Galaxy S series

We take a look back at the series that's dominated the Android smartphone world

As Samsung attempts to evolve its smartphone design language with the Galaxy Alpha and possibly the upcoming Galaxy Note 4, it's time to take a look back on the past five years of the company's Android flagships. Starting with the humble Galaxy S in 2010, through early successes with the Galaxy S2 and S3, Samsung has backed up solid high-end smartphones with ferocious marketing and an ever-expanding feature set. And though it's facing tougher competition than ever in 2014, there's no denying that Samsung is the Android phone maker to beat, particularly in western markets.

So it's time to remember the devices that made such an impact on the Android world. Join us after the break as we look back on the history of the Samsung Galaxy S family.


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The Samsung Galaxy S series — a smartphone retrospective


I made that switch, the ability to read the screen out in sunlight was was enough of an upgrade for me.


The manufacturer who has single handedly put android on it's back and placed the entire platform #1 Worldwide.

At the end of the day it's pretty much plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period they are Android nothing else matters.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

The OG Droid catapulted Android to mainstream. The Galaxy S series has been fantastic for marketing but the experience IMO is terrible mainly because TouchWiz. LG, HTC, and Motorola all put out better phones then Samsung in the past 2 years.

No way can you say they put out better phones. Some had an edge on the S4, the S5 beats the One, and the Note is better than anything that was out last year.

This year we have yet to see Moto and the Note, so it is still too early. THe One is still hanging in last after G3 and S5 only because they need to do something with the camera. If they would have, I would agree with you for this year.

You counter his anecdotal opinion with your own. I have a Nexus 4, two Note 2's, and an HTC One M7 in my family. They are all good at different things and appeal to different people.

Blanket statements of subjective opinion are silly, especially when stated as fact.

You know, the vast majority of users have no issues with TW at all. It's only the Android snobs that hang out on forums like this one that harp on TouchWiz. Get over it. Whether LG, HTC and Motorola phones are "better" really depends a lot on what your priorities are. I find the HTC One phones to be pretty ridiculous, with a smaller usable screen in a bigger package than the S5, no replaceable battery (most people don't swap phones every year or so), and a finish so slippery you just about have to cover up all the fancy metal with plastic.

Yep. I swap daily. Goodbye USB charging.

Amazed at how many folks stay tired to a wall plug day in and day out. A $7 battery and $5 charger on eBay and good battery life on a Note 3 = Backlit Nirvana.

They don't swap out batteries every year, but when their battery finally dies, all of them have the ability to slap in a brand spanking new battery easily and affordably.

Not true at all. Most power users complain about how terrible TW is. HTC has better build quality, better speakers, better battery life, and performs way faster in everyday use. The G3 is better in every single way except for battery life. The S5 is an ok phone. Build quality is not bad for being plastic. I like the textured back. However I had 4 of them fail on me since April. My first one was DOA out of the box as it wouldnt read any sim cards. 1 had the camera failure, 1 had reception issues and wouldnt connect to mobile data, and lastly 1 just wouldnt power on at all. 3 of them were within the first 2 weeks of owning the device. None were damaged, just not a good experience.

Way faster??? With all due respect, you'rewrong.......why don't you get both the me and s5 together and do some speed tests of your own, I have..... choose your favorite 20 apps and launch them simultanously.......come back and tell me how that went...

Ps....comparing the s5 and my in day to day speed is splitting hairs

Posted via Android Central App

Better speakers for sure, but you are the first to say HTC has better battery life. Everyone knows HTC's battery life is mediocre at best.

Build quality is also debatable, at least for their last several models. The N1 was built sturdy.

My problem with TouchWiz is not that it's not a perfectly usable OS. It is. My problem is that it isn't a good ambassador for what an Android interface can be. If I were an Apple user and went to TouchWiz I'd feel I was going backwards in the aesthetic and usability categories even as I gained the new capabilities inherent in the Android platform.

The only skin that matches Apple's cohesiveness of design, in my opinion, is Sense. It's badass. I used to hate Sense but since 5 came out it provides the kind of fluid seamless experience that can make an Apple user forget iOS. If TouchWiz were as smooth, consistent and cohesive as Sense nobody would complain, including us tech snobs.

I can totally agree with you and said something very close to that in this or another thread from today. The menu is cluttered and the underlying code is bad.
Other than that, outwardly it is a great phone

Posted via Android Central App

The ever present Touchwiz debate. Hand wringing over the part of the phone where 5% of the time is spent (UI). 95% is spent IN some app(s). Like the guy said above, the average user could care less in blissful ignorance.

Touchwiz looks alot better on the s5 than A NY previous version.....i swear when the s4 was released I like many felt like samsung was going backwards in UI aesthetics......they overhauled it while keeping about the same color scheme in the s5 and gotta looks WAY better ( for the most part anyway)......notification panel and settings (list view) especially

Posted via Android Central App

I NEEDED Nova on my s4. Couldn't stand TW on it. I have no need for it on my s5. I even Uninstalled Nova (GASP) from my s5 because I enjoy TW that much more (Gasp again). It's not that I don't really like Nova, I just don't feel that it's necessary anymore. The s5 rocks. I chose it over the M8 solely for the IP67 and swappable battery. Water resistance will come in handy during the ski season.

Posted via Android Central App

With the possible exception of LG, no one has put out better phones than Samsung.

Samsung has a broad range of products, and companies like Motorola might be able to beat out the mid range models, but when you look at Samsung's top of the line products like the S and Note series, no one released better products.

By better, I don't mean they're 100% perfect. There might be a 1 or 2 aspects that aren't the best of the bunch, but as a whole, Samsung's top models are unmatched.

I also happen to love Touchwiz. There are a lot of truly useful functionality that come with it. It does show a bit of lag sometimes, but the people who spend their entire day looking for and complaining about micro lags need to get a life and do something more productive. If you let go of the trivial quibbles, Touchwiz actually lets you be more productive.

I knew he'd show up! Had me a little worried that you'd neglect a Samsung post there, Richard!

Posted via Android Central App

Same here. I've gone to the store's and played with the Note 3 and the S5. Nothing impressive enough to get me to kick down the door and upgrade.

Posted via Android Central App

Playing around for a few minutes doesn't do justice to a Note 3 IMO. Own one for a week & you'll never want anything else.

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I've had them all except the current s5 and if they had a 32 GB version I would probably have that too. Yes...I know it has an SD card slot...

It is easy to see why they have done so well. I think the haters will be here soon but the successive versions of this device have been remarkably bug free. I just started going more to stock android and the nexus brand. The successive amounts of bloatware have been pretty sickening at least on ATT.

Posted via Nexus 5

I've had the S2 (Skyrocket) and S4, with the former I agree with Jerry being the best Galaxy S of the series. Though specs with each iteration has been solid, I felt the Galaxy S line has been hampered by TouchWiz and the excessive bloatware. I went back to the stock Android experience (the Nexus One was my first Android device) with the Nexus 5, and unless Samsung comes out with a phone with a stock-Android sort of experience (another GPe? Android Silver?), I'll stick with the Nexus line from here on out.

I tried really hard to love it, but it just had so many problems. GPS never did work right. It got so bad, that Verizon gave me a brand new Droid Incredible 2 for it. You know they have issues when they actually give you another model phone.

hmm i dont recall such problems i had it for bout a year and a half then went for the thundbolt.... mistake. had it for three days then got the razr. that was a good one

what does it say about us when we're on the interwebs reminiscing about phones?

Actually, the GS1 had the really crappy GPS. The GS2 fixed the problem. I remember when the Nexus S came out, the big fear would be that it would inherit the crappy GPS in the GS1 which it was based off of. Reviews at the time reassured people that that wasn't the case as they had fixed it in the interim.

I had the Captivate for a few days. Returned it and went back to my Nexus One after it became very clear that the GPS was a huge mess. I liked everything else about it, though.

GPS and the late upgrade to 2.2 & 2.3 (on the vibrant) was what made me walk away from the galaxy line ave never look back, first impressions really do stick. Oh then T-Mobile releasing the vibrant 4G right after(3 months after?) Really put a sour taste in my mouth and I didn't even own out out was my ex's

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Yea GPS on that thing was really bad, but I think that was the case for all of the original galaxy S phones. I don't think GPS got much better till the Galaxy Note 1 with a-GPS and GLONASS support for GPS

Loved mine... Hacked it to pieces. Still used today as an AOKP Smart Alarm clock. The Fascinate had an awesome car and desk dock.

Still using my unrooted Samsung Fascinate, since 5/2013. Mind you, the Galaxy S phone has been flashed to work on VZW prepaid, with unlimited data, for $50/month. Just make sure the Android OS is 2.2 Froyo or 2.3.5 Gingerbread....or some apps will crash(YouTube, Facebook, Yelp, Bing! Maps...).

I bought a GS4 and then I bought the GS5 the morning it came out
I'm definitely a fan of the Galaxy S line

Posted via Android Central App with my Samsung Galaxy S5

Luckily he just showed up near the top of the comment thread. I'll be honest he had me worried for a minute there Hahaha

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I loved my S2 and S3. I really like the S5 but would always drop calls with my S3 at work because of a weak signal and the radios that Samsung uses. Went with a moto X and never drop calls.

I had the 3 and it was great once rooted and CM running... have the galaxy tab 3 7" and it's not too bad with GEL and xposed. Wish I could get rid of the toggles in the notification shade...

Improving yes, but keeping up with the other big ones in terms of design, not their best

Posted via Android Central App

Had or used most of them there is no doubt that they shaped the Android world. In some good ways and in some awful ways. They are going backwards(S4) a bit and staying a bit in neutral (S5) and others are closing the gap fast (G3). I have no issues with design but the software needs to be streamlined.

The look of the S5 is ok but under the hood and in the menus needs work.

Posted via Android Central App

LOL. In what world is the S4 worse than the S3? It may not be much better, but in no way is it a step backwards.

The best android flagship series ever. I'm glad i ditched Nexus 5 for GS5. Loving it.

Posted via Android Central App

I started with the Fascinate (boo, hiss). That phone caused me to swear that I'd never own another Samsung phone. It took the GNex to lure me back. I loved that phone so much that it is the first smartphone that I kept for longer than a year. I'm rockin' a Note 3 now - the S-Pen fits my personal needs in a mobile device. If I were looking for another mainstream phone, I'd seriously look at the S5.

Exact same story for me, up until the Note 3. I went Nexus 5 instead (was dropping Verizon like a bad crack habit).

I moved from a Pre to the S2. I then upgraded to the S3 but I did not like the design direction Samsung was going in so I moved to a Nexus 5.

I loved my Pre shame they gave up on it would love to see the same type and get what you want on android without having to scroll through menus and homepages. I did have the S3 but always seemed a lot laggy :-(

After my Pre, I moved to the S (Epic 4g), then bought a S2 (Epic 4g Touch) 2nd hand (this phone is still going strong after flashing to Virgin Mobile for my parents), and then moved to the S3.

I have since moved to the LG G2 as I was not impressed with the S4/S5 updates and particularly did not appreciate the way Samsung is now locking the boot-loaders even further with Knox.

You do know that the bootloader and Knox are different things. I also hope you know that all phones are going to have Knox after l drops

Posted via Android Central App

As the conversation went in another thread, maybe Google will implement it differently, but I don't see that really happening since it has dod approval as is. I think changing the core would cause a recertification

Posted via Android Central App

I am aware there are several components of KNOX, the Kitkat upgrade of the S3 added the locked bootloader & efuse components but left out the software components (oddly).

I am very curious to see how Nexus devices will support KNOX, my hope is that they take the software portions ONLY and remain developer friendly in "L."

I have a note 3 and knox doesn't lock the bootloader. I was flashing it on day one (that I got it). It throws a flag if tampered, but not a whole lot else...

KNOX-enabled devices can allow a customized OS kernel to boot, which allows individuals to run customized Android systems. However, when required by carriers, KNOX-enabled devices use kernel lock to prevent customized kernel images from booting. Also, when an enterprise user needs to create or use KNOX Containers to protect enterprise apps and data, the KNOX-enabled device checks if a customized boot loader or OS kernel has ever run on the device. KNOX will stop offering container services when it can no longer provide the same security protection for enterprise data due to the previous installation of a non-KNOX OS.

To further illustrate how this works, the “KNOX Warranty Void” bit (or simply KNOX bit) is used to detect if a non-KNOX kernel has been loaded on the device. It is a one-time programmable bit in e-fuse, which can only be turned from “0” to “1” (i.e. burned). If a non-KNOX boot loader or kernel has been put on the device, KNOX can no longer guarantee the security of the KNOX container. As a result, this KNOX bit will be burned to “1”, indicating that this device can no longer use the KNOX container service.

There are two possible scenarios:

A new KNOX container can no longer be created on such a device
The data encrypted and stored in an existing KNOX container can no longer be retrieved
Everything else outside the container should work just as before.

Very informative. In essence if you ever boot a custom kernel/rom you will never be able to use that phone for work. Another aspect is if you ever flash an older bootloader on an efuse protected device, you get a permanent brick.

Obviously Knox has its place, but as a previous commenter suggested, it would be better in a corporate version while allowing personal users to use their phone how they want.

Posted via Android Central App

my thought is this

You get the option during setup to go consumer or possible BYOD. If you choose consumer, you get a warning you can never root or ROM the device and go back and choose BYOD (since it has already been tampered with).

If you choose consumer but never root, you can turn it into BYOD but it is a full factory reset to enable knox.

It makes both sides happy. Only phones that were never tampered with get BYOD and if you never plan on going BYOD you can root all you want.

Most companies would be OK with this as I believe the DOD would be.

They are not going to make 2 different versions.

My first Samsung Galaxy phone was the GS3. I bought it after 3months of its release. I loved the big vibrant Super AMOLED screen though in broad day light I struggled to read from it. It served me well at the time.I then moved on to the Moto G when it came out this year and gave the GS3 to my wife. I have since upgraded to my second HTC phone, the HTC One M8 and I'm really stoked by its beauty and fluidity in the UI . Let's see what Google comes out with their next Nexus phone. I liked the near pure Android on the Moto G.

Posted via Android Central App

I was initially very disappointed with the GS5. When they announced it, I lost interest immediately. It seemed to pale in comparison to the Xperia Z2 at the time (though you couldn't even buy the Z2 in the U.S. without jumping through hoops).

I even purchased the GS5 not once, but twice and returned it because I wasn't happy with it overall. Fast forward a few months and I have a third unit and, even after using the G3 and OnePlus One, I am finding that I can't put the GS5 down. I chalk it up to the AMOLED display more than anything. There's just something about AMOLED that I can't resist. But I'm also discovering that it wasn't as bad as I thought the first few times around.

Now the GS4...THAT was a laggy abortion that I couldn't wait to be rid of.

Had a GS3 and then moved to the Note 2 but hated TW with a passion and loved HTC's build quality so I moved to the M7 and now the M8. I've contemplated looking at the Note 4 but I don't really like rooting and romming anymore and the only way I'd own a Galaxy again would be if I could get rid of all their bloat so I'm not too sure if I'll ever be back.

Posted via Android Central App

My wife still has her Captivate and with Slim Bean it's still a great little phone. I bought myself one and her one .

The GPS did suck royally,until the developers fixed it. The slide up back plate and carbon fiber back piece is still a great idea,as well as the sliding port cover.

It was and still is a good phone,and benefited the most from better software and firmware updates.

My wife used this phone daily up till last March when we made the choice to get a WP..bad choice for us....

Posted via Android Central App on my HTC M8

I had the Captivate. It was a tank. The screen never cracked, even after I gave it to my 3 year old as a kids phone. Had it running CM10 at one point. Now running CM7 with a kids interface. Still runs great. However I've switched to LG. First the Optimus G, now the G2. They just happen to have better hardware at the time of my upgrade period. (And then a few months later the next Galaxy comes out to beat it :-P)

Posted via Android Central App

Had the s3 and now have the s5 on Vz. I would love to have a Nexus but Vz is not allowed to play with it so.... As for brand loyalty, screw that. Best price/performance/looks combination wins my $$$

Posted via Android Central App

The S2 was a stunner, a true turning point. And in many ways the Godfather of the Note Series. The S2 made me regret having gotten the HTC Desire only earlier on in the year! The S2 and the HTC Desire put Android on the map IMHO

This brought back good memories. In 2010 I did a lot of phone hopping until finally landing on the Galaxy S. At first I was going to get the Captivate since I thought it looked less like an iPhone, but I decided to go with unlocked international Galaxy S and I've been hooked ever since. I've had all the Galaxy S phones except for the GS3. I've had a few flings with The Nexus line and the Droids, but the Galaxy S is still my favorite.

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the best smartphone name ever by the entire name yet: The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch.

In all seriousness though, the Galaxy S was my first Android phone. I jumped ship from the Palm Pre to it when it was becoming clear that Palm would not survive. Canada wasn't much different than the US in that all 3 carriers had different versions. Rogers had the captivate, Telus had the Fascinate, but Bell was different. Their phone was called the Vibrant but it was essentially the untouched International version of the Galaxy S with North American bands. I loved that phone quite a bit actually, and used it right up until the Galaxy Nexus came out in 2012. I still have it in a drawer and while it is just too slow to really use now (that and Gingerbread) it is still a respectable looking phone.

I'll probably never go back to a skinned android phone like a touchwiz or sense device but The Galaxy S was my introduction to Android so I have a lot of good memories of it.

The Captivate was my first smartphone - good at the time but quickly grew tired-feeling as Android matured.

My resentment of TouchWiz didn't actually begin until after I switched phones and saw what near stock Android had to offer with the Droid RAZR on ICS and later Jelly Bean. Samsung just packs in too much for my liking.

Anyway, the wife rocks an S5 now. She likes it. I don't.

Posted via Android Central App

I had a Galaxy Nexus & now have a Note 3. Between them I had an iPhone 4S, never again will I touch an iPhone and probably not another Samsung phone unless Verizon gets rid of their stupid, "You can't hack your phone" stance. I cannot stand TouchWiz. Sadly, I am not sure what to get next for a phone. I've had a couple HTCs (Hero on Sprint & Droid Incredible 2 on Verizon), had a couple of Motorolas (Droid R2-D2 & Droid MAXX on Verizon). Not really tied to one brand but I am picky.

For me, I honestly never considered buying buying samsung in the past because I found touchwiz to just be ugly.....even as recent as the note 3, I just don't get why they didn't refine touchwiz earlier than the s5

But the s5 changed things for me....i like what samungs done with touchwiz' z aesthetics (mostly anyway, and I'm not talking about the launcher) It's sort of strange to me that it's not talked more. Some changes have been sutble, and the color scheme is similar to earlier versions, but it looks much better......the lighter blues, and flatter UI are a huge improvement over the ugliness it was even as recently as a year ago

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This S3 is the first Samsung phone I've ever had and it will probably be my last. The problem has been with the updates Samsung issues. The very first one I did immediately killed the battery levels and I was able to roll it back to the previous version which is what I've stayed with. Now with the Knox issue if an update causes more problems than it fixes you're just stuck with it and Samsung doesn't appear to get in any kind of a hurry if they screw one up.

I had a LG before this S3 and no problems at all out of it so that is where I'll probably go next.

Funny, none of the updates to my S3 have caused any problems at all. Maybe it's your carrier's "enhancements' that caused the problems?

I continued using my S2 up until two weeks ago when it got lost. At one point I gave up on touchwhiz and moved up to cyanogenmod, but it still worked quickly and for the most part without limitations until now and I would probably still be using it if I knew where it was. For a replacement, I decided to leave the Galaxy line and get a Nexus 5, if only for the ease of keeping it up to date.

Still think the S4 is the best S series so far.
Size is perfect. Samsung please make the S6 similar to the Alpha in construction with a thin bezel and a 5" screen.
The S5 is too big.

Jumped from iPhone 3G to the Samsung Galaxy S around 2010. Cyanogenmod was the only thing that got me through my first Android experience.

The original Galaxy S had so many software issues it really made me miss the iPhone, but modding saved the day.

I switched to the GS3 on launch and loved it for a few years (with a little flashing) before getting in on the Moto X.
It's funny how much my Android has evolved, improved and I've stuck with it, while I argue that my iPhone friends are still using the same core experience I left in 2010.

Posted via Android Central App

Have used all the galaxy phones, well I buy every damn flagship from every major OEM. S2 was my last favorite Samsung Galaxy series phone which I kept for quite a while, everything else couldn't keep it for more than a month because of software and how others have improved their software compared to touchwiz.

Posted via the Android Central App

I loved my S3 as well, but my favorite Samsung phone was my Note 2. I've had 6 android phones and I kept the Note 2 (with SlimKat) the longest. Battery life was still fantastic when I sold it.

Had the Galaxy S, SII, and now S5 with US Cellular, and a couple of Motorola phones in between. Very happy with both manufacturers

Posted via the Android Central App

Had them all, sold a couple too. I remember I was working for T-Mobile when the vibrant came out. The entire staff was assembled to look at the display with that one live wallpaper of the koi fish swimming under the lily pads... Oh the "oooohs and aaahhs" that day LOL.

After trying the moto x, nexus 4 n 5, m8, I've developed respect for those phones and the people that use them, but I've gotten so acclimated to Samoled, the feature set of TW, and camera, that everything else just seems.. lacking in comparison.

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

I've had the Galaxy S III and now have an S5, and I have to say that both are terrific phones. I love the polished feel of the S5, and the ways that they managed to improve on a line of phones that was already quite good. I simply can't stop staring at the gorgeous screen on the S5 -- it actually makes my wife a bit jealous, and she has an iPhone 5. All that being said, though, I still have my old S3 and use it as a Wi-Fi-only device (primarily as my bedside alarm clock and flashlight), and whenever I use that phone I'm struck by how current it still feels. Granted, part of that is because I've managed to get a build of CyanogenMod running Android 4.4 on there, but even then, the hardware doesn't feel very dated at all. That's a very different experience from the days when I looked at my old Motorola Droid 2 Global after I had bought the S3, and couldn't believe I ever actually used a phone with such a tiny and (relatively) low-res screen.

I liked my S2, but then switched to a Note2 and haven't looked back. I'm interested in what the Note4 brings this fall.

I had the s2 and s3. I would kinda have to say I had more fun with the s2. They both had horrid battery life. I rooted them both and threw aosp on both of them as I hate touchwiz. Slim bean for my s2 and cm11 on the s3

Posted via my OnePlus One

If I remember correctly, the S2 had a 4.2" display and the S2 Skyrocket had the 4.52" display. And what a great phone that was. To this day it's still one of the best phones I've ever owned in terms of performance, reliability, and form factor.

Posted via the Android Central App

It depended on carrier. The international and AT&T versions were 4.2" while the T-Mobile and Sprint versions were 4.5".

I remember a colleague of mine who worked out of Prague came to the US for training and had just bought one. He paid a ridiculous amount of money for it. Something like 800 Euro. It wasn't yet available in the US. He let me play with it awhile and I felt pure lust I'd not experienced since Senior Prom. About six months later the US finally got theirs and I picked up the T-Mobile version and used it until early last year when I got my current Nexus 4.

I agree with Jerry. It was a great phone that had a great mix of power, design and feel. Somehow, I haven't been as impressed with its successors despite their improved internals and bumped up specs.

The GS5 is my first ever Samsung phone, and it's safe to say that it'll be my last...and this is coming from someone who was a BlackBerry fan-boy!! The bloatware is unbelievable and takes away the essence of what was meant to be a phenomenal phone!!!!

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My Samsung journey. After finally deciding to ditch RIM/BB (a long story). I snagged a used Captivate off CL. It was a tank rugged and almost indestructible. The TW UI and crappy gps almost made me dump it. Thankfully I was able to root and rom it into a solid performer. Moved from that to an Infuse which was a decent phone after root and rom. Then to the Skyrocket which I left stock except for root. Then to the GS3 which I still have for a backup. The GS3 is stock, rooted, and debloated. Never took the 4.3 Ota update so no KNOX.

One thing they all had in common was IMO poor battery life and poor visibility in direct sunlight. Never any major issues with any of them though. They pretty much always worked day after day.

I've since moved on from Sammy mostly because I don't want a KNOX enabled device (unless I "choose" to enable it) . Yeah I know soon every Android device will probably have KNOX but till then I'm free to choose. Now using an LG G2 and very happy with it so far. Best battery life of any Android device I've owned.

From the DeathStar using my rooted LG G2

I've never owned a Samsung device, but a friend's S3 back in 2012 convinced me to get in on the Android experience. I played around with it and remember remarking how light it felt for its relatively large size. Another friend had a rooted S3 with stock Jelly Bean and that sealed the deal for me. I definitely prefer a clean Android over TouchWiz, but I can't deny that the Samsung devices are great and helped shape Android.

Posted from my Motorola Moto G.

Samsung were kinda wavering since the amazing S2, until the the Note 3 came. S5 couldn't top it. Will be interesting to see how the Note 4 does.

I was a big fan of Galaxy S2. My cousin used it. At that time, I couldn't afford it so instead I got myself Galaxy Ace. After 2 years of Galaxy Ace, got myself a Nexus 4 then hello stock Android and bye bye TW. The only thing I envy about Galaxy S5 now is battery life. At least double than that of Nexus 4. My Nexus 4 (with my usage) has to be charged every 8-9 hours, only managing 2 hours of screen time. My friend's S5 consistently manages 4 hours of screen time..

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4

The original Galaxy S was my first Android phone and I absolutely loved it! Well, OK, I absolutely loved my SECOND Galaxy S phone, since my first one suffered from the corrupted internal SD card common in Bell Mobility's GT-i9000 variant.

Either way though, it was simply amazing at the time. The real kicker was the Wolfson DAC it had, which was simply astounding once Supercurio got his hands on it (remember VoodooSound?)

Posted via Android Central App

For me The S3 was definitely a game changer (my mother still doesn't want to give up hers!) . Love them or hate them, Samsung are thee face of Android for a lot of people.

Posted via Android Central App

Since 2009, half of my smartphones are made by Samsung, the second half is made by BlackBerry, HTC, LG and one Iphone.

Recently in a mountain trip i have exploded my BlackBerry Z10 against a rock and pulled the backup phone from my backpack, it was my S4,a little on the back seat with the arrival of the Z10, keep updated but not really used since december 2013.

Now the S4 is back in the driver seat for some time, until i see something of interest.

I finally upgraded to my first smartphone just over a year and a half ago, then a few months later I switched to a Galaxy S3. With the recent software update, I'm hoping I can hold out until the galaxy S6 is released. Although the S5 is tempting with the waterproofing, I can't afford one yet; just waiting for my contract upgrade to come calling :)

I will say, the Droid Maxx is more than tempting with the long battery life (but I'm assuming the S6 will keep the amazing feature of Ulta Power Saving mode). I guess I'll wait and see what's available by the time I upgrade.

I went from my HTC Magic to the Galaxy S Captivate. That thing was awful. Slow, had to be sent back multiple times. The GPS wouldn't lock, etc. Not to mention how long it took to get any updates.

It really soured me on Samsung devices, even if I should be more open minded. I switched to N4, and am still using it now. The best phone I've had. I'll probably get the next Nexus to replace it.

I still use my S2 as a backup with a PAYG SIM card in it. Early on I added the 2000 mAh battery option and have used one ever since. I used the 3.5mm jack so much it became a little worn. It triggered the stop/start inadvertently, so I bought a replacement part and fitted it. Works perfectly now. Not bad for a three year old phone. [I now use a Note 3 for my main SIM].

My GS3 has gone through a lot of turbulence without a case and everything still works. I plan on retiring it towards the end of September, and will upgrade to something new.