Samsung Captivate Froyo update

The good news: The AT&T Samsung Captivate finally has its Froyo update. They bad news -- it's available through the Samsung Kies desktop software. Kies isn't the worst thing we've ever seen, but it's still a bit ridiculous in 2011 that we're not updating everything over the air.

But I digress. The update you're getting is the same KB1 version we showed you the other night, so if you installed the leaked version, you're likely good to go. Otherwise, hit up Sammy's instructions (which are nicely done) and the massive changelog (after the break) and get to updating. [Samsung] More on the update in the Captivate forums

Home Screen

  • New home screen tips widget assists users on how to configure the home screen with shortcuts and widgets and how to make use of multiple home screens.
  • If you zoom in with two fingers on the home screen, all the panels are shown in one screen and the end user can remove the panel and/or add. The max number of panels is 7.
  • The Phone, Application, Contacts and Messaging now have dedicated shortcuts on the Home screen, making it easy to access them from any of the 7 home screen panels.

Exchange Support

  • Improved security with the addition of numeric pin or alpha-numeric password options to unlock device. Exchange administrators can enforce password policy across devices.
  • Remote wipe: Exchange administrators can remotely reset the device to factory defaults to secure data in case device is lost or stolen.
  • Auto-discovery: You just need to know your user-name and password to easily set up and sync an Exchange account (available for Exchange 2007 and higher).
  • Global Address Lists look-up is now available in the Email application, enabling users to auto-complete recipient names from the directory.

Improved Performance

  • Performance of the browser has been enhanced using the V8 engine, which enables faster loading of java-script-heavy pages.
  • Dalvik Performance Boost: 2x-5x performance speedup for CPU-heavy code over Android 2.1 with Dalvik JIT.
  • The graph to the right shows the performance speedup from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 using various benchmark tests. For example, LinPack is now more than 5 times faster.
  • Kernel Memory Management Boost: Improved memory reclaim by up to 20x, which results in faster app switching and smoother performance on memory-constrained devices.

Device Policy Manager

  • New device policy management APIs allow developers to write "device administrator" applications that can control security features on the device, such as the minimum password strength, data wipe, and son. Users can select the administrators that are enabled on their devices.

GMS Updates

  • GoogleQuickSearchBox, GenieWidget(News and Weather ) are newly added.

Data Backup

  • Apps can participate in data backup and restore, to ensure that users maintain their data after performing a factory reset or when switching devices.

Flash Player

  • Device supports Flash Player 10.1

Lock Screen

  • New lock screen mode for entering a numeric pin or alphanumeric password

Application On External Storage

  • Ability tstore and run non-forward locked apps on the SD card

Media Framework

  • New media framework (Stagefright) that supports local file playback and HTTP progressive streaming

Kernel Upgrade

  • SDI scheduling and BT improvements

Reader comments

Samsung Captivate's Froyo update now available through Kies


great now I have to wait till I get home to get the update. I was hoping that they did an ota update while I'm at work. guess now I have to wait a couple of more hours.

Think of its this way. You waiting to upgrade means that it gives more people time to upgrade, test out and report back with any problems. :)

Just completed the upgrade.......took about 10 minutes altogether.........looks great....will repost after testing

Still having GPS woes? That's harsh. The initial GPS fix solved my issues. I wonder why so many people are still dealing with this and so many others have had the issue resolved.

I've waited six months for the update, so I imagine that I can wait another week or so to make sure that nothing goes terribly awry and makes my phone go all thermonuclear.

Bricked my phone. Doesn't get out of boot screen. There aren't enough frowny emodicons in the world to display how I feel right now.

Nevermind. I hade to clear my phone so I lost everything. Luckily I backed it up first. Shouldn't have problems like that though. Fail Samsung/At&t.

-- HELP!!! *URGENT* --

Well, I updated it and then when it was supposed to reboot nicely, it did not. It started the boot animation from AT&T and then went BLACK!

- the phone was rooted and I had the Voodoo-Project LagFix on it, I don know if this have something with it.
- my phone is one of those that have GPS problems and even with the GPS Fix, it did not fix
- this phone is one of those that you can't Hard RESET or put in Download Mode by just pressing the buttons. I know that I have to use the ADB Recovery Mode, I used that to install the LagFix, but it's not working right now, I'm not able to put it in Recovery Mode or Download Mode.

Can someone help me? I needed to get this to Recovery Mode or Download Mode so I could try to flash it with Odin.


Why Samsung makes users jump through more hoops to get an official update than they would by simply rooting and installing custom ROMs is beyond me.

Any word on when this one is going to be pulled back due to some bug? I have been running KB1 since it was leaked a few days ago and have nothing bad to report, but knowing Samsung, there are always bugs. They even have bugs for Kies (full not mini) updating itself, and they want everyone to trust Kies to update their phone.

Update Successful!!!

Things to note:

1. When the instructions said to hold the volume buttons and plug it in (download mode) it was hard to tell when the computer was finished installing the drivers, as I didn't see it do anything. I waited at that screen for a few minutes and continued on with no issues.

2. When the device rebooted itself in the last step, it hung for quite a long time on the Galaxy S logo. after waiting for a while here too, I eventually unplugged it, and shortly after it went to the home screen.

I'm not reccommending people follow what I did, but just wanted to note it incase someone else had these short hangups. took about 10mins

I'm downloading and installing it as we speak!

I have gone the custom ROM route before however I haven't been happy every single one I have tried drained the battery, regardless of re-calibrations etc.

And I'm a registered user what the heck is up with the captcha?

I have a Mac, so even if I were still using my Captivate I wouldn't be able to install Froyo. This is no way to update a device in 2011. This should definitely be OTA.

So I have a Mac so until I find someone's PC to steal, I'm out of luck. BUT, what is the best way to back up data? I don't have an external sd card or anything, and I'd really prefer not to have to buy one just to update the OS.

Update was easy enough and pretty fast, but my GPS is just as bad as before. No difference one bit for me. I get a lock and everything but when I try the Directions feature when i'm driving it's constanly looking for GPS satelites. Also noticed that this Froyo update doesn't seem to fully function with bluetooth for hands free calling. So basically when I press the button on my headset it tries to connect but phone does nothing. What a piss off. I'm selling this and will keep enjoying my Nexus!

everything is working fine for me.

1. It did hang up on the S screen. after a few Minutes it loaded

2. After loading, as soon as I swiped the screen , shut off completely and the on button would not work. i reseated the battery and it came back online. Everythig is working great now

3. no issues yet. i am feeling it a little faster. Alot of options changed. I believe for the better. Alot nicer colors.

Will be testing flash soon.

is anybody else having problems with the android market after installing update? Mine keeps saying that there is an error communicating with the market...

I backed up all the important data on both my wife's phone and mine, before I did the update, to be sure. However, after the update, I've noticed no data loss on either phone. All the apps are still there, all my pictures are still there, and my contacts loaded up fine. The only "loss" I had is, like I mention below, reverting to the old look Market, my wife's phone didn't do that however.

Did the update on my wife's and my Captivate. Running Windows 7 64-bit, but didn't have any issue getting it to work. Both phones hung on the Galaxy S boot screen for a while, but once it got there I clicked ok on Mini Kies to get out of the update mode, and unplugged the phone. After a minute or two, it loaded in just fine.

So far, I'm happy with the update. Some transitions seem snappier, but that could be my imagination, or because the phone was just rebooted. For me, GPS works great. Granted, I haven't had the big issues some people have had, I've usually been able to get a lock with open sky above me after a few minutes. It is much faster though, opened up Google Maps inside my house, and got a location lock in about 20 seconds.

The only issue I have is for some reason my phone has reverted to the old look for the Android Market. All the apps are still there, just the older looking Market, which now almost looks like crap since I've gotten used to the newer look. My wifes phone still has the newer look Market, so I'm not real sure what the issue is there. Hers also updated to the new look a few days before mine.

I have the blueant headset with the android features and no voice dialing. At least not for me. This was suppose to be included with Froyo. Stupid AT&T.

Sorry guys but I believe Samsung issue not AT&T. Bluetooth dialing is a feature of 2.2.1. This one is 2.2

actually no it is AT&T that screwed us with bluetooth hands free calling. My other Captivate (Rogers SGH-I896) got Froyo weeks ago and it has BT voice calling. My Nexus also got it with 2.2 Froyo. so obviously AT&T took it out. Also my GPS is just as bad as before. What a piece of junk.

OK, after being rooted and flashing custom ROMs for months, the "official" 2.2 update was a big disappointment. The bloatware, the non-functioning GPS, low Quadrant scores, etc.

Thanks for nothing AT&T. I'm going back to flashing.

Thanks for the heads up. I encountered the same issue here. I followed the suggestion of downgrading to IE8, and the "... has stopped working" has stopped.

There's a good reason that not all updates are OTA. The lack of unlimited data being the biggest one. Why would I want a 100+ MB file to count against my allotment?

Glad its not just my imagination or wishful thinking!! I hope it lasts for more than a week or two as well. Now I've got to update my little woman's Captivate too, but her's has always been better than mine.

Hey Guys!

For all those out there who have updated their Captivate to Froyo, I was just going through my phone and I came upon this "firmware update" under their camera settings? When i clicked on it, a window popped up saying that extra fees will be charged. And when I tried to update it, it said that the item cannot be found and just brought me back to the camera settings menu. Does anyone find this on theirs as well?


Very interesting. I don't think it is to update the OS, but what do I know? The fees message made me back out fast anyway. I do love the settings we have on our electronic devices nowadays though. Just 20 years ago I would have never dreamed a phone could be an excellent computer AND a pretty darn good camera with options out the wazoo. I love technology and hope the younger generation realizes what a great time they live in.

I am happy to say that the update went very smoothly and only took 10 minutes. The phone is much faster, browser is much faster and GPS works great...locked in right away. I am very disappointed that voice dialing was not, however, included in this upgrade. I sure hope they get that taken care of as I like hands free and had that on my old very inexpensive phone. You would think for the price of this phone that would be a given. I refuse to pay AT&T another dime for this feature.

Hey everyone..I'm trying to update my Captivate on my Windows Vista PC and nothing happens when I plug in my phone to the computer. Kies is telling me to plug in my phone in Kies Connection mode, which I did, but nothing happens. I don't have Internet Explorer 9 on my computer and I've tried disabling my firewall and antivirus program for the installation but nothing is working. Can anyone help me?

Hello cesamaddict. I first went to the Samsung Froyo update page, printed the installation steps, and then downloaded the newest version of Kies Mini. I then uninstalled the previous version of Kies from my Windows 7 64-bit system. I then used CCleaner and cleaned my registry of any uninstalled Kies Mini registry entries (you may not feel comfortable doing this). Also, anytime I was told to plug the USB into my PC, I knew from previous experiences flashing a leaked ROM to plug it into the ports at the rear of my tower, the front ones just would not work for some reason. I then followed the instructions (to the letter) I had printed earlier from the Samsung Froyo update, and to my surprise, approximately 200MBs later, I had a much faster and better user experience on my favorite love/hate relationship of a phone. I really believe it turned an excellent handheld computer into a near Blackberry quality PHONE, very pleasantly surprised at this. So far, Froyo seems to be the shot in the arm my sluggish Captivate needed. And, as I said, it greatly improved it's supposed main function, being a phone.

Now a question of my own for any who can and would answer it please. Will we be able to upgrade to Gingerbread, and then Honeycomb? I hope so, but from some research I've done online, it seems the newer Android versions may require dual core processor phones. Why? Can't they makes them backwards compatible with older phones? If not, smells like they just want more money to me.

-- HELP!!! *URGENT* --

Well, I updated it and then when it was supposed to reboot nicely, it did not. It started the boot animation from AT&T and then went BLACK!

- the phone was rooted and I had the Voodoo-Project LagFix on it, I don know if this have something with it.
- my phone is one of those that have GPS problems and even with the GPS Fix, it did not fix
- this phone is one of those that you can't Hard RESET or put in Download Mode by just pressing the buttons. I know that I have to use the ADB Recovery Mode, I used that to install the LagFix, but it's not working right now, I'm not able to put it in Recovery Mode or Download Mode.

Can someone help me? I needed to get this to Recovery Mode or Download Mode so I could try to flash it with Odin.


Sounds like your bootloader got damaged. I had the exact same thing happen when flashing a rom on my captivate weeks ago. I also could not get into download mode using Volume up/down etc... I fixed the issue by buying a Jig from ebay which puts your Galaxy S device into Download Mode when you plug it into the usb on the device. I was skeptical but when I plugged it in I was immediately in Download Mode so I then hooked it up to ODIN and flashed stock. Thats my advice to you, keep us posted.

Thanks for the tip, I thought I would have a problem since I'm from Brazil, but it seems that I can get that Jig delivered here. After that I'll use the 3-buttons-fix so I don't have this kind of problem anymore. Did you flash with the stock Froyo?

I wish that Samsung releases the code of the Captivate as well, but I think the major problem isn't Samsung, it's probably AT&T.

The main problem that I have since I don't live in the US is that I don't think I will ever get my GPS working, because if wasn't for that I would have traded it already.


Don't know if you've tried this or not to get into download mode:

Connect USB cable to PC, but not the phone.

Pull the battery out of the phone, plug the cable into the phone.

Hold down (vol up and vol down) at the same time, put the battery in.

Maybe that will help you.


Thanks, i tried all the possible ways but my phone is one of those that the button thing doesn't work at all, it doesn't get into Download ou Recovery mode. Hopefully this Jig that the other guy told me will help me.

After updating to Froyo on my AT&T Captivate I lost the Camera !
Now I have to use CameraMagic to take photos, and don´t know how to take videos ! Do you know what can I do about it ? I´ve already downloaded other camera software from Android Market, but none is like the Camera software I had !
Any Help ?
Thanks since now,

I bought the Captivate with the "Absolute" assurance from both an AT&T store and a vendor that Froyo would include voice dialing over bluetooth. As it obviously does not, there are both a safety issue and now a legal issue concerning the sale and the representations.
AT&T needs to take note and FIX the voice dialing over bluetooth!

Update on voice dial over bluetooth:

I just spoke with both AT&T and Samsung tech support about Froyo 2.2 on the Captivate (SGH-i897) not incorporating voice dial over bluetooth with the 2.2 upgrade. AT&T 'doesn't know why not' and Samsung says that it was not included as part of the AT&T upgrade even though other Galaxy S phones with other carriers have the feature in 2.2. Samsung can't - or won't - state when the feature will be available.

Mine goes in the trash due to the safety and legal issues resulting from the lack of the voice dial over bluetooth feature.

after bricking 2 captivates and three calls to customer support i finally got my captivate updated. the issue was that i was using a 64 bit system. they really should have some big warning about updating using 64 bit systems.

Samsung says they don't know when bluetooth voice dial will be available for the Captivate phone. As others have posted, I was told bluetooth voice dial would be included in the 2.2 update both by Samsung and the sales rep. Not only is this inconvenient, but it is also a saftey issue. And it's not like this is rocket science...virtually all other smart phones have bluetooth voice dial.

Almost a month gone by, and I still can't make this update work. I've got two laptop computers, one running Vista Home, and one running XP.

I've dried about 20 times to upgrade on the Vista machine, I've installed Kies mini and all of the drivers for the phone half a dozen times, but doesn't seem to contact the server to download the update. I did run into the problem of a conflict with IE9, but uninstalling IE9 took away one error message and left me with the problem of not contacting the server.

On the XP machine, it finds the phone, and downloads the firmware update, but I can't find a driver for when the phone is in upload mode, so the process stops when it tries to upload the update.

I'd love any suggestions. I really like my captivate, so far I really don't like Android and the fact that it doesn't do so many things that seem basic to me, at least not without finding an app for it.