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Microsoft enterprise tools now accessible with Samsung's security platform

Samsung has today announced that it has been working alongside Microsoft to bring some of its enterprise services to Knox. Going forward accessing Microsoft Workplace Join, Windows Intune, Windows Azure and Cloud Printing of Microsoft Office documents will all be possible on Samsung mobile devices secured with Knox.

Knox becomes the first Android platform to get access to Microsoft's Workplace Join, which will be available on devices in the coming months. It's also a pretty big deal to see Samsung device users able to access Office 365 documents and cloud printing through Samsung's own platform. The two have been partners away from mobile before now, but it's still a pretty big deal to see them co-operating in mobile enterprise like this.

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Samsung KNOX™ mobile security platform to support Microsoft Workplace Join, Windows Intune, Windows Azure and Cloud Printing of Microsoft Office documents

Friday 28th February, 2014, Barcelona, Spain – Samsung Electronics announced today that Samsung KNOX will now support Microsoft’s Workplace Join to Active Directory and the Windows Intune cloud-based mobile device management solution in addition to Samsung’s Cloud Printing solution, which uses both Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform and Microsoft SharePoint.

These Microsoft technologies will improve security and productivity for workers using Samsung KNOX-enabled devices, Samsung’s end-to-end secure mobile platform solution which is designed to provide advanced data and privacy protection for enterprise workers.

Injong Rhee, Senior Vice President of KNOX Business Group, IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics said: “Samsung developed KNOX as a secure and complete mobile platform for the enterprise and we continue to evolve it to protect and respond to ever-changing enterprise mobility and security challenges. As a proud and long standing Microsoft partner, we are delighted to be able to offer their Workplace Join users with the full security and support that the Samsung KNOX platform offers. We are also pleased that Microsoft has enabled device management through Windows Intune, enabling enterprise IT managers to take full advantage of the management capabilities offered by Samsung KNOX.”

Workplace Join The Samsung KNOX platform is the first Android implementation to provide full support for Workplace Join to Active Directory, introduced by Microsoft in Windows Server 2012 R2. Offered on the latest Samsung mobile devices, Workplace Join will be available on all Samsung KNOX devices in the coming months.

Workplace Join enables users to register their devices of choice with their company to allow access to corporate resources. By controlling access to corporate resources, IT administrators can manage risk while helping users remain productive. As a seamless experience for end users, Workplace Join offers a second factor of device authentication through Active Directory.

IT organisations will gain the stronger authentication that enterprises demand for access to sensitive resources. With the integration of Workplace Join into the Samsung KNOX platform, enterprise IT administrators can be assured that employees that bring their own Samsung mobile device will be able to be strongly authenticated and allowed access to corporate resources.

Bob Kelly, Corporate Vice President, Cloud & Enterprise Business Development, Microsoft said: “In line with our commitment to serve enterprises and users in heterogeneous IT environments, we are pleased to work with Samsung to bring Microsoft’s trusted, cloud-enabled, enterprise BYOD capabilities to Samsung devices. Like Windows device users, Samsung mobile customers will now be able to take advantage of seamless authentication for access to enterprise resources, and Enterprise IT will be able to manage those devices and users through the cloud with Windows Intune. We are also excited to see Samsung use Windows Azure and Office 365 cloud capabilities to give users a smartphone printing experience that rivals desktop and laptop printing results, with Samsung Cloud Printing. We see many opportunities to collaborate with Samsung in the future to continue providing enterprise-grade solutions for BYOD environments.”

Windows Intune Microsoft’s Windows Intune provides first class support for Samsung mobile devices supported with the KNOX platform. By implementing management APIs provided on the Standard platform, IT administrators can comprehensively manage Samsung mobile devices via the Windows Intune administration console and enable device access in high security environment, KNOX.

Samsung Cloud Printing with Windows Azure Samsung Cloud Printing uses the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform and Microsoft SharePoint to provide PC quality printing experiences on mobile devices. Mobile users will be able to easily print documents directly from their smartphone, with results that will be indistinguishable from a printout of the document from a desktop or laptop computer.


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Samsung announces support for Microsoft services with Knox


They are willing to sell their souls in order to fight apple. Pathetic.

Posted via Android Central App

He's almost certainly an Apple troll/astroturfer. They apparently ordered some call centre at Apple to get accounts at Android sites ahead of the S5 launch, just to spew their typical Apple hate on everybody. Just look at the comment history of the majority of the Samsung bashers.

Don't even worry about this guy. He sold his soul to apple a long time ago...

Nexus 5...enough said

Samsung has guaranteed I never buy another of their phones that isn't a GPe model. Hope they keep making them.

As if Samsung will care that hmmm is not buying their phone.

Hate this nonsense that aluminum is premium

Microsoft, part of RockStar Consortium, suing Google, because they produce NO products and just own patents, will be coming after Samsung Next after Google.

My question is why also, unless Samsung worked out a deal of sorts.

Samsung are in this business to make money not to please some hipster on android central

Hate this nonsense that aluminum is premium

Seriously, this is the kind of stuff that will keep Samsung on top. They could not care less that some neckbeard hates them because haxxor.

Posted via Android Central App

I hate Knox because it makes the bootloader uncrackable, but...

This is overall good news. Getting access to more "real" work tools on mobile is always a good thing. Phones and tablets are still glorified toys that no real work can be done on. Steps like this one will slowly move them in the direction of real machines.

Posted via Android Central App

"Phones and tablets are still glorified toys that no real work can be done on." Dumbest thing I have ever read!

If you consider typing emails and displaying content "real work" then i guess it is.

If you consider "real work" to be graphical design, CAD, creating and compiling code, photoshop, involved spreadsheets, true multitasking, or creating any profession grade content like I do, then yes they are gloried toys. They do not have the computing power or input capabilities to accomplish any of these tasks on a substantial level yet.

I think we'll being seeing more stuff like this from all the platforms. Enterprise is where they can make money. The consumer market is fickle and always changing (because consumers are never satisfied). The enterprise market isn't as fickle and fast moving. They look for a suite of services and want to buy devices that will last for a few years. How companies make money off of enterprise isn't hardware, it's the services they offer. It's a pretty great business move for Samsung, especially since they are trying to break into enterpise (which is a tough market to get into). I'm sure Google will be stepping up their enterprise focus in the upcoming future as well, especially with Google Glass.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah I don't get the hate here.

I understand some of the Android geeks hate Knox because it makes hacking more difficult. But this is something that will help Android (via Samsung) in the enterprise space, where iOS already has a foothold and Windows Phone is gaining ground.

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Wouldn't touch another Samdung device with a ten foot pole.
I have an S4 and Samdung devices have a disease, "KNOX pox".

Done with Samdung.