Samsung isn't known among the world's top places to work, but the company is attempting to alter its image with consumers (and potential recruits). The Korean manufacturer opted to commission independent inspections at 100 of its suppliers in China, but the reports weren't what the company hoped for. Nonetheless, Samsung acted in good faith and released details too the public.

According to the reports, the majority of suppliers located in the region did not comply with China's legally permitted overtime hours for workers. Not only that, but half of said factories had workers under the age of 18 handling hazardous chemicals, while a third of the suppliers failed to provide social insurance for employees. Out of the 100 suppliers inspected, a whopping 59 lacked adequate safety equipment or monitoring systems.

To top everything off, three suppliers exceeded permissive environmental limits for either dust or noise levels and finally 33 failed to effectively manage waste disposal. While not directly under the control of Samsung, these reports will be added to the unnerving pile of industrial accidents at its own facilities. The company has previously requested better operational practices from contracted suppliers, even going as far as to work with them directly to provide basic training and equipment.

While no underage workforces were included in the report, Samsung certainly could be doing more to put pressure on said suppliers or aid them further to ensure standards pick up. That said, it's positive to see the company expand inspections and we're sure Samsung isn't alone when it comes to tackling with suppliers to better the environment for workforces. It's also promising to see Samsung be transparent with its findings.

Check out the full report via the link below.

Source: Samsung Report (PDF), via: The Verge


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Samsung's commissioned inspections find workforce issues at Chinese suppliers


Ok lets move production back to the USA..... and you will pay 1500 for that Galaxy 5. They want cheap manufacturing thats what they got. The chinese worker is a throwaway item, Quite sad really

You would be surprised how much of this type of behavior from factories is happening right here in the good old USA.

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China doesn't have regulatory agencies to enforce anything. Their is no OSHA there, which requires that a certain amount of staff be qualified and trained for any type of hazardous material accidents and spills. They have no EPA to help regulate anything toxic banned or exposed to employees that should be outlawed, they still use Lead Paint and Asbestos there. And the government assigns people to work in these factories like slaves, and if they refuse they are punished for it or lose any hope of a somewhat paying job and are shipped to the outer farmlands where farmers are serfdoms to the state and make pocket change for their commodities.

And this doesn't even scratch the serface

What about Foxconn?

You know, the company that assembles Apple products under a contract.

And one widely criticized for workplace issues.

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