Galaxy S4 Developer Edition

Launching this summer in Korea in Blue Arctic and Red Aurora

Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy S4 LTE-A, the first smartphone ever to use LTE-Advanced technology. Samsung promises "twice-as-fast network speeds to produce an unparalleled multimedia experience." LTE-Advanced works by combining different frequencies, and using them as one -- something Samsung refers to as "leveraging carrier aggresion."

This new Galaxy S4 variant will have similar specifications to the current Galaxy S4, however will ship with Qualcomm's next generation processor -- the Snapdragon 800 with 2.3 GHz Quad Core CPUs. The screen, cameras, and battery capacity appear to be identical to the current Galaxy S4. Internal memory will have a capacity of 32 GB, with the standard micro SD slot available for an additional 64 GB.

So far it appears this phone will be a Korea exclusive, launching this summer. Initial color options will be Blue Arctic and Red Aurora, with more colors following after launch. The full press release from Seoul is available through the source link below.

Source: Samsung


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Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A announced as world's first LTE-Advanced smartphone


It won't be till 2020 till carriers in the US start LTE-A, they can barely keep any speeds with LTE, they need to reinforce their network with more towers, instead of installing the minimal amount to call an are "covered." VZW LTE in St.Louis is 10 down 3 up on average, my wifi is a bit faster than that, and not including regular towers, VZW has only installed 7 LTE towers for 800 sq miles and 2 million living in st.louis and st.louis counties

The US doesn't have LTE-A yet. If you love this phone you have to move to Korea or Russia to use it.

From the DARK AC App!

Wrong, Believe it or not T-Mobile has installed LTE Advanced hardware in all their towers during their LTE push. They are the only Carrier who has done this. They are the last Carrier to start their LTE roll out so this is why they are using the new hardware. They might be the last to the LTE dance but the first to the LTE Advanced party.
This new SGS4 is my new beast. It has it all including the much needed interior storage. I want this phone, hoping it makes it's way to the US.

i am a amazon retailer and we are starting to
import the s4 advanced
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Now, put stock Android on it and it's a super win. TouchWiz sucks donkey balls. I had a chance to play with a regular S4 and God, does it lag. It takes a full 2 seconds to get to home screen after pressing the home button. Getting to landscape in the gallery takes around 2-3 seconds.

I hope you're exaggerating. I love myself stock too but Touchwiz adds useful feature that people take for granted but love to complain about.

Clicking on home -- probably about 1 real second.
Gallery portrait to landscape -- less than a second.

Did you really play with an S4? I want to call BS.


Anyway, this is quite the upgrade. Oh well, I couldn't wait with my old phone so I'm happy with the S4.

Do you live in a dimension where time moves super slow?? My S4 does not take 2 seconds to get to the home screen. I have over 120 apps installed. It does not take 2-3 seconds for my gallery to switch to landscape. I have over 3000 pics on my phone.

You're referring to regular ol' LTE, which is present in the U.S. (Verizon, AT&T and Sprint is only starting to roll it out). That LTE has been around for a few years now and the HTC One has LTE as you said, but so did many phones before the HTC One and S4.

This article is talking about LTE-A .. that little "-A" is important, it's a vastly faster network (faster than LTE!) that is not available here in the United States. South Korea has LTE-A, but it just began roll out recently, by the Korean carrier SK Telecom.

I swear the HTC one is your first smartphone, because the old and crappy HTC thunderbolt if I remember right was the first LTE equipped phone released in the US and that was 4or5 years ago. Most phones released ever since in the US are LTE equipped, including your HTC one. This article refers to LTE Advance. So inform your self prior making dumb comments...

Also some trivia... HTC Evo 4G was the first 4g phone, albeit on the limited Wiimax Sprint network.

No way this is coming to the US ever. LTE is still a brand new technology in the states.

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It will able to Fallback to standard LTE or lower just like current phones in the U.S. can Fallback to 3G if there is a weak LTE signal.. It SUPPORTS LTE-Advanced... That's certainly not the only baseband it can run.. Oh it branching outside of Korea by years end.. believe it.. Can you say Unlocked on Amazon..:-)

1st it was the ( Everything the HTC ONE should have been ) Butterfly that HTC "had" in the oven but STILL released the One...

And Now,
The *REAL* Galaxy S4S is about to be released.. With the Snapdragon 800 & 32 Gigs of standard ( Cause I don't know how to root and use apps2sd ) RAM..

Boy... Now I KNOW I'm going to wait "60 days after the initial release" for the REAL Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ( E.T.A. Xmas ) because the 1st one is only going to get upgraded in that 60 day timeframe..:-)

And.. The performance level & potential dollars to be made WILL pull this *Real-Deal* S4S out of Korea and make it a world phone by Xmas.. You Can Bet On It.. Too much money to be made with this "S4S" model for Samsung to pass up.. Believe That.

I've read that Samsung is in talks with Apple to use the new Qualcomm 800 processor in the new Iphone and HTC might be using this new processor in a revised version of the HTC One also called the HTC One Max.

All these specs sound good on paper and I'm sure it will a beast, but I'm also sure it will be a beast at draining its battery!!

Not True.
They have improved batterylife with the 800 series... It's going to be "The" SoC to have in your phone if you must have "Cutting Edge" for 2013.

I really feel sorry for S4 & HTC ONE early adaptors..

This S4S & the HTC Butterfly would have me pissed off if I had purchased either the S4 or the HTC One.

But that's me.. I know most of you are happy with your purchases of those 2 devices.. and yes... there is ALWAYS the *Next Big Thing*....

But not what? 45-60 days after the First Big Thing?

That's what would Piss..Me..Off.

Reminds me of the Razr / Razr Maxx thing.. releasing the Maxx just 60 days later.

When it is said that it will be released to a limited market, that might be because it will be released in Korea first and because the network in Korea uses an interesting combination of frequencies (800 and 1800Mhz). Some of the big carriers in the US and Canada are getting ready for an LTE-A rollout later in 2013 so the timing might be good to be getting the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A. I've heard that Apple is in talks with Samsung to use the Qualcomm 800 processor with LTE-A support in the new Iphone and the same thing will apply to a revised version of the HTC One called the HTC One Max. I've also read somewhere that the Huawei Ascend P2 already supports LTE-A also.

will wait for its release here in the Philippines. but I will wonder if LTE-Advanced signal will also be available.. wew..
Qualcomm Snapdragon 800..
2.3 GHz Quad-core...
32 GB internal memory..
Krait 400??
Adreno 330??

Australian networks will have a meltdown if 1 person uses one of those here. 3rd world country in denial.

Pew pew pew... 2600 battery on LTE-A and 2.3Ghz CPU with - the battery will die faster than any normal S4 or One :)
There is no more "performance", these days phones' performance advanced to the "skies". You don't really need such "server" in your pocket, but, battery matters.
2600 for SD-800 clocked @ 2.3Ghz is a bit low :)
I Appreciate HTC's choice to set 3200mAh battery that allowed them to clock SD-600 to 1.9Ghz and not care that battery will die too fast.

The HTC One might be good, but I've read stories about the fact that they might make a revised version of the HTC One that will use the new Qualcomm 800 processor and be called the HTC One Max.

The only question which come to my mind is if those “powerful” devices are able to decode correctly Hi10P 1080p with FLAC audio videos. Otherwise…

Would love to try this out when it gets released. Now to figure out a way to get to Korea without going broke.

Didn't Verizon post an article saying that the s4 on their network will soon be able to support AWS in New York?

T-Mobile is rolling out LTE Advanced hardware right now. All their towers will be LTE Advanced ready when that technology is ready. They are the only Carrier that is currently installing LTE Advanced hardware.

@ Casey Rendon

Thanks for the post.

So Samsung now showing the same level with high grade hardware, means so many type S4. At least they understand that now they should use 32gb at starting storage in their high end smartphone. Cool.

Thanks in Advance

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It's about future proofing. I will be very happy if the Note 3 has the LTE-A radio for Tmobile. The Snapdragon 800 supports it but the 600 doesn't. That's one reason I didn't buy an S4 or an HTC One

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Dang it! I'm here in Korea and just bought my S4 a month ago!!! I even have SKT so I could totally get this newer version. So tempted to go for it but, honestly this phone is fast, the network is fast....faster isn't as important as it would be if it was slow, lol.