Galaxy S4

Official pre-orders start today ahead of April 26 launch

A little under a month away from launch day, Samsung's Galaxy S4 is now available to pre-order from leading UK retailers and carriers. You'll find a breakdown of what the major players are offering with Samsung's latest handset after the break.

We'll update this post with any more pre-order deals that come to light during the day. Check below for the full breakdown.

  • EE: The Galaxy S4 is available on EE's 4G plans starting at £31 per month (with a £269.99 up-front fee). Pre-order customers get an accessory pack valued at £54.99, including a matching smart cover, a 16GB microSD card and an in-car charger. EE is also selling the Galaxy S4 through its 3G-only T-Mobile and Orange brands.
  • Phones4U: The retailer is offering pre-order customers the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note 10.1. In addition, every pre-order customer will get a Google Play gift card based on the value of their contract. 4G EE contracts at £46 or above get a £100 voucher, £41 contracts receive £50, and £36 contracts receive £25.
  • Vodafone: The carrier offers £5 off your monthly bill if you trade in "any working touchscreen phone" to buy the Galaxy S4. Do this, and the S4 is yours for £37 per month on Vodafone Red, with unlimited calls and texts, and 2GB of data. Vodafone's also debuting "Vodafone Red XL," which boosts the data allowance to 4GB, for £47 per month with a trade-in. Finally, it lists a 1GB package for £37 p.m. without a trade-in (presumably £32 p.m. with one) and a £69 up-front fee.
  • Carphone Warehouse: As we reported yesterday, Carphone is offering a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and accessory bundle with its Galaxy S4 deals. The accessory pack includes a case, screen protector and car charger.
  • O2: The blue network is offering to double customers' data allowance if they pre-order the Galaxy S4 on plans costing £37 per month with a £99 up-front fee.
  • Three: The data-friendly operator isn't offering any specific pre-order perks, but it is giving away the S4 for free on both of its price plans. Ultimate Internet 500 runs for 24 months and gets you unlimited data, 500 minutes and 500 texts for £35 per month. The One Plan costs £37 per month and provides 2000 minutes, 5000 Three-to-Three minutes, 5000 texts and an unlimited data allowance that includes tethering.

Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S4 up for pre-order in the UK


I checked each site and it looks like they are all the Snapdragon 600 version as rumoured.

Being in Canada I'm very happy to see that. More support for the standard model over here.

Don't believe a word Samsung say. I seem to remember Samsung promising 64GB versions of the S3 ... Hmmm I wonder what happened to that ...

I agree this phone is amazing and much better than the iPhone but 630 for an unlocked phone is stupid. I remember the days when people bullied iPhone owners because of their high prices and now we are going to be spending 100 more than them!

I was going to buy a galaxy s4 if it was priced around the 520 mark but this is just ridiculous!

Why did i have to removed the pound signs for this comment, I'm not a spammer?

The best deal here is #35 per month for 24 months from Three, which will cost you a total of #840.
If you really want the tablet that comes with the CW offer, then you'll be paying an extra #96, which isn't bad.

If you're to buy the phone SIM-free close to the release date for about #600, and then purchase a SIM only deal (#12 for ulmtd net, 250 minutes, ulmtd texts) you'd be paying #744 over 12 months or #888 over 24 months.

If you don't have #600 to splash out on a phone, then your best bet is to go with Three on their #35 or even their #37 plan which gets you 1500 more minutes.
However, if you've got #600, then buying the phone and going on a sim-only plan will give you slightly more flexibility.

Does anyone else think these prices are ridiculous? I mean, I could build an amazing gaming PC for this money.

Have you tried using the pound symbol on Android Central's comment section? -_-
They don't allow that symbol - apparently it's a sign of spam - so I had to substitute it.

I have pre ordered from Vodafone.

I went with a 12 month contract, seams that the sim free cost is very close to the cost of the handset with mins, text and data included.

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