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The Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 actually started pushing a few days ago, but today Samsung's giving us the full details on the updates. They're lengthy, and chances are you've discovered many of the changes already.

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Samsung Releases Android Jelly Bean Upgrades for Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2
Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy Note 10.1 Delivers Improved Performance, Enhanced S Pen Functionality and Fully Resizable Apps

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J.,  January 16, 2013– Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the availability of updates to Android 4.1™, Jelly Bean for both its award-winning Galaxy Note™ 10.1 and its popular Galaxy Tab 2 devices for the Wi-Fi versions.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 upgrade includes all the performance benefits of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as well as Premium Suite, a collection of new features that further upgrades multi-tasking and productivity, while enhancing personalization and offering new levels of creativity. Users will enjoy improved S Pen support and the ability to easily open and resize multiple apps, then view them across the screen layered on top of each other.

“Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 created a new category by delivering content creation capabilities in addition to content consumption,” said Mike Abary, senior vice president of consumer IT product marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “However, we always strive to deliver unexpected value to our customers. By providing not just Jelly Bean, but dramatic improvements to the multitasking and S Pen features on the devices, we’re ensuring that the Galaxy Note 10.1 remains at the forefront of innovation.”

A range of features have been introduced which aim to further boost the capabilities of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 including:

Multi-tasking & Productivity: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 pioneered the innovative Multi Window feature which lets consumers experience a dual view, running two apps side-by-side on the screen. The new, updated Galaxy Note 10.1 enhances the experience further in a variety of ways:

Cascade View: The feature allows users to freely resize, move and pin selected applications in multiple views, running them simultaneously or while operating the home-screen. This PC-like feature will help users to be more productive, and actually do multiple tasks at one time.

Air View: Allows users to use S Pen to conveniently and quickly preview content without having to open it. This feature allows user to preview video while scrubbing, preview email attachments without opening, preview photos without opening the album, and more.

Quick Command: With Quick Command, the S Pen quickly activates applications and services that are used most often by allowing you to write command shortcuts using customized and preset S Pen strokes.

Enhanced Personalization:

Enhanced handwriting: Users can quickly and easily send personalized handwritten notes and memos to friends and family via email, as well as hand-write directly into their S Planner

Enhanced S Note: S Note now features additional ready-to-use templates; allows users to add effects to their digital content with Idea Sketch; and enables the insertion of video directly into not only Note templates but also other templates. Users can also launch S Note directly from their home-screen for added convenience.

Easy Clip: Allows users to select and clip content to save, paste or share in seconds.

Photo Note: Add personalized handwritten notes on the back of your photos to help capture the moment.

Paper Artist:
Besides enabling users to enliven sketches or content with different color or pencil styles, Paper Artist enables over 30 artistic effects that can be applied to images or media. Users can also draw or write onto the content and share it with others.

A smarter S Pen: The S Pen now allows users to select writing or color modes at the touch of a button, or unlock the home-screen simply by removing the S Pen.

Both the Wi-Fi versions of Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 and 7.0) will benefit from the core improvements of Android 4.1 which features a more intuitive user interface, faster performance and response times across applications, and an overall smoother user experience. This is also complemented by an enhanced user interface optimized for the 10.1-inch screen.

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Reader comments

Samsung gives details on Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2 updates


I agree, I Won this tablet on AndroidCentral and it has been great (Thanks AC), I had the original Tab 10.1, which I gave to my father for Christmas and he has come out of the Dial-up stone-age and love using a tablet. The added features of the Note 10.1 though I truly love, every meeting I go into I pull it out to take all my notes and store them, no more paper. And every time I get allot of oh's and ah's from the people thinking how cool this tablet is. The only complaint I have if Samsung needs to show in their commercials that the tablet can be used with your fingers as well just like a regular tablet. To the layperson when they see the commercial and all they are using is the S-Pen they think that you have to use it like the old palms, etc. IMHO this is the most versatile tablet on the market today and got allot of bad reviews from people that only used it for a week or so. Once you start using it on a daily basis the usefullness of the added S-Pen and feature set make you more productive. I love this tablet.

Yes, and the multiscreen capability alone crushes the rest of the tablets. I do agree that the company needs to highlight the touchscreen capability of this tablet. It's the best of both worlds.

I agree with you 100%. In my opinion this is the most useful tablet for business and personal.

As a business tablet it allows me to use it meetings to take handwritten notes electronically (no more paper and pencil). Because the notes are electronic I can organize them into folders and subfolders for easy access and reference later. I see other colleagues sitting around the conference room table with their iPad or other tablet, and while they can get on the internet and look up something (which the Note 10.1 can do as well) they also have to have a separate pen and notepad for jotting notes. The ability to split screens so I can be viewing a presentation on side and continue taking notes on the other is so value added it's hard to explain. I also have the Note 2, and as a companion device the two work in such harmony with each other.

I can take a quick note on the phone while I'm out at lunch or visiting with a client, and then when I get back to the office I can send that note to the tablet where I can edit and expand the thought or idea even more.

As a personal device I can play games, watch movies, read books, browse the internet, and perform any other function you would expect a basic or high end tablet to do.

I can almost assure you that I will never buy another tablet, or phone, without a stylus or pen. When you add the ability to write notes on your device at a moments notice it takes function and purpose of a smart device to a whole other level.

I have to agree with you also. When I was making my final decision to buy the note I showed my wife some videos of it in action. While the features wowed her, after 10 minutes she asked: "so can you use your finger to navigate around or just the pen?"

I would have to think that there would be lots of people that would think the same. The Samsung videos show everything being opened by the pen (which I will admit I do tend to use if I have the pen out already).

I really want one but I hear the resolution is low ( compared to nexus 10 and iPad). Any news on a note 2 tablet with a better screen from Samsung?

The resolution is waaaaaaay overblown. The display is good. This coming from someone who's owned the 10.1 for less than a month. I dealt with buyers remorse the first few days. I considered returning the 10.1 for the Nexus 10. I can't justify it, aside from the display, the N10 really isn't all that compared to the 10.1. Add the fact that there are so many issues talked about on the XDA forurms with the N10, I think i'll pass and keep the 10.1.

I agree with another poster that the resolution war is way overblown. In my opinion, what separates this device from any other (including the iPad & Nexus 10) is the real world usefulness of the Note 10.1.

Many people find it hard to justify owning a tablet because the price of these device is quite high, and people wonder what, other than watching movies and browsing the internet, can I use it for? However, with the 10.1 the use case is built in with the s-Pen. The ability to write handwritten notes in an electronic format that can be stored on the device, sdcard, dropbox (or other cloud storage options), or even a flash drive is very, very functional.

And, on top of all of that you can still use it like any other tablet for your personal consumption needs with a more than adequate display. Now that's it's been updated with the Premium Suite and Jelly Bean, Samsung has taken a great tablet and actually added more features to make it a one of a kind device.

For me personally, ( I realize everyone's needs are different) there is no other tablet I'd consider even with better resolution. Because what good is better resolution when it's real world use is limited to that of any other device on the market?

I thought the note 10.1 was going to have a terible screen becuse of all the bad reviews.well this is total bullshit!!! My gf got me it for xmass and its by far the best tablet i have ever used!!! And i fallow android news likes its a law!!! Fast smooth and the screen is fine.try it out at best buy or something you will not be disapointed

You must be joking. I have Samsung Note 10.1 and Ipad 2 and clearly Ipad is more advanced and better. My Samsung crashes constantly after they upgraded. The Task Manager crashes almost on every application. In addition the upgrade has slowed down both my 10.1 and my S3 to almost a crawl. Before the upgrade I could connect an external thumb drive and it would read and access the photos or videos instantly. Now after the upgrade it takes forever to access the photos and for videos it crashes on every video I try to open. Even when I downloaded the video to the device itself it would work only randomly and Task Manager crash the rest of the time. This renders the device useless for most applications and usages for someone like myself who wanted it as a devicd for my photography business. Clearly Samsung is far far behind Apple. Oh and did I mention that trying to charge the device has to be done seperately than Using the device because the charge port is on the Bottom of the device and opening for earpiece is on Top. What idiot designed this? Poor upgrades and poor designs has proved Apple still is far beyond Samsung.

Well I have to disagree. My Note 10.1 has been working much better after the upgrade and it was great before the upgrade. It sounds like you must have done something to it or it is and ID10t problem. I have actually never had my Note 10.1 crash using any of the software. Feature for feature the Note is hands down better than the Ipad 1-4 which are pretty much the same thing. I don't see Samsung being far behind Apple, maybe you came late to the race, thought Samsung was behind but they had actually lapped them and where coming up to pass them again. I have seen nothing unique out of Apple in almost 2 years. I am a graphic designer and photographer and I use the tablet on a daily basis and I have yet to run into something I can't do quickly and easily on it. It is finally a tablet that is really usable in meetings, displaying and working on samples, reviewing photos, video-conferencing while modifying documents and spreadsheets at the same time, working on proposals, taking notes, etc, etc, etc...not just content consumption but true creation.

As far as your statement about charging and using the device, first it makes no sense what so ever, I charge my device and watch NetFlix all the time, with and without my headset.

I feel that you might just be trolling.

Kies may look like it's crashing too. I kept making the mistake of ending the process instead of waiting. Finally I just let it sit and got it installed. Kies is a crap program but it's better than waiting forever for your turn.

useful items. I have set up the short cuts, and I think I have them turned on. but how do you actually use them, I am drawing on the home screen and nothing happens to execute the selected apps I have tied to the short cuts.

I am hesitating between Galaxy Note 10.1 and Nexus 10. I love the idea of an S Pen a lot! My concern is Microsoft Office friendliness. I know that Nexus 10 has an app for basic Office suite: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Is it the same with Note 10.1? Being able to use those three programs is crucial for me, but I couldn't find any information on apps for Note. Please help!