Samsung Flip case

If you love the feel of the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) in your hand and are really only worried about the screen, Samsung’s Flip case might be perfect for you.


Most of the cases we see are designed to protect the back and sides of the Galaxy S3 in plastic, TPU, rubber or some material that cushions against impact.  Samsung has taken a very unique position here by designing a case that really isn’t a case at all – it is more of a “cover” attached to a replacement for the back panel of the phone.

After living with the Samsung Flip Case for the Galaxy S3 a bit, it seems clear that this is designed for the individual who likes the thin, svelte design of the Galaxy S3 but is worried about scratching the screen when they put the phone in their pocket or purse.


The Samsung Flip case is a replacement for you existing battery cover. Mine was in black, so it offered an interesting look when paired with my white Galaxy S3.

design of case

The front of the Case has the Samsung name and the Galaxy S III logo embossed on the flip cover and the back simply has “Samsung” in gold lettering.   The dimensions are just like the stock back of the phone, so there is no addition to the thickness of the device and all the ports and buttons are fully accessible since this really doesn’t change the physical appearance of the phone in any way.

Front of case

Replace the back cover by gently prying it off and snap the Samsung Flip cover into place – that’s all there is to it. Now, in addition to perhaps a different cover back on your phone, you have a soft plastic cover with a felt sort of material that is on the side closet to the screen.


The Samsung Flip case doesn’t really offer any protection in the traditional way we would expect a case to protect a phone. The flip cover does protect the screen from scratches but will not protect your phone if it were to drop. One other advantage to this design is that you can place your phone on its face without worrying about scratching the screen.

Attention to detail

The manufacturer clearly makes the Samsung Flip case specifically for the phone, so it fits perfectly and the attention to detail is what you would expect. The cutouts on the back for the camera, flash and speaker are exactly the same as the stock back of the phone.

The wrap up

The Samsung Flip case is really more of a stylish cover than a case. The cover protects the screen – but so would a good screen protector. You need to flip open the cover to use the phone and answer a phone call which is a bit of a pain. It adds an element of style to the Galaxy S3. Personally, I would prefer it if the logos were all on the back of the case and the cover was devoid of advertising.

The good

  • Adds no bulk at all
  • Gives you a different colored back
  • The cover adds some style

The bad 

  • Having to flip open a cover to use the phone gets cumbersome
  • No protection to the back and sides of the phone

The verdict

The Samsung Flip case is certainly unique among case offerings. It isn’t a “case” but more of a “cover” attached to a replacement back. You can make a case that a “naked” Galaxy S3 with a good screen protector might do just as good a job – but it won’t have the style of the Flip case. 

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Reader comments

Samsung Flip Case for Galaxy S3 review


I have one for my Galaxy Note.
No complaint's here.

Works as advertised.

Only 2 drawbacks, as you mentioned no more protection for the sides and back of
phone then the stock set up and it must be removed and the stock backing
installed if using Samsung's car navigation dock. Which is pretty much
the case with any aftermarket cover/case.

I agree compeltely. I recently switched to the same G Note cover and now do not have to worry about scratches when I slip the phone into my pocket and it adds very little thickness to the phone. I will get this for the S3 also.

The back plastic is actually a fair bit thicker than the original (by fair bit i mean probably .5mm) so it does protect the camera bezel more than the standard plate. And, since it's meant to be replaceable, it serves pretty well as a sacrificial surface. The only thing not protected very well is the metal edge of the phone.

Don't use this case if you are hoping to protect your S3 from drops.
Do use this case if you want a decent screen protector, should your S3 be subjected to the interior of a backpack, purse, etc.

Would be nice if it had a place for the C-Pen. In fact, I would love to see a case with a spot for the C-Pen.

So this thing is flapping in the breeze when you are on the call? Or can you close it and continue talking?

There is a cutout for the earpiece so you can close it to talk (or bend it over backward and hold it against the back of the phone). The outside surface is a little too textured to be pressed against my face, in my opinion...

That's what the hole at the top is for. You can have it closed while talking on the phone. Sure cuts down on face grease smudging up the phone. A plus for ladies that hate getting make-up all over the screen too.

Seems like it might be harder to wipe makeup off the case than the phone.

My beard is not greasy, unless its Bar-B-Que night. ;-)

Jesus christ I want one of these for my GNex.

Also you can close it and continue talking, though really down in the south that would mean a yellow case after a days use (if you opted for white).

Flip it open and try to take a picture. See what happens? The cover blocks the camera! This product is total crap. I had one and returned it in less than 24 hours. DONT BUY!

Also if your finger is in the way and try to take a picture. See what happens?
The finger blocks the camera! Cut it off and send it back.

*First World Problems*

You could always just let the flap hang down.. That's what I did. I have more problems with my finger covering the lense over anything...

I have this case in white on mine and my wife's S3 and we love them. A major plus is to install This allows you to setup the proximity senor to shut the screen off when you close the flap. You do need to set the values of the sensor in the advanced settings and then start the service. Only downside is its not a protective case at all. I was thinking of getting a nice leather sleeve to slide it into when not using the phone.

I'm surprised its not mentioned that it doesn't actually stay closed on the screen. When its closed the cover is just hovering over it so I'm assuming you gotta hope it stsys closed if it were dropped which it prolly won't: (

This is true, its not a magnetic latch like the iPad2/3 cover so if that's what you're picturing it is a little different. However, if you hope for the cover to protect your phone during a drop even if it manages to stay shut, you are going to be disappointed. The screen on the S3 gets so close to that metal edge that as soon as it's dinged, the screen will be compromised. If you are worried about a drop I suggest a full-wrap case of hard plastic or rubber.

Any way to set the cover in a way that lets it prop up? I'll take this for my Galaxy Nexus. Anyone got a link for the lazy?:p

The cover is stylish and the fitting is tight. Unfortunately, the rubber edges on mine have begun separating after 3 weeks of having installed it. I'm going to see if I can get it exchanged.

I didn't like holding the phone in my hand with the cover folded back, kept ending up with the flap in my hand and the phone dangling. Also the flap did not stay totally closed (snug to the screen), but popped up a bit.

All in all I mostly liked it when closed....nice slim case....however when using the phone the flap was irritatingly always in the way.

I ended up returning it to verizon.

Cases & screen protectors aren't for me, i prefer bare phones, and if it gets too scuffed up i just smash it and get a replacement.. gotta love insurance..

Not everyone is willing to defraud their insurance to get a new phone. I am, and I'd say most people are, but that doesn't make it right.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the point of gorilla glass to prevent the exact thing this is supposed to protect. Don't get me wrong, it looks nice (seen them on a few G Notes), but really, what is the point of touting gorilla glass if you still have to get something else to cover it...

It is very funny that you saw that. Yup, I try to play every day - just put on a fresh set of strings and the calluses got bigger! 

Just a warning: the rubber beading around the edges of mine have started to peel off after about 1 months moderate use (its only ever on its own in my pocket)

so the vzw store here had one of these on the blue gsIII, i wanted to see what the blue looked like, but no luck...

A) It's gorilla glass 2--what, are you carrying around a pocket full of diamonds or something? B) As the article mentions, a simple, inexpensive, unobtrusive and easily replaced screen protector offers as much protection; and, C) It's one more thing to deal with before you can use your device. Oh, and D) it's ugly, or at least un-sexy compared to the Samsung designed devices it covers.

Admit it, you want one so everyone can see how serious you take your mobile device--look at me, I love my phone so much I bought it a jacket!

I have the white one for my GS3 - was thinking about getting the blue one just to mix it up a bit. I like how it looks with the White GS3 - not gonna lie.

It's great. Doesn't really get in my way too much, and does exactly what it says it will. And surprisingly, it's more sturdy than it looks.

i like the case but wonder, how do you clean the inside of the white case. can get dirty when you flip it open and use the device. mine has black smudges and just don't know the best way to go about cleaning that off.

For less than $10 more than this seemingly annoying flip case, I purchased the OtterBox Defender case on Amazon. Granted I am having to wait for it to be in stock but $32 for a different back cover and a chinsey screen cover?? -No thank you.

I do appreciate the review however :)