Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The latest iteration of Samsung’s Note handset features new S Pen apps and a unique new back cover

When the Samsung Galaxy Note first emerged a couple of years ago, few suspected it would go on to become a cornerstone of Samsung’s Android device lineup. Yet here we are in 2013 witnessing the launch of the Galaxy Note 3, the third iteration of a highly successful device family.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 formula is a familiar one — combine a big screen with stylus input, a powerful CPU and a ton of software features. On the hardware side, the Note 3 is more or less the same size and shape as its predecessor, although it’s sporting a larger screen (5.7 inches), a larger battery (3200mAh) and a lighter weight. It’s entirely more squared-off than many recent Samsung devices, indicating a departure from the nature-inspired design language of old. If anything, the new Note resembles an old-style paper notepad — that’s mostly due to its bold new back cover design.

In a somewhat skeuomorphic turn, the plastic back has a faux leather effect to it, complete with faux-stitched trim. It’s a dramatic change from the glossy plastic of old, and feels better in the hand than earlier Notes, but it does look just a little odd — especially on the white version of the device. On the black version, it’s a bit more palatable.

As usual, Samsung’s new Note sports top-level hardware. Depending on market, you’ll get a Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip (LTE) or Exynos 5 Octa (3G), complete with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage as standard — though a 64GB version also will be offered.

The Note’s display is a massive 5.7-inch Full HD 1080p SuperAMOLED panel, which is extremely bright and bold, even more so than the Galaxy S4’s screen. Despite stretching the same number of pixels over a larger area, it’s still plenty sharp. Thanks to reduced bezels, the Note 3’s 5.7-inch display fits in much the same footprint as the Note 2’s 5.5-incher.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Around the back — in the middle of that textured battery cover — is a 13-megapixel unit with Samsung’s own “smart stabilization” technology. Video recording is also supported at up to 4K (UHD). And beneath the back cover lurks a beastly 3,200mAh battery, which should provide ample juice.

But the Note 3’s software is where it really gets interesting. Samsung’s going to great lengths to ensure more users make the most of its S Pen stylus. Unsheath the S Pen and you’ll get an “Air Command” radial menu on-screen, showing you a selection of main stylus-based capabilities. These include basic stuff like “screen writing” — essentially a screenshot function — to more advanced capabilities like windowed apps.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Scrapbook is a new feature that expands on the image-clipping features offered by earlier Note products. As well as capturing the area you draw around with the S Pen, Scrapbook “harvests” metadata from the app in use — for example, URLs and page data from the browser. Clippings can then be placed in various categories to create a digital collage of “favorite stuff” from both apps and the web.

Your Scrapbook, among other things, is searchable through the new S Finder app. Unlike Google Search, Samsung’s search app is focused on sorting through the mess of content that you often find on your smartphone — stuff like pictures, notes and contacts. As well as keyword search it’s possible to narrow your searches by time period or tags — including location data. Samsung says it’s using optical character recognition to properly recognize the written notes, allowing them to be searchable, and this seemed to work pretty well on the demo units pre-loaded with sample content. We’ll have to wait and see how well it performs in the real world, however.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Similarly, this central repository of stuff on your phone can be turned into a magazine of sorts, through the new “My Magazine” app. This looks and functions a lot like Flipboard, only with a little less set-up.

Multitasking has also been switched up a little on the Note 3. The multi-window feature, which allows two apps to be run simultaneously by splitting the screen, returns with a neat new trick that lets you save combinations of apps to the sidebar. If, for example, you’re always running YouTube and the browser at the same time, well, now you can access that combination with just one tap.

But there’s yet another neat multitasking trick involving the S Pen. From the “Air Command” radial menu you can select “Pen Window,” which lets you draw a window on-screen and then populate it with an app. Like multi-window, not all apps are supported, but the core Samsung and Google apps will work just fine. Just like on a desktop OS, windowed apps can be dragged around, resized and made fullscreen, as well as minimized. Minimizing an app through Pen Window turns it into a little icon — sort of like chat heads in Facebook Home — which you can then drag around the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Multitasking on a smartphone is still something many major players are working out how to do right. And Samsung’s approach is an innovative one, but with only limited app support it’s appeal will be limited.

So as usual with a new Samsung product, we’re dealing with incrementally upgraded hardware and a slew of new software features. But the new tricks on the Note 3 aren’t nearly as arbitrary as some of the Galaxy S4’s software features seem. They’re focused on highlighting the Note’s two headline features — the giant screen and the stylus — and making them easier for consumers to use.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will launch around the world and on five U.S. carriers later this year.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hands-on



I think I like it. But that LG G2 is looking nice too.

Posted via Android Central Beta Tablet App!
Hisense Sero 7 Pro

Yes - looks great! Love the leather like back which should be much more grippy and no fingerprints. And love the '50s diner like ribbed side chrome! :D

Posted via Android Central App

The HTC One is the most perfectly designed phone ever created.. Needs a back door but.. that's about it.

And I don't even own one.
The Note 3 is another Cookie Cutter product from Samsung.. I think this is the year they are going to look like they are Standing Still living on gimmicks.. While more Exotic Cellular Devices start to pass them by.

yeah, HTC ONE maxx will be exact same as HTC one just bigger. Wait, by this time next year maybe HTC will be owned by samsung?

Nah.. The Maxx & Mini are the 1st to look similar.. and now a days, everyone is making a "Small" / "Medium" / "Large" for choice... Samsung MAKES ALL MODELS look *Cookie Cutter* Period.

And I own a Galaxy Tab 3 so back down fanboy.

And my Tab 3 even looks like an 8" S4..

HTC may have 3 that look the same but.. They are the most Beautiful Phone on the Planet..
And one of the reasons why AC voted it *Best Phone of 2013* It's Sexy!
Like several Current Note 2 owners have stated here.. This phone is not a big deal and looks Exactly like a 2011 Galaxy S2. Gimmicks yes.. Plenty.. But even the LG-G2 and most certainly the New Nexus will steal a whole lot of this things thunder. It's back to being a niche phone.. nothing more.. just like my Note 1 was.. Where the Note 2 crossed the line and became loved by the masses. The Note 2 now appears to be the Pinnacle of the Note Phone Series. At $300.00 on Contract and $700.00 outright, most will choose a different route this time around with all the great options this fall shopping season.

This Boy Got Stuck with Last Year's stock Nexus 4.
You shouldn't even show your face in this thread.... BOY.

When Blackberry has more cash on hand than your company and you're both in the mobile space you're in some serious $hit.

HTC makes some nice phone use to like them a lot. But their losing on features. I don't care about form I care more about features. And Samsung gets it right. Some of those multitasking features are delicious!

So far Samsung has been the only company in the market that is trying to address productivity everyone else is focused on a facade.

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HTC tried to copy Apple by going premium exterior. Nice appeal in the store but doesn't matter once you put a case on it. Battery life, function more important. Also don't want to have to throw away a $600 phone when battery no longer can take a charge when in a Samsung you can just swap out the battery.

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Actually I changed my mind. I like the phone. Pictures don't do it justice. However Touchwiz.... I just can't.

Editor in chief of

I many overblown seems to be driving engineering....the ONLY thing that appeals to me with this phone is the better screen, the better camera and the better battery. All the other stuff they try and promote is great for the circus but does not translate to my daily usage...I still have no idea why click phones to share files is a big deal. To me it seems like a security issue. In my past3 years of owning Samsung phones (which makes me more observant of other Galaxy users), I have yet to see ANYONE use that feature in public.

Like the HTC One and the Nokia Lumia 1020 with a sort of blinkfeed approach is the ONLY thing that translates to new, sexy and it might save me time from trying to dig around and find one of the 80 apps I have on my phone.

I am probably digressing/ranting/hijacking this thread but gawd dayum it....would SOMEONE please come up with a decent FACEBOOK FREEKING APP? Can it be that hard?

Htc won't be in business to much longer. Your Htc One is already useless and outdated.

I said it months ago and will repeat here Nothing else matters after September 4th period.

This is a lovely addition to a category created and made prominent by Samsung the platform market share leader of android.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

Juuuust asking... Why do Samsung users not have any reason to be "fan boys, loyal users," or what have u?? Not trolling.. I just know tons of Samsung users who have good reason too..

Posted via Android Central App

They became a popular brand due mostly to anti-Apple marketing. Although they do produce a decent product, the usual consensus is that you can get a much better quality product every where else for the same price. So most of us do not see many reasons to be proud of their product. Plus Touch-Wiz...

Thanks for the reply.. I guess i just beg to differ... Ive had moto, htc, and Samsung.. Samsung has been the hardest for me to leave.. Htc was tough too but.. Not nearly as much as me thinking about the LG G2... And leaving Samsung... The things people don't like about Samsung i do.. The plastic bottom line last longer than materials used on htc.. phones look awful after a year of use..Samsung has kept my phones more updated vs htc and moto(old moto) Touchwiz is nice to me... Even though it could use a makeover.. So for me...i like the home button and expandable memory.. When i say i roll with Samsung its not just because.. They come through for my needs.. But i want to try the G2(something different) ... Just kind worried about having an Lg for a year or 2.. Idk

Posted via Android Central App

I agree with you fully, Polo. I've tried all the major brands under the sun, Samsung always has me going back. There are some very nice competing phones right now but my 'ecosystem' is in place with my Samsung TV and other appliances.

I think that you hit the nail in the coffin on that one. You could not have said it any better and I think that you are dead on with that statement dude.

Posted via Android Central App

Yarrell thinks the phone that sold the most is the best one.

By that standard, he also thinks Britney Spears is a better singer than Ella Fitzgerald, because Spears has sold more albums.

1. Where's your proof that "HTC won't be in the business to much longer" (by the way it's spelled "too" in this case, moron)? So a few members on the design team were arrested. So what? That doesn't mean the entire company is going to fall. That's like saying because the Chief's of Staff of the various Armed Forces of the USA are arrested, that the whole nation will fall into anarchy. What a ridiculous notion.
2. If his HTC One is "useless and outdated", what the h*ll does that make your year old (and yet somehow still "pimp slapping") Note 2? Ancient? Beyond "useless"? What a joke.
3. Samsung created the phablet category? News to me given that Dell produced a 5 inch Android smartphone almost a whole year before the original Note. Sure, it didn't take off nearly as well as the Note, but that doesn't matter when you're claiming such utter BS. Check your facts before spewing blatant lies and/or wishful thoughts of a delusional fanboy.

Nearly as well? The Dell Streak flat out FAILED. It had absolutely no impact on the phablet space and did nothing to create it. The Note certainly did.

You're not much better than the guy you're insulting.

It's Samsung. You getz choices. There will be a plethora of inexpensive (or premium) alternative back covers just as there are for S3, Note 2, and S4.

I wish Samsung could just design a nice looking phone, without having to rely on the user to "customize" it.

agreed. for a minute while watching the stream i thought it was atleast pleather, but nope plastic. i'll acquire the z ultra

So they will sell smartphones like HTC and Sony... No, they don't want to be third or fourth in the line of smartphones. They want to be number one and that's what they are right now.

You would have hated plastic too. Some people can't be pleased. That's your problem. No one cares about someone's opinion when it's going to be negative no matter what.

Exactly. I can say it's better than the slick metal back that the HTC One has and can easily be dented.

My $8.00 tablet folio case is faux leather.
On a $700.00 cell phone.. not!
Wait.. $700.00 for a cell phone? Damn.

Faux or not its better than plastic. Also they should have made the stitching contrasting. Black to white and vice versa.

This looks great!

The S-Pen actually looks REALLY useful here. They really upped their game on that end.

.... Meh!?.... Puhlease just stop.

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

The Note 2 will be reduced in price upon this thing's release.
The Note 2 will be the Deal of the Year once it hits the Sub - $500.00 mark.
And it will receive the 4.4 KitKat update as well...:-)

How Do I Know?
That's Easy!
Either through Samsung.. or Through CUSTOM ROMS! Once source is released..
"You Gave Them Eyes But They Cannot See!"

Samsung has been the best OEM to update. Even the Galaxy S2 is on Jelly Bean and it started with Gingerbread! S3 was the first to get 4.2, Note 2 and 3 come with the latest.

Yeah this is jsut wrong. Outside of the Nexus, which doesnt count, Samsung has the best record by far in the update department.

Show me another 3 year old phone that has 4.2.2 on it...The S2 does

Bottom line its on JB it's fairly up to date for the age of the phone... Its still supported.. More than u can say for most... Htc has ditched any phone of that age... Unless I'm mistaken

Posted via Android Central App

Bottomline time to move on. The Galaxy Note 3 will definitely out perform any handset on the market period.

This is and will be a day one purchase for me.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

another idot. don;t talk before you know that there are phones that are going to kill it like the HTC ONE MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

But the LG Optimus G Pro is a better phone AND less expensive. Guess you don't care about having the best electronics.

Oh, well. Remember that we're not laughing with you. We're laughing AT you.

Why so many mean comments on this article? Why do you care so much if this phone looks good to someone? That affects you how?

Posted via Android Central App

It shouldn't matter at all. But Yarrell is such a case of walking fertilizer, it's impossible to take him seriously and kinda fun to knock him down a few notches.

Posted via Android Central App

Never mind... Haters will hate, that's their "job", LOL. They can't stand the fact that Samsung is number one.

Right. Marketing can be acquired. If that's all that's needed for success why haven't the others done the same?

Lack of funds necessary, lack of business smarts... who knows. Doesn't negate the fact that it's mostly marketing to blame for all their success the last few years. Lots of phones can shove an abundance of gimmicky features into their phones, but nobody would know about it without the necessary marketing required.

Posted via Android Central App

Marketing is the blame for any product's success or failure. Just as good nutrition is vital to good health. All of a sudden marketing is a bad word because your device of choice couldn't out market Samsung? Sorry, it doesn't work that way. I'm pretty sure you wish your device maker had the wherewithal to market on the level of Samsung or Apple. Now don't you? Would marketing be a bad word then?

So by your logic if you spend a billion dollars marketing a used condom everyone will buy them. If what your selling isn't any good all the marketing in the world wont make it a success.

So if Justin Bieber sells more albums than Bob Dylan, that means he's a better musician?

Posted via Android Central App

Not sure what I was expecting but I'm not getting that same old "must run out and get this" feeling I got with the Note 2.

Same here. I don't have that feeling like I did when I got the note two. Now that g2 is looking pretty sweet.

Posted via Android Central App

Nexus never took function, outside of the core android features that are on every handset, anywhere. The g2 has a few but nothing like the s pen.

Hands down winner on function is the note 3.

Still thinking about the honami though. Since I had to actually go to the office today, I will have to decide tonight when the reviews start

Posted via Android Central App

Msot of the 'functions' that Samsung builds into their phones would be better described as 'gimmicks'. Given the lag on the device in the video, 'bloat' might be an even better description. Releasing a device with immediate lag is not a good thing, you won't see the Nexus 5 released with lag.

Hey maybe they are gimmicks to some, but to those of us that use them they are features and functional.

But fine take away all those, The camera software alone on the N4 is enough to discount the N5 until they prove otherwise. The last few versions of the Nexus has had terrible cameras.

Besides, I haven't kept true OEM stock on a phone since the first week of getting my first smartphone. TW doesn't bother me because I never see it.

I rarely use the cell phone camera. I have a real camera for that. It takes good enough pictures to share on Facebook which is the main use case that calls for a camera that it's connected to the Internet.

Same here. This is actually the ugliest Samsung I've seen in a very long time. Actually looks like a large S2.

agreed, my note 2 was a big improvement from the 1st gen. this not so much.
I'm going with the z ultra this year. it's sexy and it's different.

You think that is sexy? Wow! If you say so.

And with only 16 GB internal memory? Have fun with that. I know it has an expansion slot but a lot of programs won't move to that.

I feel the same way. I thought I'd see the GN3 and immediately put my HTC One on eBay. While it's a fantastic phone and I'm sure I'd love it, I'm just not blown away. I might just have to let it sink in a little bit, I think. I love my Galaxy Note 8.0 and wanted to get the GN3 to go with it but for now, I'm not sure.

+1....even though im getting it and think it's great..i agree . U may feel that way probably cause the note2 is solid... #1 reason I'll drop my note2 is the longer i keep it the more the value drops on my note2 . So i may as well move on to the note3... And sell my note2

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Wait... is there a microsd card slot?

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

Then I am getting it. Might be worth losing unlimited data for this.

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

Wait.. to see the Honami, LG-G2, HTC Max, and the $349.00 - $399.00 Free & Clear Nexus-5 running KitKat 4.4 Jellybean.. One or more of these phones may be coming to a Verizon near you.. just as soon as this does.
Better Wait.. The Fall Showdown has not even started yet.. Lot's of Players yet to even step in the ring..:-)

Verizon sucks monkey balls period. There childish branding and crappy bloatware as well as stripping out of features on handsets not named stupid Droid line products are a industry travesty.

And your on here with this Verizon/Htc One bull. Htc is pitiful sad joke on the android platform.

They have poor sales even with aluminum/metal phones. Nobody is buying your crappy Htc handset. Meanwhile the S4 has sold over 40 million easily.

This time next Htc will be gone from this android equation.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

Ignore him, two years ago he was singing the praises of Sprint. He has no credibility. Just a troll waiting to be banned from more sites.

HAHAHAHAHA I lost it when I read this comment... Richard is a complete moron, void of any and all original thought. Total samsung bitch-boi. Probably even keeps an extra s-pen shoved up his ass... you know, just in case... ;-)

Verizon suck?!? Oh wow... Lte started with who in the USA .. Verizon! Lte advanced set to be with who first.. Verizon.. 99% of all consumer reports who has the best network.. Verizon.. Which company has more money and pushes the envelope in data speeds and network innovation Verizon.. And droid phones help keep money pumping to keep our network #1... Maybe ur carrier should (if they can afford to) look at having their own brand of phones... Make no mistake they're not the most friendly in terms of phones for us phone geeks.... But to say something or someone sucks when they're by far top dawg..... Just as bad someone telling u.. Samsungs #1 fan.. Samsung suck just because they don't care for them.. I hate the many teams and companies..Apple NE Patriots.. But dare to say they suck... Smh... Be real with ya self

Posted via Android Central App

Being the biggest doesn't make someone the best.

Who was the first provider to cut unlimited data? Verizon.
Who charges more than anyone else for basic service? Verizon.
Who is the worst about nickel and dimeing customers? Verizon.
Who is the worst about updating OS's? Verizon.
Who cuts down choice in device selection by using crappy CDMA technology? Verizon and Sprint.

Verizon has its strengths, but they also have some pretty horrible weaknesses as well.

Well, you can't be the best in everything, LOL. Being the biggest means you're most well succeeded than the others and that's what counts in order to keep one away from bankruptcy.

It ain't perfect right! ... But year after year verizon is #1 or a close #2 in network, customers satisfaction.... So how do u charge more and have great ratings... Well have a solid product.. My point was not that they're perfect.. But stating they suck is crazy..... And pardon me.. Which carrier doesn't nickel and dime u? And i said nothing about the size of network.. I said quality and advancement... I see where my nickels and dimes go... I see why i pay more... U pay for what you get... Updates I'm sorry.. Haven't had much of an issue with that... My note2 and Gs3 are as updated as any others... Had a moto razr before that it was ok on updates nothing to complain about at all... Sorry no carrier is great at updates period..

Posted via Android Central App

Verizon suck?!? Oh wow... Lte started with who in the USA .. Verizon! Lte advanced set to be with who first.. Verizon.. 99% of all consumer reports who has the best network.. Verizon.. Which company has more money and pushes the envelope in data speeds and network innovation Verizon.. And droid phones help keep money pumping to keep our network #1... Maybe ur carrier should (if they can afford to) look at having their own brand of phones... Make no mistake they're not the most friendly in terms of phones for us phone geeks.... But to say something or someone sucks when they're by far top dawg..... Just as bad someone telling u.. Samsungs #1 fan.. Samsung suck just because they don't care for them.. I hate the many teams and companies..Apple NE Patriots.. But dare to say they suck... Smh... Be real with ya self

Posted via Android Central App

The LG Optimus G Pro is a better phone than your silly Galaxy Note 3. It's OK. You can go cry yourself to sleep now.

1. Did you even read his comment? Nowhere did he state anything about the HTC One.
2. Just a few years ago, I clearly recall you saying such utter BS as how "HTC will always reign supreme" and how HTC was "pimp slapping" all others. Or how about the time you "knew" the Evo 3D would be "Sprint's flagship device well into 2012"? What a joke.
3. Go back to grade school and learn to spell simple words/phrases. You look like a complete retard when you constantly misuse "there" in place of "their", or "your" in place of "you're".
4. "Industry travesty"? You're practically the only person making such a huge deal about it. Take a f*cking chill pill.
5. "This time next Htc will be gone from this android equation." Yeah, and all the "experts" have been saying more or less the same thing about Blackberry and, to some degree, even Windows Phone for a few years now. And guess what? They're both still around. Moron.
6. "Meanwhile the S4 has sold over 40 million easily." Show me one article claiming this "fact". The only numbers we have were back in July where it was at 20 million. As it is with almost every product ever made, there's a high rate of sales immediately after it's been put on market, and then sales either dramatically plummet or gradually decline. Assuming even a linear growth rate (not impossible, but very very highly improbable), Samsung would sell about 40 million S4's sometime about now. Quite the ways off from the "over 40 million easily" that you claim with absolutely no proof. Idiot.

None of those phones interest me beside the Sony Honami and I doubt that will come to Verizon. So the Note 3 for me.

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

Look folks. Some people just got an HTC One. They're not likely to look upon this monolith of awesomeness with matter what it brings. That's just life.

True words... Those people were standing by, finger on trigger ready to unleash a torrent of negativity

Posted via Android Central App

Just as others were standing by ready to praise the device, no matter what the specs or design were like. For crying out loud, the OS was laggy in the video! With almost no third party apps on it!

I don't think it was lag so much as unfamiliarity with the new Pen, feature set and placement.

I will see when it hits stores

I'm so jealous. I'll keep the rest of my reply in my head lol

Posted from my phone, using your girlfriend's Internet, while you're at work.

Ugh, was looking forward to this, but not liking that back cover at all! Not to mention the flat ribbed edges (easier to grip I'm sure), the flat end of the S-Pen and the camera on the back. All in all, fugly! :(

There was lag visibly showing in the Video... This just goes to show it's not about Horsepower.. it's about Optimization of the Applications. That's what makes the other guy run so damn smooth. Looks nice I guess... I was expecting a more Revolutionary Design though. Now I can't wait to see the New Nexus running KK..
At $349.00 - $399.00 Free & Clear of Contracts.

As usual stupid worthless comments. 30min games make your piece of metal/aluminum crappy Htc One so hot it's pretty sad.

The Galaxy Note 3 trashes the Htc One just like the S4 does rather easily.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

You're a special kind of stupid huh?

(If you look closely, you'll notice that he/she didn't even mention HTC...)

Posted via Android Central App

This post fits perfectly with your profile picture lol

Posted from my phone, using your girlfriend's Internet, while you're at work.

"30min games make your piece of metal/aluminum crappy Htc One so hot it's pretty sad" And you would know this because you've done it on the HTC One that you don't own and "wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole"? Riiiiiiight. Show me more than one instance of this claim. I dare you.

Also, what planet are you from that its a surprise that a phone that was just unveiled today (let alone that it's in a completely different category of smartphone) "trashes" a phone that was released about 6 months ago? Thank you Captain Obvious. I had no idea.

I'm guessing with the same battery size as the N2 but the 1080p screen the battery life is going to take a hit?

It's a small bump up in battery to 3200..its gonna be fine... Plus with new processors it manages ur battery better.. So its better than the note2 which is more amazing

Posted via Android Central App

Faster processor will consume less power.

You can only hope for wireless charging...a technology that won't match USB 3.0 charging rate...EVER.

They already told you that it's 40% more batterylife than GN2 for video playback. So, even with higher screen resolution it has got better batterylife. What more do you need?

People assume that battery consumption of screens scales with resolution. This isn't necessarily true. Sure there are more pixels but each pixel is smaller and likely takes less voltage to light.

These things are rarely as simple as people pretend them to be.

I think the Note 3 will just be one of SEVERAL (5 or 6) Nice Phones this Holiday Season.. Not the "Gotta Have This Or The Nexus!" type cell phone it was in 2012..
Especially at the more than likely price of $299.00 on Contract / $699.00 Free & Clear cost it will most likely command.. There's still a S-Pen / Geek market for the Note 3 for sure.. But this time around it's not just the iphone & Nexus to compete with..

Absolutely agreed. I'm a Nexus guy all the way, but between the S4, Note3, One, One Maxx, G2, Nexus 5 and so on, there are a lot of really nice devices out (or coming soon) and I don't see any of them differentiating themselves in a way that makes them THE MUST GET device, rather they all fill niches for MUST GET FOR ME, because their small differences make them just the right device for an individual user.

That's the power of Android and why Apple is sitting at 13% marketshare globally. Whether you prefer Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Huawei or whomever, you're not living in Steve Jobs' walled garden doing things HIS way without the ability to even change your default browser.

+9000 to you and Raiderwill

Posted from my phone, using your girlfriend's Internet, while you're at work.

Add another +9000 if for no other reason than this is the first time the two of them ever really put objective comments down in a thread together before.

Please don't let ATT have exclusive on the 64gb! Bring it to Sprint

Posted from my N2 via Android Central App

Came here to ask this... what is up with the bottom of this phone?
Everybody has pictures but nobody is talking about what is up with the port(s).

It looks to me like the new micro-usb 3.0 port. It should still be compatible with regular micro-usb though.

It looks like 2 ports side by side, a bit like the compact version of the USB3. Perhaps it is a Micro USB next to a micro HDMI? I agree that a universal charging port is really important.

Yeah, that was my question as well when I saw the Note3's bottom photo. Looks like one of the first devices to use microusb 3.0.

I don't really want to have to replace all my various microusb cables for the wider connector, so I hope we can still use the older cables in the same slot when fastercharger / dataxfer isn't needed.

(This microusb3.0 subject is worthy of an article in its own right)

It's clear that Samsung is incapable of making a decent looking phone. In also sick of that stupid home button. Moving on....

Posted via Android Central App

What the hell did u expect?!?!? Its a phone made by Samsung was it not supposed to look like it?!?!? Obviously they weren't attempting to provide what u wanted just the millions on millions who do like their phones... I guess it financially makes sense to go left of that huh???... Smh... Apple does apple shit.. Htc does htc shit.... And so on... If u didn't like em before and they have been on a successful path why were u looking for major changes?!?!?

Posted via Android Central App

I'm certainly not Joe..
But I'll answer that question.
HTC did it, Changing position of the front speakers on a cellular device.
Samsung Already teased us with OLED Technology.. Even if you delayed the release of the Note 3, You could have created something "Unique", New and Exciting with that Technology... RIGHT NOW.. And CRUSHED the Competition.

You didn't.

Same old Cookie Cutter Design.. My Gawd it's almost 2014.. The Future is Here and you HAVE the Technology to do OLED.


Because just like HTC beat everyone to the draw and had the balls to do a simple thing like Speaker Placement on a Cell Phone the Right Way,

Samsung, someone is going to beat you to the draw with OLED Technology..

And whoever does these Ultra Flat OLED devices or Bendable / Wrap-Around screen devices will capture almost every Jo Blow's dollar because it will look like a Future Device.. and most everyone will want one.

The Note 3 SHOULD HAVE BEEN that device.

I respect that... But u save that for a time when u need it... Htc is BROKE! Samsung isn't.. There is no need to fix what's not broke.. Htc neeeeeeeeeeded the one they had to put everything on the table Samsung doesn't.... I don't know when people will get it.. Its a company not some phone nerd looking to make all other phone nerds happy.... U put out little by little and make major changes in moderation... Why the hell would the completely change their model now when its on top(sales)... I admit i really wanted something new too but thats just the phone geek in me... My business mind knew better than to hope for.. U stay with what's working until competition forces u to make another move.... Looking at sales... It aint that time...thats that

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I'm curious. What would a bendable screen have brought to the Note3? Do you think people want the screen they need to interact with to be curved? How much thinner of a device do you think a flat OLED screen would allow for considering the battery is the major component of thickness?

Change for change sake is not good. It should serve a valid purpose. Satisfying a minority phone geek community lusting for new tech is not a valid purpose.

And that's your opinion, and they will still be making millions while people will continue to complain....smh

Well I've never been too big on their designs either. However this is the best looking Note they've created thus far. In my opinion, the Z ultra and Optimus are more attractive than this.

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Yup Samsung and Apple.. Those damn companies should learn to do what the majority of people want and then they would make some real money! ... Oh, wait..... Smh.. Great suggestion for you and those alike... Buy... A..... Nexus!

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I have no issue with the home button on my GS4. It's a convenient way to wake the device, definitively bail out of a misbehaving app, and best of all doesn't take away display real estate from the screen like on screen button do. To each his own my friend. The market apparently disagrees with your opinion. No one is forcing your to buy it.

I wouldn't count on it. I doubt we'll see Play Edition versions of phones that incorporate styluses, since stock Android wouldn't make any use of it at all.

Although I guess we the GPE S4 did come with software that enables the Smart Cover... but still, I wouldn't hold my breath.

This will be mine...on Verizon.

I can only hope they put their logo on the home button.

Cuz it pisses dumbasses off for no reason.

Talk amongst yourselves. BTW HTC sucks. LOL

I think it has more to do with the delay in releasing the phone without holding it up by adding the stupid logo to it.

I'm so excited about this new Note 3, been rockin the Note 2 since day one.Very pleased with its performance I might add. The pros and cons I'm not at all feeding in to the many different opinions. One has to decide what works for him and not be persuaded by someone else view of a product. The moment VZW gets this phone I will have it, enough said.....

I was a guaranteed Day 1 Note 3 owner until I saw the Note 3. I guess it's just me, but I'm not too impressed here. :-/

what are those 2 slots at the bottom of the phone?

a non cover-able microSD card slot and some sort of samsung specific charger port? doesnt look anything like a micro USB port.

It does actually look like a micro USB3 port, Google for some pictures if you like, and they are backward compatible with USB2 cables.

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Couple questions...

Will this have the option for wireless charging like the s4 has?

Has the rear speaker been upgraded at all?

Which one is 4k video capable the LTE or 3g version? I am assuming it's exclusive to the octacore version.

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Looks to me like the Note2 with an ugly back and new software bloat to make the fill up the extra RAM and make the faster processor sluggish just like the present model. Unbelievable. If you watched the S4 introduction, this is exactly what you should have expected.

Hommie the note2 is sluggish free.... Gs4.. Yea i agree... Note2 naaaa... Had it since launch... Not sluggish at all... If urs is i suggest u get that checked out... Most note2 owners are satisfied owners...

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My note 2, along with many others that iv'e come in contact with, have plenty noticeable lag.... hommie(?!) ... not trying to get your panties in a wad here bud, just keepin it real.

Sorry if u felt personally attacked.. I'm just speaking from my own experience...and that of my peers.. And as i stated maybe urs has a problem... There is also an option to turn of the transitions fx..that may help.. Hope you don't have a problem with me stating what's real either...

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Nothing taken on a personal level at all.... some people have different viewpoints on what it means to lag or stutter, I suppose. I notice a huge difference going from touchwiz based roms, to AOSP based roms, to going back completely stock. If you think your note 2 with stock touchwiz, or any touchwiz based rom for that matter, is smooth, then I suggest flashing an AOSP rom and enjoy actual lag free, buttery smooth performance. I mean just look at the size of touchwiz vs. AOSP ... astronomical differences in file size. That alone, to me, speaks volumes.

I have a Nexus 4 so I know what smooth feels like. My wife's Note 2 is the equal of my phone in that regard.

Good for your wife. Everyone uses their phone differently. She may not be much of a power user and have things syncing and working in the background and so on and so forth... I won't pretend to know how your wife uses her phone. All I'm saying is touchwiz adds a very well known and well documented stutter after a short while of use, if not right off the bat, as per my experiences with my phone(s), and others who are "power users" who actually use their phone for more then the occasional app download, phone calls, text messages, email.. etc. It's clearly there and noticeable, and there's no way anyone can convince me otherwise. HTC used to be the same way, but since have trimmed down Sense and optimized it to run like a streamline butterfly on the One (a phone that I myself do not own, but it's pretty well-documented that it runs like a dream) Samsung needs to do the same, or eventually all that will be left waiting in line for a Samsung on future launches are the ridiculous fanboys like that d-bag Richard. THIS IS MY OPINION, YOU'RE ALLOWED TO DISAGREE...

I'm not sure if I'd call her a "power user" but she does have the usual stuff syncing; Google, Facebook etc. and she uses that phone a lot. I originally was going to get it for me but then when I saw how much she desired it, I gave it to her and opted for he Nexus 4 instead. That's how love works.

By the way, I'm not a fan of Touchwiz. It's cluttered, garish and bloated. I'm a stock Google fan. That said, the Note 2 is more than up to the task of running Touchwiz, at least the version that comes with the Note 2.

Maybe that was my mistake right off the bat. Never really gave it much time on stock touchwiz before I rooted and got with the customizing. I just really wanted the note 2 but hate touchwiz and how bloated it is... so I suppose maybe my experiences have been hindered due to it being customized... I think I'm done with rooting from now on anyway. Ok, well, maybe I stand corrected in this regard. Thanks for keeping it civil! Too many people jump right into name calling and that escalates things and makes it difficult to carry on a good debate B-)

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I have never used touchwiz... I have Apex Launcher on my Galaxy Tab 2 which runs smoothly and I have Go Launcher on my Note 2 and it runs smooth..... I have disabled most of Sammie's preloaded bloat.... The only time I see a lag is when I am using that darn Facebook app.

Posted via Galaxy Note 2

Im retired from rooting and flashing... Dont have time for it.... For meee no time for experiments..nightlies and bug fixes.. Oh hell no. Don't get me wrong the support community is great.. But toooo many issues and up keep... Like stated by note2 is fast and fluid.. Especially after turning off transaction fx... I've experienced it stock roms aosp and so on... It's not me... I prefer the features i pay for.. Just me...

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I actually agree with you on this ... rooting and flashing and setup after setup... gets old fast. I am also leaning toward just being happy with whatever I get next, and not going the rooting way... however, my experiences with samsung have always kind of forced me to root it to get it to run perfectly. Just me. Everyone has a different view on this particular topic, and that's fine. That's what makes android so damn fantastic! Let us just settle on our differences with this topic, but still agree that Android rules the world regardless!

Great hardware--but fake leather? Would it have really cost so much to have added a genuine leather back? That would be classy but Samsung sure loves its plastic.

Well it's not "typical Samsung plastic". And if this new Faux Leather still bothers you, move on and look elsewhere. It's so pathetic to watch people so dedicated to bashing plastic when 95% of everything they use on a daily basis is some form of plastic. At this point, Samsung could make the best device of all time and the mindless haters would still pass on it out of stupid pride.

I agree. We need a new Godwin's law for people who bring up plastic in a Samsung discussion. Plastic is one of the lightest, strongest, and most durable material known. My S2 took so much abuse without problems largely because of the resiliency of the plastic body. Had it been made of aluminum it would have likely been dented and scratched to hell in the nearly two years that I used it on a daily basis.

The nice thing with removable backs is you can change it to many different designs you might like better.

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Why does it matter if the phone is plastic or not? Most people stick their devices in cases within minutes of buying it.... I don't care what material it's housed in because the case will hide it anyway!

Posted via Galaxy Note 2

You want them to piss off their customers that don't want to buy things made of animal products just to make you happy? I doubt enough people care about the difference for that be a worthwhile trade-off.

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I think it looks cool. Going in a case anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

They said US and Japan get it in October... I'm on Verizon, so maybe instead of buying a turkey and stuffing, I'll have a Note 3 by Thanksgiving.

Why do you say that... Its not a htc one.. It's Samsung Galaxy note 3 .. Verizon will have it like the rest im sure.. Maybe 1st or 2nd (look at LG G2 and moto x) maybe a week later... Idk but... I'm confused on why u would say that... U guys keep applying the htc one situation (which verizon didn't state ghey would carry) to every version phone with no factual reasons to back it... Smh

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That's what I think, why do people get so hung up on the body material, it's going in a case anyway and besides that the back is changeable.

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Is that fake plastic chrome around the edges or actual metal? If it's the plastic chrome crap I learned my lesson from the S1 that it will peel off and look like garbage in a matter or months... I'm sure the phone feels great in the hand but it does look like a step backwards towards s1 or s2 style. I really wanted to want this phone!!

Oh ok... Coo.. It looks to be the same.. Whatever it is.. Lol.... I'm sure some will hate it...

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I was between this and the G2... But its just a level up imo when Samsung does vs say Lg... I have a note2 and would like a bit smaller phone but... I trust Samsung more than any other OEM and that wins over for me... This phone looks premium and will have more support, accessories, and clout(backing) than the majority of other phones... Thats why I've beem having a hard time parting from Samsung over the last 3yrs

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Very much agreed. I think some people that never actually owned a Samsung keep bashing them but don't understand the quality inside the phone besides the body. It may be plastic but at least it doesn't scratch and dent as easy as the HTC One.

alot of info is missing i hope android central can fill us in on the missing info. im not impressed its like same old note 2 or s4 with just an added s-pen. at this point im looking to see the HTC ONE Max and maybe other phones to decide

And thats going to run better than the Note 2 how? Just shoving more ram and cores into a phone with where we are at with them isn't going to make much difference..

3Gb's of RAM.
Sounds Good On Paper Huh?

Look at the Video Again.. The Phone STILL LAGS.. No Optimization of the Applications.. Horsepower not geared properly just sits.. and spins it's wheels.
That what I seen in Alex's preview of the Note 3.
If your eyes told you different then enjoy your new $700.00 toy in a month or two.

I don't see why people think that Samsung would get rid of their button, that's like Apple getting rid of theirs. Don't like it there are more option available. I'm glad that they did away with that shinny cheap looking back cover and went back to the original Note 1 cover although I would cover it anyway.

Interesting. Now the N5 needs to be seen so I can make my decision. This one isn't screaming "BUY ME" yet.

If you don't mind the absence of a microsd card slot and the impossibility of changing the battery... Just wait.

My $8.00 Tablet folio case has faux leather.
Can't believe it's on a $700.00 cell phone.
And it stinks when you first crack the seal.. hope Samsung aired that leather out before the consumer gets it.

Whoa whoa whoa.

Did you just gloss over the fact that it can record video in 4k?

Can any other phone do that right now?

A few are available. Some are affordable. If he records in 4K now, he can enjoy the additional detail when he gets a TV that supports it. Why do you need a 13MP camera if a 1080P display is only ~2MP? Riddle me that Batman.

If you want huge then just get a Maxx. At least you can kinda stuff that in you pocket.

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I like the back cover - especially if it feels like leather (real or fake). Hate cases but need them for many phones cause of the stupid glossy slippery back.

Samsung has reached Apple, in the sense that they can sell shit on a stick with the world Galaxy on it and the Samsung fan boys will buy it. Anything Samsung comes out with, even if its the same phone with more gimmicks people are like WOW...

Yes Apple does make a quality product.
But in all fairness my recently purchased Tab 3 8.0 is a pretty solid product as well.

Or some people have different tastes than yours? I would say many if the features showed off on the Note 3 are pretty useful. Coming from a DNA (which I love) the added functionality of the S Pen and some TW features are very appealing.

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Shit on a stick?

By this comparison, every phone out there is worse than shit, because this has the best specs of any phone out there.

How is it the same phone?

Do you have any logic behind your comments?

The upgrades that Samsung gives to its devices are worlds above Apples "upgrades", so I'm still lost.

Samsung design is clueless as usual. Faux leather and stitching...ugh. People want a more premium feel, minimal Touchwiz, and speed. Now they get an even tackier piece of plastic with the same old Touchwiz, more gimmicky features that might or might not work, and incremental improvements from the Note 2. Obviously they learned nothing from the S 4 complaints that caused them to cut production by millions of units.
Fortunately the next Nexus looks like a large screen device.

Without question the specs on this phone is topnotch. The Note 3 is a beast in every sense of the word. But once again, touchwiz just ruins everything. When is Samsung ever going to change that damn cartoony gingerbread looking UI? Can't wait to see what the next Nexus brings.

if we learned anything from the S4 it is that specs don't help lousy software. Since the S4 is already in the bargain bin might as well get that.

Never understood this... aside from the obvious issue of all the bloat bogging down the system, if you don't like the look of something, thats just another area where android shines! If you don't like the look of touchwiz, which most people don't, then install something like nova launcher and get the top rated free Jelly Bean icon pack, or any other one of your choosing, and voila! New look to your phone without touchwiz slapping you in the face each time you turn it on. And thats just if you don't root and rom... then you can change just about anything you want (more or less)

though u keep trolling my post... I agree..... But chill out on childish crap man... U gotta problem with my opinion... Keep scrolling....don't have to be a clown... It's a forum people agree debate and so on...

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Not meaning to troll, but I suppose I did... sorry... nothing personal, just having some fun. Was in a goofball mood today. I actually agree with almost everything you've said today.

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Childish crap though? Nah, just having some fun pointing out you use the acronym "smh" a lot... Maybe you shouldn't take my responses and comments so personally? Loosen up a bit, it's all in good fun. I'm not calling you names or anything so really it's no big deal. Then again, I can say whatever the hell I please, when I please. It's the internet, what's anyone gonna do about it?!

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After seeing another ho-hum cheap Samsung product this leaves the Moto X or the nexus 5 as the next logical choices in the latest crop of Android phones.

I have a feeling this will be expensive. But it's good to see 32gb and 64Gb internal memory. Thing is, the Note 2 will soon be very good value.

its started dropping in price at some locations ... not as fast as say the S4 thats have 3 price drops since release

I can't justify spending another $600 on a device that's slightly better than my G Note 2. I'll wait for something better (that new Nexus caught my eye!).

Slightly better?

50% more RAM
2x pixels
2x+ storage
.2" bigger screen

Slightly. Right. In that case Shaq is slightly taller than me.

Samsung is like apple, they don't believe in changing the design at all... Nothing wrong with it except I am looking at the OG galaxy note lol

Best news here is that you'll be able to get a Note2 (basically the same phone) for cheap when this comes out.

It looks like a overgrown S2. Scrap the product and put the features into Android. #Done

Posted via HTC One on their cool app

The only thing that's questionable to me is the "faux leather". I'll have to see and feel it in person to cast judgement. I also am not a fan of Touchwiz. Otherwise, the specs look nice.

I don't understand why pushing twice as many pixels, increasing the ram by 50% and bumping the CPU spec considerably isn't considered a worthy upgrade. I'm not sure if I had a Note 2 that I'd be compelled to get a Note 3 but with the S-Pen this device is a sure winner for those people that want a big display and a stylus input option.

In my opinion, until the other mega phones (phablets?) out there get a stylus, they aren't even in the same class as the Note. They are just a big phone whereas the Note line's S-Pen allows for functionality above and beyond a regular smartphone.

The back cover is going straight in the bin.

This is like the umpteenth time Samsung has released a flagship device just in time for Google to slap it in the face by announcing a new Android version, ffs.

Let me know when it comes with KitKat.

Please tell me that ugly fake leather look around the edge comes off with the battery cover so I have hope that replacement covers will be sold that don't look like shit as much as this does.

Posted from my HTC One from the Android Central App

I definitely want one of these. I don't care about touch wiz because I use launchers. I'll probably sell my s4 for one

Posted via Android Central App on my S4

People trip me out saying they wanted the note 3 then now they don't want it. If u are a note fan it was never for the looks its was for the phone and software that's made for the note. So if u say u don't want it now then you never wanted it. Because Samsung is Samsung and you knew the Note was going to be like very other Note. I'm still getting it

Posted via SGS4 GPE

Wow 264 comments in 6 hours. Sammy got your attention.
I like Samsung and use one every day, but is this really perfect? Not really sure.

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I need to get this device in my hands! I like what I see so far. Hurry and bring it to AT&T!

Posted via The DARK Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Gotta say that after watching the videos, reading the reviews, comparing the specs and all that other jazz, I am still torn

Honami or Note 3.

Can't believe people are on here complaining about the back in such a drastic manner, like it's the end of the world.

My Blackberry Bold 9000 launched with this type of backing, and it was loved by a lot of people. I kind of enjoyed it myself. This will add a much more premium feel (yes I know it's fake leather) to these devices when compared to slippery, slimy, sometimes even creaky plastic.

I'm still holding out for either the LG Nexus 5 with 4.4 Kit-Kat, or the LG G2 with knock-on. :-P