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It's almost time for a new Galaxy Note ...

We're just a few weeks out from IFA 2014, the annual consumer electronics show held in Berlin, Germany, each September. And for the past three years, the highlight of the week for Android fans has been Samsung's Galaxy Note devices — the line of half-phone, half-tablet hybrids with Wacom-enabled stylus input. The Note line has gone from a quirky sideshow in Samsung's Galaxy range to a series of handsets that's seen a surprising level of mainstream success.

This year, Samsung's Unpacked 2014 Part 2 invite leaves little to the imagination, telling us to "note the date" alongside a graphic that looks like the Note 3's Air Command menu. So we're pretty much guaranteed to see the Galaxy Note 4 in the next month, but what form is it likely to take? Let's dive in.


The Galaxy Note 4 display

Note devices have always featured larger-than-average displays, going from 5.3 to 5.5 to 5.7 inches over the past three years. This time around, however, there are signs that Samsung might not attempt to push the display size any higher, instead focusing on an increase in resolution. Leaked documentation points to a 5.7-inch 1440p (QHD, or 2K) SuperAMOLED display.

However big the Note 4's screen ends up being, the move to a QHD panel is virtually guaranteed. Samsung has already deployed this screen resolution in the Korea-only Galaxy S5 Broadband LTE-A, and it's arguable that such a high resolution makes more sense in an oversized handset. If Samsung did ship such a panel in the Note 4, it would boast an enormous 515 pixels per inch.

The Korea Times also reports that a version with a curved screen may also be offered in "niche markets" with a traditional flat SuperAMOLED purportedly used elsewhere. Such a device would follow in the footsteps of Samsung's Galaxy Round, which only ever saw the light of day in the company's home market of South Korea.

Snapdragon 805

The Galaxy Note 4 specs

The Note line has also given Samsung a way to take advantage of advancements in computational power in the second half of the year. As such, it's little surprise to shiny new Exynos and Snapdragon chips touted as possible Note 4 candidates.

In the European market, reports from SamMobile point to a homegrown Exynos 5433 chip being used in the SM-N910F variant, a chip believed to house four ARM Cortex A57 cores and four A53s in a big.LITTLE configuration, along with a Mali-T760 GPU.

In the U.S. and Asia, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 805 CPU — a chip we've already seen handling a 2K display in the GS5 Broadband LTE-A — is apparently the processor of choice. That would be paired with Qualcomm's Adreno 420 GPU, which can output 4K video to external displays.

So once again we're looking at two hardware variants hitting different markets, one with a Qualcomm-made CPU, the other with a Samsung SoC. In either case, expect the Note 4 to be fast.

The other interesting rumors surrounding the Note 4's internal hardware has to do with its camera setup. The front-facer is apparently unchanged from the Galaxy S5, but there's talk of a 16-megapixel rear camera with OIS (optical image stabilization), allegedly a Sony-build unit. Optical stabilization might make the Note 4's camera a better low-light performer than the GS5, which has to rely on software stabilization instead in darker conditions.

Heart rate monitor

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hardware tricks

Samsung introduced water- and dust- resistance to its flagship line with the Galaxy S5, along with a fingerprint scanner on the home button and a rear-mounted heart rate monitor. It's unclear which of these might make it across to the new Note, but given that Samsung has already incorporated fingerprint tech into its latest tablets, that one's a good bet.

Another interesting possibility comes to us via SamMobile, which claims that the Note 4 will feature an ultraviolet light sensor designed to protect users against sunburn and potential skin damage. The feature would reportedly be rolled into the S Health app alongside existing features like the heart rate sensor and pedometer.

That's on top of the usual Wacom-based S Pen magic, of course. And it'll be interesting to see whether Samsung has augmented its already substantial loadout of pen-based features in the Note 4.

Metal or plastic?

With every high-end Samsung device there are rumors that the company will switch from the usual all-plastic chassis and use a metal-framed design. And with recent leaks of the Galaxy Alpha things look, finally, to be heading in that direction. It's unclear whether Samsung would adopt a metal-based design in a device as large as the new Note, however. As phones like the HTC One Max proved, using metal in a "phablet" class device has the potential to add considerable weight.

JK Shin

Galaxy Note 4 availability

In previous years Samsung has launched each new Note handset within a few weeks of its pre-IFA announcement. This time around it has an added incentive for a fast turnaround — Apple's looming iPhone 6, rumored to come in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch varieties. Getting its product out ahead of its arch-rival's would be an early win for Samsung, especially as it looks to shake off recent decline in profits.

We still don't know a whole lot ...

Samsung has typically done a good job of avoiding any serious pre-release leaks of its Note devices. Specs are one thing, but we rarely get any solid info on the features or design of new Notes ahead of their announcement. So be sure to to take all this stuff with a pinch of salt, as nothing's official until it's officially announced.

Join us live from Berlin and New York for the expected Galaxy Note 4 launch at Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 on Wednesday, Sept. 3.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: What we're expecting


I almost waited for the note 4 but had to get the s5 it's a kickass phone but I hope Samsung maybe adds some new cool features to the stylus

Posted via Android Central App

I trued the s5 so laggy couldn't stand it. Pls one you go note it's hard to go down. Even the s5 screen is too small

Posted via Android Central App

I never find my s5 to be laggy all the hate is from people who have never tried it the only lag I find it sometimes from the gallery and that's it

Posted via Android Central App

So, since your's hasn't lagged, all of these people that have experienced lag are just haters and liars? S5 lag has been a common topic in the forums.
Btw, punctuation is your friend. :)

No I just haven't experienced any crazy lag I understand others have all I'm saying is Samsung sometimes get unnecessary hate for their skins

Posted via Android Central App

You don't know any different, and that's ok, but the S5 absolutely lags. There are a ton of youtube videos you can find comparing it to phones like the HTC One that show how bad it is next to a phone that doesn't lag.

It absolutely does not. I can set up a you tube video that would have any phone crawl to a stop. Not a hard thing to do.

S5 is slightly slower - I tested it myself. And Note 3 (the second one I have) is not as fast as my Moto X - I.e. to open the dialer , gallery etc.
And when compared to N5 one can say that there is a lag on both S5 and Note 3.
On the other hand, split of a sec and even longer is well worth the functionality. I just hope that the new note will come w OIS (low light is bad on N3) and better speaker. And if possible, 100% bug free (even replacement has issues) w consistent battery life and removable Samsung and Verizon apps and services. If not LG will get a shot or 5.7 iPhone if released.

Posted via Android Central App
on VZW Moto X

That's fine, your experience is different from mine and a ton of others on the Internet. You're a pretty hard core Sony fanboy though so I'll stick with my experiences.

Posted via the Android Central App

Yeah, I am a fanboy, thats it.

That is why I continuously say that the G3 is better...

That is fine though, your experience is different than mine and a ton of others on the internet. You are a pretty hard core Samsung hater so I would expect nothing less...

I didn't say that it was doctored, I said we do not know the circumstances.

Yes we need to believe everything we see on the internet, especially on youtube

I totally agree (even if I hadn't read the article). The Note 4 is not going to cure their market share at all.

I guess that is why I am hot on YOUM. It is a decently radical design shift for them and something that might spark the "coolness" factor. Not to mention start driving other OEMs to get creative again.

I think all OEMs are in a bit of a holding pattern. I know you can only do so much with the basic form factor of a phone but there has to still be a "what's next"...

Every Samsung Device I've owned, GS3 ans a 8.0 Tab (I returned the Tab), have had a ton of a lag, especially the STUPID Home button lag when closing apps and trying to lower RAM because TW sucks and has to use almost 1 GB of RAM constantly, NEVER will I get another Samsung Device unless it has Vanilla Android.

But I do like their Build quality, as many times as I've dropped their devices, got them wet, flung around, they have never broken or scratched the screen. My GS3 has been throiugh hell and back and still works like it did the day I got it.

The home button 'lag' has been addressed numerous times. Turn off s voice and it is gone

Posted via Android Central App

You're right, though I've ALWAYS had to either turn something off or install a 3rd party launcher on every single device I have, including the Nexuses. NOTHING is perfect out of the box.

It might be a feature (your right it is) but one that Samsung needs to get rid of. S-Voice is not necessary on android. Tizen OK

True for the RAM
- uses 400 + MB more on average ( while idling w no apps open )

Posted via Android Central App
on VZW Moto X

You never find it to be laggy but it lags from the gallery and that's it? Ok...

Touchwiz lags. Maybe, just maybe the 805 will finally be enough horsepower. If you're used to TW you probably don't see it. Coming from vanilla it's downright irritating.

The G3 stutters as well. The M8 has lag issues with tons of apps open. All of these are known problems.

You are loving bashing Samsung, and they deserve to be sometimes, but in the case of the S5 (or note 3 or S3 for its time) you are just picking and being a hater. There are tons of things that are wrong about vanilla (lets start with a Nexus is no longer AOSP). Distribute the hate

I think he means the 5s. iOS7 is slow and lags because of the animations. 4" screen is small which is why they are making the new iPhones bigger.

IOS absolutely lags. And reallllly bad. It has some of the worst lag in the industry. Fact. But maybe you are a fanboi that will deny it forever. All phones lag. Some just worst than others.

LOL! Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, and maybe you will actually believe it. Obviously, you have never used iOS, or you wouldn't make such a stupid statement.

It's not lag. It's the animations that Samsung put on touchwiz that make it feel slower than it has to be. It's solvable by changing the phone to developer mode and changing the animation time, but in the end it's a result of samsung's animations.

Posted via Android Central App

I also played with it and it's certainly laggy

I have a Note 3 and wouldn't trade it for any other phone in existence now but it is laggy

I've owned so many Samsung phones from the Nexus S up and I've never used or owned a Samsung device that doesn't come with the lag feature.

The reason I keep my Samsung devices is because nothing else comes close in functionality.

Samsung needs to eliminate lag. It's exquisitely annoying.

Nova rules! "Prime" even better.
The only thing I noticed (on accident while setting up n testing my friend's Moto X) is that pressing the home button from the drawer takes bit longer to get to the home screen than using the stock Motorola launcher. First I thought my phone was cluttered and got slow, but once I switched it back to stick just to try, tiny delay was gone.

Posted via Android Central App
on VZW Moto X

Physical home button killed it for me. That's why I did my Note 3. It just got annoying and soft keys are much better and I could also get the 805 varient if I wanted from Korea.

Posted via Android Central App

i came from a softkey only phone to a note 3 and i didn't like the hard button at first. now I prefer it.

The home button is a plus, not a minus

Just one example, with the phone laying flat I push the home button and the screen is on and I can check my notifications. No banging on it (I am not really knocking the knock code), no picking it up....

The only thing easier is the Moto series.

It's pretty much plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products they are Android nothing else matters period.

The Galaxy Note 4 Specs: 5.75 inch display, 2560 by 1440p resolution at 515ppi, Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7 Ghz with the new Adreno 440 Gpu, with 4gb of ram, 16meg camera, and 3.7 Megapixel Front facing camera, 3500 to 3800mah battery.

The Galaxy Note 4 will arrive with new Spen features, new handwriting recognition, new security features, fingerprint scanner, 167 certified dust and water proof.

At the end of the day this will be the BEST HANDSET of the 2014 year TRASHING that phoney wannabe phablet The Lg G3.

If you want a proven product with a industry leading track a GOLD STANDARD covering four years then you purchase the Galaxy Note 4 after September 3rd.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Just curious, does Samsung pay you?! Everyone of your posts I've read is very biased and trashes everything that isn't the "Almighty Samsung" and this coming from an Apple user LOL.

I am kind of shocked/disappointed Samsung didnt go all out to make a wrap around screen, especially with Apples new iPhone finally going large (or was the 5c large i dont know anymore), its going to be a dog fight with internals. The same form/fit is getting old now and while I will be upgrading to the note 4 (I cant take the note 2 any longer), I would really like to see form, with the flexible OLED technology being out for some time now, change. The first mfger to do this will really see the boom in sales IMO. Also was hoping for a 20MP shoorter in the Note 4, damn.

I'm buying this for my gf to upgrade her note 2 regardless. I just hope it's worth my £500. 3 years on from the Note 1 a Metal frame, 32gb minimum and a streamlined interface should really be the least we should expect for the money. Although, to be honest, I'm expecting to be disappointed


Anything less than a metal chassis, see-through body, edge to edge bullet proof curved Uber high res screen, stylus carved from the rarest metal, 5000mAh removable battery, 64Gb internal storage, 6 Gigs ram, and a 20 megapixel camera will be totally unacceptable. Period.

Posted via Android Central App

On the real though, the metal frame is something samsung phones need desperately. The back of my s4 looms great and I have a tempered glass screen protector on the front. The sides, however look like crap. I haven't even dropped it once either :(

Posted via My Ever-Bloated S4

I have some dings on my Note 3 as well, my fear is instead of those dings it the metal will end up looking like a M8 after a drop

Posted via Android Central App

I was joking but wow, that is a ton!

I think that the 4 lines that we have might have 800 tops. Usually I get an email or text then call from the office desk. Same with the wife. Kids use most...

Haha I know I am the rare one compared to the majority :). I make sure to get my usage out of T-Mobile.


Last month - 1.9k minutes, 1.7k text, 90 GB of data.

damn man! put the phone down...llol

I think that I am with you on texts but half on the data and way less on the minutes. I might not even be with you anymore on texts since I use hangouts a lot to talk to the wife...

yeah i am pretty sure that last I looked, before hangouts, I was at around 2K texts. It is one of the reasons I root, bigger retained history (for work texts, most of the wife ones can be gotten rid of after a day or so)

I never went though one, but judging from some friends, that is a VERY true statement. Doesnt matter if your rich or poor, it is cheaper.

What's to know? It'll look just like the GS5, only bigger, and have some improved specs from last year's note 3. It will be made of the patented Samsung plastic and look wholly unexciting.

Just like the Note 3 looked like the S4? Ehm.... I don't agree with you.

And why should plastic be bad? I prefer the grip of an S5 over the appearance of an M8! It is just too slippery. It's a good thing that we have choices. If I prefer the S5, doesn't actually mean that I hate the M8 now. None of the flagships to date are bad, I would be happy with either one. This could be an iPhone, One M8, Xperia Z2, LG G3,.... or my S5 ;)

After all, they are all just phones.

I never said plastic was bad. It'll look, and feel like every other Samsung phone and have some improved specs, is all I was getting at. And my point still stands, it'll be wholly unexciting.

In the past does anyone know how long it took sprint to get the note series after it started being sold? My wife has a note 2 with a few screen chips that she's anxious to upgrade from but I have no clue what to tell her for a time frame.

Samsung has been good about getting all the carrier versions out around the same timeframe as the European and unlocked versions.

Tell her before the 1st of October.

Everything that I have read, including this article, states that Samsung is practically ready to ship them while the guy is up on stage announcing it.

There is going to be very little time between Announcement and availability. Then when the larger iPhone is announced you can get ready for an onslaught of comparison commercials.

No great improvements at all. Leave all the S health features to the Gear lineup. After owning all variants of the Note line I can't possible see myself paying another 700 bucks for a similar phone. Cutting down on the external features screen resolution and hard keys and investing in a great processor, better camera features, and possibly some innovative stylus features the Note 4 can be a great phone but sugar coating a phone that is already made Note 3 a year later is not good at all. Like cars people want to see a physical change to a device over time Samsung.

~My $0.02~

It is perspective for normal consumers (not you and me and everyone else that comes here.

A ton of people in the US are still on 2 year contracts. It is no great leap on any device to go from last year to this year (S4-S5, G2-G3, M7-M8)

They are looking to get the 2 year old phones. The Note 4 is a big leap from the Note 2, The G3 is a leap from the Optimus G, you get the point....

For us it is incremental, for them it is big

Come on, I have been wanting the rounded screen since I heard about it. Please don't make it only available in Korea, Samsung...there's no reason to limit such a cool feature...

I will look at all options as the fall lineup rolls around. Want to see what Moto has to offer and the Note 4 and the Nexus 6 or whatever they will call it. I guess I am just really waiting on Samsung to WOW!!!! me and they haven't done that in a while. So I still have my GS3 which for me is very unusual to have a phone for this long with out upgrading. But again I think Samsung needs a design change badly, not a complete overhaul but I really wish they would just get rid of the stupid home button shrink the bottom bezel and use on screen buttons. But again I know some people love the home button I just think there is no need for it anymore in android leave that single use button to Apple. I love choice and options so we will see what is in store for us all this fall. Happy Androiding fellow people.

I have a Note 10.1 2014 and have used many Samsung phones (GS series). I can't continue with Samsung devices due to their software "features". These features typically are poorly executed and most are either duplications of Google's superior offerings or are rip offs from iOS.

If there was a stock Android Note that still supported the S-Pen then I would be interested.

Also, I have had three devices that used the Exynos processors and they are usually inferior to the Qualcomm processors despite having better specs on paper.

Posted via Android Central App

Google Play Edition PLEASE.

Either that or let the rumors of a Note-sized Nexus come true so I can finally have a phablet without all the crap software!

God dammit, when will people understand YOU CAN'T HAVE A GPE NOTE, then it wouldn't be a NOTE

Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One

Lies. The system-level code for the pen can still be in there, just like the code for Galaxy infrared module etc. is in the GPE versions. Put the app on the play store and it doesn't have to be pre-installed.

Honestly I would trade for whole pen thing for GPE on the Note anyways. Give me the huge screen and beefy specs without the pen if you must.

By the way, calm down. lol

Android does support pen input, but Samsung's software is what really makes the pen useful. I agree that most of the other Samsung bloatware is junk.

Touche but sometimes you don't and shouldn't.

This is that time.

The Note 3 is about as perfect as you can get if you throw a launcher on it (apex) and that is only for the customization, not a necessity. . .

To each his own. I and others think it is a waste to GPe the Note, even if it can be done with the S-Pen.

Question: Do you need to have a data connection for NOVA to access the contacts? It was a forum question the other day and I have not used nova in quite some time so I did not want to call BS. I cannot imagine that to be the case...

All I want is the YOUM display. If it is restricted to Korea I may have to look at an unlocked model and/or importing one. They have been teasing us for a year for that thing and it is just what they need to break up the design language.

My understanding is that this thing is gonna have a plastic back and the rest be metal (makes sense for the removable battery). I actually hope they have the same type of back as the Note 3. It feels nice and grippy and looks pretty good. It is going in a case right away so it is not a big deal anyway.

I cannot wait for this damn phone. less than a month!

Youm would be awesome since it's made of plastic so no worries when it comes to cracking the screen. I hate to use any kind of protective cases especially on rigs like Note

Posted via Android Central App
on VZW Moto X

In other words you too think it will be a great phone with many useful features and top notch specs.

Good on you!

People who have lag on phones like the S5, M8, Note 3 and others clearly don't know how to optimize their phones. I have had the S5 for a month and lag is NONEXISTENT. I actually went back to it from the G3, Because the G3 has a lot of lag. Then again, I use Nova Prime on my S5 So maybe others should do the same if you have lag.

I have been using the S5 for two months and still have not experienced lag. I also don’t see all the bloatware people are taking about. A lot of the S apps are optional downloads from Galaxy Apps.

Why aren't they smooth out of the box? The average Joe doesn't know about optimizing, and really shouldn't have to know, after paying $600-$700 for the phone. Apple has the advantage there, with a great out of the box experience.

The average joe does not know any better. The S5 and the G3 are fine phones and work as well as the iPhone and that is all they care about. Feature set is the more important thing here and Android buries Apple

There is no accounting for taste and coolness factor.

There are a lot of reasons the iPhones sell well, this would not be one of them.

It is unacceptable that you should have to download any app so your phone doesn't act like a stuttery mess. It's hilarious that you think this is acceptable.

I do not have that on the stock launcher. No need to download anything to have it work perfectly. No clue what you are talking about.

Can you give me the steps to recreate your issues so i can see what you are talking about?

Steps to recreate?

1. Use any modern Samsung phone.

2. Use a phone that isn't a laggy mess.

It's really not that hard and it's a well known fact that Samsung phones are slower than the competition. Gonna start calling you Richard II up in here with all your blind defending.

Posted via the Android Central App

Samsung is the beat in making smartphones, this time I am going for the largest phone like Note4

Could be my next phone if Samsung don't make the bezels bigger like they did with the s4 to the s5. Don't make the screen any bigger unless it's in the same body size. If they can keep it 5.7" and fit it in a smaller would be a plus too. Of course top end spec. Good high res camera with ois. Personally don't want a big phone but considering even "normal" size phones like the m8 and s5 are big already and if I'm going to give up 1 handed use then I would rather go all out and get the best phablet out there.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

I hope that the note 4 is underwhelming. That is only so I feel good about not waiting and buying a G3...

Hey, at least you can root your G3 and revert back to stock for a warranty repair if need be. Anyone with a Samsung phone is screwed at that point because of Knox. I'm purchasing a G3 next week and ignoring the Note 4 as much as I possibly can.

Posted via Android Central App

First: I'm sorry, but I shouldn't have to "get around Knox." I'll simply pick a better device where I don't have to. Samsung no longer create the only good Android devices out there.

Next: Nobody is sure how Knox will be implemented in Android L yet. I'm sure that it won't be as heavy-handed as it is in Samsung's Galaxy devices. And I know for a fact that Google would never alienate the developer-base by making unlocking, rooting, and romming more difficult.

OK and you shouldn't root either, but if you are going to root guess what? You need to know how to get around Knox. Samsung never created the only good Android device out there. You always had choices.

Next. It has been said over and over that Knox is going to be the base and they are going to build on it. So you can expect the same implementation only more. From a developer standpoint, you do not need an unlocked, rooted or Rom'd device to make an app. Do you really think that Google gives a crap about the Rom'ing community over the buiness community? That answer would be no. People who rom might make up 1% of the user base and make no more (and actually less) of the base revenue. Quite honestly I am not sure that the Nexus line, if it goes on, will be immune to the Knox bootloader issue. Again, you do not need an unlocked bootloader to make an app, and that is the point of a developer phone like the Nexus. It is not to ROM anything.

Google would not in anyway alienate the developer base by implementing the Knox exactly as Samsung currently has it.

" shouldn't root either..."
Yeah, I can root my device if I want to. And I wanted to. There's no way in hell I was going to deal with the awful amount of bloat in that device. (It was relatively tolerable after removing 75% of it). Yes, I could have gotten around Knox, but I made a mistake. I'll admit that was my fault. But I still shouldn't *have* to "get around Knox" when I can buy a phone where I don't have to.

"Samsung never created the only good Android device out there. You always had choices."
And, yes, I always did have choices, but I was looking for an Android phone with a decent camera. The M8 didn't fit that bill and I didn't feel like importing a Z2, so I went for the S5. Since then, the G3 has come out and I'm moving on to it since it does have a good camera and is readily available for purchase in the states.

"It has been said over and over that Knox is going to be the base and they are going to build on it."
Google has no reason to add the trip counter to future versions of Android. It also hasn't been proved that Samsung's implementation isn't an eFuse, something that Google wouldn't force upon OEMs.

You can root if you want, yes without a doubt. I usually am. When you decide to root though you are deciding to void the warranty no matter what phone or OEM (Nexus may be the exception) so you have already voiding the warranty...Oh you wanted to do it and get away with it? Sorry that is exactly why people shouldn't (I am not saying you or me or half the people on this site) People who have no clue Root, brick and return and this is a preventative to that.

So for what you wanted, there was only one good device at the time. I totally understand that but I also know that with any phone there are going to be hoops to go through. I would buy the G3 right now too if I was looking for a phone. It is the best on the market (slim margin over the S5). You will still have the same issues with KNOX come January.

Yes there is a reason to have the trip counter. You are being very myopic about this and only looking at what you want instead of how things are going.

The point of KNOX is business security. To know if a device on the network has been modified or tampered with. Most malicious things need Root to run. IT people need a quick way to know if a phone has been tampered with or modified. That is way is a KNOX counter. I hope for yours and others sake that there is another way to do it, but they have a system in place so I am gonna take a guess they are gonna use it. That is why the trip could should, and more than likely will, be in place.

Getting DOD certification was huge for KNOX and I believe (no proof behind this) that no real changes in the implementation will take place. The counter is an easy way to know. The other OEMs will embrace it as well to get their devices on certified lists for business.

The absolute best that can happen is that when you power up the phone you will be given a choice between knox or not. You can even be able to change it possibly from non-knox to knox at some point (but not back, that is a security hole going the other way might as well but I don't know).

If you do get those options you will have to do a full wipe and factory reset, losing all data. It is the only way to ensure security.

I think that the first implementation of KNOX in L is gonna be pretty restrictive and then developed from there.

Yeah, I've dealt with the warranty thing during my four years with Android. Never before have I been put in a situation where I thought I needed a warranty repair that I wouldn't be able to get. Yes, I know that when I root an Android device I should be prepared to discard my warranty, but there have always been ways for me to get back to where I was. Not on the S5.

The rest of it is just speculation. Who knows what Google will do. I'm anxious to see it, but there's no point in guessing right now.

As I said in the other thread we have going, they do not much care. If you are worried just brick it, they are sending a refurb anyway

After owning an S5 for a few weeks, rooting it, and then experiencing a hardware issue, I'm never purchasing a Samsung device again. With every other phone you can revert back to stock and make it as if you never rooted your device. But with Samsung devices, Knox makes that impossible. The Knox counter shows that you've rooted your device and there's no way to change it. Luckily I fixed the issue on my own, but I'm glad to be rid of that device and will never put myself in that situation again.

Posted via Android Central App

I like how you did something to your phone that is not supported by Samsung but it's Samsungs fault. People like you are why these companies try to constantly lock down their phones. Root, Break, Cry about how awful the company is, rinse repeat.

Rooting the device didn't "break" it. It was a hardware issue, as stated above and further explained in my comment to NoNexus's post. It is Samsung's fault that, unlike every other OEM out there, there is no method to erase the traces of having rooted and installed a custom recovery. They could at least offer a Developer Edition for the masses or something that allows people to mess with *their* phone as they wish. I remember back in the Galaxy S2 days Samsung was actually developer friendly. Not anymore, apparently.

...and no other OEMs are approved for DOD. Your argument with Knox is invalid because you are looking at developer as Romming and that is not what developer actually means to Google

Smsung is very developer friendly, just not the way you define developer. I can root just as fast with my S5 and Note 3 as I could my Fascinate.

See above, your complaints are false.

Sounds like you caused your own "hardware issue" with rooting. I am guessing that if you are saying that you cannot go back from root without tripping knox, you may have done it incorrectly.

Um, my hardware issue involved the noise canceling microphone. It definitely wasn't the fault of rooting my device. What I'm saying is that after installing a custom recovery and rooting, Knox was tripped. If I can do the exact same thing on literally any device out there and restore the device back to complete stock with no modifications made and no traces left for the manufacturer to find, why would I ever own a Samsung device that I can't do that on?

Then you did do it wrong. I provided a link on how to do it without tripping knox. This is no different then S-OFF in the old days. There was a right way to do it and a wrong way. You did it the wrong way. No biggie. Let me give you a protip: If you have to send it back for warranty, strat installing a stock ROM with odin, when you get to "Modem" pull the cord out. You will give it a hard brick and no one will be the wiser.

I am really jsut asking. You had a hardware issue that you fixed yourself. You replaced the noise cancelling mic itself? what was your fix?

It may not have been an issue with Rooting (it is impossible if you just root) but what about the ROM you put on?

I tried multiple software methods and, embarrassing enough in the end, cleaning it out with a needle is what did the trick. Still, I'm rid of the device now and moving on to the G3 and never looking back. I wasn't a big fan of the S4, but I did like the S5 a bit better and think that Samsung is moving in a better direction with hardware and software. That being said, I'm looking forward to being involved in a developer community that doesn't have to tiptoe around an OEMs "security" software.

Fair enough on what you said at the end but using the fact that you got gunk it as "experiencing a hardware issue, I'm never purchasing a Samsung device again" is misleading. It was not hardware or software or Samsungs fault. It was pocket lint.

There is no tip toe and I have tried a ton of ROMs on my Note. Verya active developer community that has knox. The wife and work will not let me experiment on the S5, but neither has the "what about knox" as a reason.

I was not a fan of the S4 either. Last years best were the Note 3 and G2.

You will love the G3, I have been having fun with it for a month and am sad that eventually I will have to put it in the drawer and move on to others.

Never said that was Samsung's fault. But I know that if I have a hardware issue with any other device, I can revert it back to stock and send it in for a warranty repair with no problem. I'm wasn't at all dissatisfied with the Samsung hardware or software (though TouchWiz is still lacking in many areas). I just wasn't happy that I almost had a $600 device that wasn't going to be usable when any other $600 device would have been fine. And, yeah, maybe there will be changes with the Android L, but right now I know Samsung isn't an option for me.

IT sorta was implied about the hardware being samsung thing. Maybe it is just me having a knee jerk reaction to all the hate around here.

To be honest, I have sent back and taken rooted phone to the store/OEM. I have never had an issue nor heard of one. Most of the time when you send it back they just throw it on a pile and send you a refurb (that was Verizon's MO) so they really care.

LIke I said somewhere in here, you will not be disappointed in the G3 one little bit. It is a fantastic phone that I would place ahead of the S5 or anything else if I had to buy a phone right this minute.

Thanks for the pleasant discussion without the usual hyperbole and BS

I don't care about any of this, all I care about is whether it'll be another laggy, unstable mess like the Note 3. After using phones that are actually fast the Galaxy line is a joke. I want to be excited for this phone but I expect nothing but the same from Samsung.

You must have gotten a bum Note 3.

I use it all day everyday and have NONE of what you are talking about. THe one that I have as a work tester doesnt either.

You must have definitely got a bad one either that or you don't have enough Samsung Apps disabled like S Voice for instance. It does suck that Samsung puts a bunch of useless stuff on the phone but once you turn useless apps off disable ones you never will use, it actually is a beast phone. Nova launcher would help. My Note 3 runs so smooth that I'm probably going to wait till the Note 5 drops. It would be great if samsung didn't focus on software because most of their software sucks other than that it isdabestphone!

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The GN3 a buggy mess? Dude mine runs silky smooth. I mean, some apps bug up occasionally, but of all the 10+ android devs I've carried and the ones I work alongside of everyday being a VZW rep, that's always the case with android. But much less so with my note 3. Maybe do a factory reset or check out Nova Launcher etc. Makes mine run like a charm.

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Please stay plastic with a removable back, Sammy. Don't listen to these naysayers. They won't be happy no matter what you do.

Being a VZW sales rep, I've seen several GS5 devices come in with pretty significant lag. Home screen swiping and app-opening flowing like molasses on a cold day. Although its pretty rare, thats why I still recommend the phone to most. Its still a beast of a phone.

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Was with iPhone from their beginning.... The galaxy s4 came out and I was hooked! The Note 3 comes out and I was like a Crack fiend.... I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!!!! I never looked back at Apple.! Samsung puts out a superior, quality device and they only keep getting better. I'm sure I'll be getting the Note 4 a month or two after release . If anyone needs paperweights I have several iPhones in my draw ;)

Here's what I'll like to see
1. 4000mAh battery
2. 64 gb international storage option on day one on T-Mobile USA
3. Much thinner and lighter
4. Much faster gallery, camera S Note and other aspects of the software
5. Excellent sunlight readability
6. Much better speaker
7. Quad HD screen
8. Elimination of the "lag feature" that characterizes every single Samsung phone.

It would be nice if they could do this but to add a bigger battery but at the same time make it much lighter and thinner? May be hard to do.

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S3 u have served me well. I think it's time to upgrade. I've never used a Note. Hope it's better than advertised.

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they really need to go all out and put an Snapdragon 808 or 810 processor in this phone and 4gb of ram.

I'm going to be pissed if all the Note 4 is a bigger Galaxy s 5, and is just a little better. I'm getting sick of this companies lack of innovative drive-we should already have had something we never seen with Samsung AND Apple for that matter-both companies got lazy if you ask me!