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New P4u-operated Samsung stores to focus on 'smartphones, tablets and wearable technology'

UK high street retailer Phones 4u has announced a partnership with Samsung that'll see 15 P4u-operated Samsung stores opening across the country. These outlets will focus on "smartphones, tablets and wearable technology," and will be managed by Phones 4u and staffed by the company's employees. Phones4u has previously partnered with the electronics giant with Samsung-branded "stores within stores" in some locations; the new partnership will take things a step further by opening standalone Samsung stores managed by the smartphone retailer.

Today's news follows a wider deal between Samsung and P4u rival Carphone Warehouse to open more than 60 Samsung stores across seven European countries, as part of what CPW described as a "preferred partner" deal. As evidenced by today's announcement, however, Samsung's retail ambitions clearly extend beyond just one partner chain. And it's possible Samsung stores could soon become a common sight in many British towns and cities.

Press Release



3rd February, 2014: Phones 4u, the UK’s leading 4G retailer, today announced a significant expansion of its existing strategic retail partnership with Samsung within the UK.

Scott Hooton, Chief Marketing Officer, Phones 4u, says, “Together, Phones 4u and Samsung offer amazing customer experiences that bring the latest mobile technology to life.  The first fifteen stores will showcase a full range of Samsung phones, computing accessories and wearable technology.  We are already a leading retailer of Samsung phones and are thrilled to be further developing our strong relationship.”

The two companies already enjoy a close working relationship. Phones 4u expertise is currently utilised successfully in the flagship Samsung store in Westfield Stratford, where Phones 4u personnel sell Samsung phones alongside a broad range of Samsung products. Phones 4u also ran pop-up stores for Samsung as part of the latter’s official Olympics sponsorship in 2012.

As part of the expanded partnership, the new Samsung stores will be managed by Phones 4u and staffed by Phones 4u expert teams.


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Samsung teams up with Phones4u to launch 15 stores in the UK


Apple - the company that knows how to innovates and releases only one revolutionary phone a year and maintains its status as premier and prestige phone.

Samsung - the company that has no idea what it is doing, and has to throw everything including the kitchen sink at the wall in a desperate attempt to see what sticks, and ultimately ends up flooding the market with a ton of cheap plastic crap and all their devices end up caught in the race to the bottom. When Samsung can release a premier device, i'll look out the window to see all those pigs flying through the sky

I am sorry, usually I am not a grammer nazi, but you misspelled a few things. Let me fix it for you.

Samsung- The company that made Android a household name by giving people a ton of options, good looking and powerful devices, and a feature set that is unparalleled.

There all fixed for you

Finally, stores where the employees might actually know the difference between a Galaxy S2 and a Galaxy Note 3.

Don't ask these types of questions at your carrier location. Most reps only know the price difference and which devices get them the most commission.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mah battery)

So now I can go into a Samsung store, not know where I actually am, and still get conned by sharks and liars. Awesome.

This and the carphone warehouse news will make Samsung very strong.

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If there is one thing Apple does right - It's retail shops. They are fantastic, tons of staff available and they are full of energy and knowledgeable.
Anyone in the UK will know what I mean when I say 'God help us' if P4U and Samsung try the same concept!!!