Galaxy S4 Mini

Dual-core 1.7GHz CPU, 4.3-inch qHD SuperAMOLED screen, UK launch in July

Samsung has announced the much-anticipated and heavily-leaked Galaxy S4 Mini. As the name suggests, it's a miniature version of the Galaxy S4, and like the Galaxy S3 Mini, it's packing suitably downsized specs inside its diminutive chassis.

The Galaxy S4 Mini rocks a 4.3-inch qHD (960x540) SuperAMOLED display, and is powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM. Around the back there's an 8-megapixel camera, on the front is a 1.9MP front-facer. There's also 8GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD card. Powering everything is an 1,900mAh battery.

The Galaxy S4 Mini boasts many of the headline software features of its larger sibling. It's running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with the latest TouchWiz UI, and in today's press release Samsung highlights features like Sound and Shot, S Translator and S Health, as well as WatchON TV capabilities through a built-in IR blaster.

Connectivity-wise, you're looking at Wifi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and 3G/4G radios. Samsung says there'll be 3G, 4G LTE and dual-SIM variants, though the availability of these SKUs will vary depending on country.

The Galaxy S4 Mini will be shown off to attendees at Samsung's "Premiere 2013" event at London's Earls Court exhibition center on June 20. No release date has been revealed just yet, but the manufacturer did confirm that it'll be available in black and white color options.

We've got today's press release, along with more images, after the break.

Update: UK retailer Phones4u has confirmed that it'll offer the Galaxy S4 Mini "when it becomes available in the UK in July 2013."

A powerful, compact smartphone designed to fit busy lifestyles

London, UK – May 30, 2013 – Samsung Electronics today announced the Galaxy S4 Mini, a powerful, compact version of its bestselling smartphone, the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 Mini delivers the superior performance, intuitive ease-of-use and sleek design of the Galaxy S4 in a portable chic and compact design.

Simon Stanford, Vice President of IT & Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland said: “Demand for the Galaxy S4 has been phenomenal since it launched in April and we hope to build on this success with the Galaxy S4 Mini. This new handset is the ideal smartphone companion for anyone who wants a compact device packed with innovation.”

With a 4.3” qHD Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy S4 Mini offers stunning images and content. At just 107g, the lightweight and compact design enables you to carry and use the device easily with one hand. The Galaxy S4 Mini also boasts powerful performance, equipped with a 1.7GHz dual core processor and supports many of the same intuitive features as the Galaxy S4, designed to enhance different aspects of life.

Capturing Memories
The Galaxy S4 Mini allows you to capture important moments in life with an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera as well as a 1.9-megapixel HD front-facing camera. Special features include Sound&Shot, which stores sounds and images together, Panorama Shot which allows you to take a full view of what you are seeing, and Story Album, which automatically arranges photos in a smart format – photos taken by Galaxy S4 Mini are automatically gathered and saved according to your timeline, geo-tagging information or specific event, to create a photo album. You can also receive travel assistance and information services through the S Travel preloaded app which can even recommend a new trip and provide destination guides.

Sharing and Connecting
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini means you can share content with others around you easily. Simultaneously listen to the same music and play the same games as your friends with Group Play, and chat with multiple friends with animations, video and voice recording added to messages using ChatON.

Environment Features
The Galaxy S4 Mini features S Translator, for instant translation using text or voice on applications including email, text message and ChatON. You can also control your environment through WatchON’s IR remote which transforms the device into a remote to control your home entertainment systems including TV, set-top box and DVD player. Content available includes live TV, cable TV and VOD based on the information provided EPG (Electronic Program Guide). In addition, Samsung Link* will help you share content across multiple Samsung digital devices. *Available in select countries. Previously called AllShare Play.

Wellbeing Features
The Galaxy S4 Mini keeps you up to date with health and wellbeing information. Downloadable from Samsung Apps, S Health enables you to monitor your calorie balance. It can calculate each step taken daily, monitor sleeping patterns, calculate weight and share real time heart rate information**. Adapt Display provides an optimal viewing experience, customised for each type of application, and Adapt Sound offers an optimal level and type of sound, personalised for each user. ** Functionality such as monitoring weight, heart rate and sleeping patterns is possible through the use of fitness accessories which are sold separately.

The Galaxy S4 Mini will be available in two colours – White Frost and Black Mist. There will be a 4G LTE version, 3G version, and 3G Dual Sim version. Details on which variants will be ranged in the UK and the UK shipping date will be announced in due course.

Media and invited partners will be provided with hands-on product experiences of the Galaxy S4 Mini at Samsung’s 2013 Premiere for Galaxy & ATIV, in London on Thursday, June 20th.


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Samsung announces Galaxy S4 Mini


8G internal Storage?

I just got the 16GB Galaxy S4, and half of the storage was already used when I got it, I certainly hope they slimmed it down for the S4 Mini.

Inadequate for so many reasons. Crossing this off my list.
It was sure to have superior brightness and clarity to the full size S4 due to different screen tech used, but that won't save it in the face of everything else they did to cripple it for anyone but accidental purchasers/casual android users.

This phone is nothing but an S2 with a resolution upgrade and a new exterior.
All the other upgrade touches are just software which of course contributes $0 to the cost of a phone when it is available as a free download for all.
In other words this is a 2 year old phone.

With crippled specs, no less. It's a shame you can't get an Android phone with top tier specs without having to get a 5" screen along with it. I'm sure a lot of people like the bigger screens, but not everyone does.

"It's a shame you can't get an Android phone with top tier specs without having to get a 5" screen along with it." <----omg yes! (I miss my tiny Palm Pre)

Why exactly can't they make a smaller version of the S4 without gutting the specs? Seems like they're missing out on a ton of potential buyers.

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the cool post.

If at present, the Dual-Core smartphone (may be Dual-core 1.5 GHz or higher) is called mid-range smartphone then those devices should have at least 720p screen, 1GB or 1.5GB RAM, internal storage should be at least 16GB (expandable slot 32GB), 8MP rear camera with 1080 n front camera should be 2 with 720p capabilities.

Because Quad-Core smartphone is running well with huge competition at current time. and Octa is soon going to hit the smartphone world.

Thanks in Advance

He Gave Them Eyes.. But They Cannot See...

Why Oh Why.. Does this "Geek Squad" think every single phone created was created for them ??? Really..

The World at large DOES NOT share your morbid fascination with Every..Single..Phone having to be bleeding edge technology.. LOL!!! My Gawd!

I am sure at 1,700 MHz and having 1.5 Gigs of RAM.. It will move through the 4.2.2 Touchwiz UI just fine for the AVERAGE CONSUMER.. If the Geek Squad only realized how very small of a minority you really are.. you would be stunned..

The majority of people don't sit in circles saying "My phone has 2 Gigs of RAM! yours only has 1.5 !! and...and..and I have a Quad-Core Phone! only have Dual-Core!!....... Who gives a sh!t..really.. For folks that want a newer phone that fits in their shirt pockets, is good for Mom or Dad or maybe a young teen, or a travel phone or a host of other uses other than getting their nuts off to a 2 Gig of RAM 4 Processing Cores phone, this phone will have it's place in the market.. So relax... No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to buy it.. Go lock yourself into a spanking new contract until the summer of the year 2015 or pony up the $680.00 for that nut blasting get your rocks off! S4..

THIS! you've just said what I wanted to say so thank you for saving me the time lol.. People need to realise that outside the techies spec mean sh** all.

It's funny how some people can't see things from another's perspective. My wife is perfectly content with her Galaxy Exhibit (the S3 mini one). I winced at the thought of one gig free, but she couldn't care less. She has the Facebook app and a browser, she's pretty much set. To her, a phone that costs under $250 once a year is much better than a $600 phone every two years.

I couldn't have said it better myself! I know people who are still happily using the old school Motorola RAZR flip phone! lol

Also you can buy Macs with quad core 8 cores or 12 core proccecors and max RAM in a Mac Pro is 64 GB with 6 HDD slots. So HOW ON FUCKING EARTH is Apple stuff under powered or "old"?

Really wish people would stop assuming that dual-core = bad and quad-core automatically means its better than dual-core. That's just not the case.

It a disgrace that Samsung has dumb down the technology on the S4 mini - thinking that only low price buyers would be interest in a smaller size smartphone. I guess Samsung keep leave room open for Apple new upcoming iPhone 5S to fill in the orders for buyers who like smaller size screen with cutting edge technology in it! Dumb move Samsung.

Because it's Samsuck and they need to saturate the market with as many stupid Galaxy variants as possible.
Yes I understand there are different phones for each market but sheesh Samsuck needs to slow down with all these releases.

I just wonder, why they don't put the Dual-SIM in every phone.
Bottem line, it would cost them less, because of reduction in versions to develop, maintain and market.

I reckon Samsung wants to make it possible to challenge Apple and defeat them on the smartphones market, they are producing so fast waw they have already talked about the Galaxy Zoom, the Active and the Mini that's astonishing!
samsung galaxy s4