many devices out and I haven't been able to keep up! lol)

I was so excited to see this with the shipping dates and thought it had to be too good to be true. Sprint has no information, and according to my chat with Richard at Best Buy, those shipping dates are just default dates and they do not actually have a real ship date yet.

12:44 PM Richard:
Thank You for contacting Best Buy Mobile, where we always promise you straightforward pricing without mail-in rebates. This conversation may be monitored for quality purposes. Hello, my name is Richard, how can I assist you today? Do you mind if I get your Email address to log our chat?
12:45 PM K:
I am interested in ordering the Nexus for Sprint,I see that it provides a delivery date of April 18-21 if I use standard shipping.
Is that an actual delivery date, or just a default that fills in? I only ask because there has been a lot of question as to when this phone will be available, and I would love to have it early next week!
12:47 PM Richard:
At this time we do not have any release information on the Nexus S 4G for sprint. The date that is seen on the website is automatically generated date by the system. I do apologize for any and all inconveniences that this has caused.
12:47 PM K:
Thanks, that is what I needed to know! Have a great day!

My upgrade date was 4/2011 since I was a premier customer. Now they changed it.... My update isn't until 6/2012, because I've only been with sprint for 7yrs and it has to b 10, Even though I pay over 69.99 or 89.99 which ever it was. I was so pissed of, I called and complained. Now my upgrade is in effect as of 3 days ago. I'm happy again.... LETS GO EVO 3D ;-)