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Samsung's kid-focused tablet to go head-to-head with the iPad Air this Friday

OK, so maybe we're kidding around with the iPad Air thing, but there is another tablet going on sale this Friday, and it's from Samsung. Following up on a U.S. launch announcement, the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will officially go on sale in the UK beginning on November 1. 

Essentially, this is a 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 wrapped up in an extremely bright, more kid-friendly exterior. Beyond the standard Samsung Touchwiz interface, there's an option to switch into a second, more child oriented interface as well. Sales begin online on November 1, and will be available in selected stores from November 8. No confirmed pricing from Samsung at this point, though one retailer already has the tablet listed for £200. Great Christmas gift, perhaps? The full press release can be found after the break. 

Samsung’s new tablet for children available to buy online from 1st November

London, UK – October 30th, 2013 – Following the recent launch announcement, Samsung has today announced that the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, a tablet built specifically for children, will be available to buy online in the UK from 1st November and in store from 8th November.

With a 1.2GHz dual processor and 1GB RAM, the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids has the performance capabilities to keep kids entertained for hours. Featuring Samsung’s brand new Kids Store, a range of apps will be available to download in addition to pre-loaded content including educational, games, entertainment and e-book apps.

Whilst designed to appeal to kids, the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids also boasts functions that make it a great device for parents, including a unique time management feature that can be used to monitor use by locking the tablet once the designated time is up. In addition, Samsung’s Application Manager allows parents to select apps that their kids can access.

Simon Stanford, Vice President of IT & Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland said: “We’re seeing technology become ever more popular with children, and wanted to create a tablet that provides kids with interactive and educational content with the added benefit of giving parents control over their children’s tab use. Parents played a huge part in the design process, and as a result the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is a unique product that is both a fun and exciting piece of technology for kids to use and a device that parents can trust.”

The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will be available in the UK from Toys ‘R’ Us, Argos, Shop Direct, Dixons, JLP, Asda and the Samsung Experience store from 8th November.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids hitting the UK on November 1


Looks like a 3 year old's tablet. I don't know if any kid about the age of 10 would want to use it.

StealthDroid - Working in the Nexus Lab

I have a 7 year old and as soon as she seen the device she wanted it because it looked cool in her eyes. I would love if they make the interface a downloadable part to add to previous Tab versions.

Most likely going to get this for my 2 year old to replace her nexus 7 2012 edition. That tablet can barely run angry birds nowadays. Horrible battery degeneration as well.

Nice to see Samsung going for a more mature design language across their products.

Posted via Android Central App

I just don't see the point of these "kids tablets". My daughter is about 3 and a half and she's been using my hacked nook color since before she was 2. In fact she's more or less claimed it as her own at this point.

The only problem she has with the stock CM7 interface is accidentally opening the notifications window from time to time - which is really just an annoyance not really a problem.

I've shown her some of the kids tablets in stores and she has no interest in them.

I do prefer seeing them running versions of Android with Play store support which beats the locked down tablets we've seen so many of in the past that are basically just designed to force you into buying second rate apps from the manufacturer or re-buying apps/books through their store. But I just don't get the need for specialized hardware for kids.

She's a normal 3 year old who's pretty energetic - but having been introduced to technology at a young age she understand she has to be gentle with the nook and I really have little fear of her damaging it.

In fact she's so good with it I'm seriously considering getting her a Nexus 7 as an upgrade for Christmas...but I want one for myself first since I don't even have a nook anymore :D

Zoodles and a silicon case. That's all my kids tablets are. One a Motorola Xoom, the other a Nexus 7 (2012). Zoodles looks just like the screenshot above and is FREE!

People seriously buy tablets for their 2 and 3 yr old?!

Posted via Android Central App