CSR Racing

Try out a different kind of racing game and win a new tablet to play it on in the process

CSR Racing isn't your standard racing game requiring lots of fine motor skills to steer and navigate a track. It instead focuses on building up your car collection by street drag racing, focusing on proper use of car upgrades, accelerating and shifting to win races. With a deep story line taking you through an RPG-like experience and high-quality graphics, there's a whole lot of content here to enjoy playing through.

Hang around after the break to take a better look at CSR Racing and learn how you could win a Nexus 7 in the process.

After learning a bit more about the game and having time to give it a try, now we get to the contest. To enter to win a 16GB Nexus 7 tablet courtesy of CSR Racing, leave a comment below answering the following question:

"Which of the cars featured in CSR Racing would you most want to own, and why?"

  • For reference, the CSR Racing team has offered a full listing of the cars available in the game right here.
  • We'll be keeping the comments open here until Friday, July 5th for people to give their answer, then we'll pick one lucky winner who will receive a 16GB Nexus 7.
  • One comment entry per person, let's keep things clean.
  • The contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Good luck!


Reader comments

Play CSR Racing and win a Nexus 7 tablet!



BMW M6. Wonderful everyday car and yet a smooth twin turbo v8. It would leave room for my own money to finance the toys with more of a pure approach.

The Nissan GT-R, please. I've always loved JDM.
The other day I saw one GT-R in El Paso, TX and fell in love. That's one hell of a car, the motor's sound is deep and it's extremely fast. It's also a hi-tech car and I can go on and on for days. I just love it.

The Pagani Huayra because it's a real super-car. The company just makes one type at a time to perfect it and after seeing it on Top Gear it has moved to the top of my list. It's so awesome the next best thing is driving it while playing CSR Racing on a new Nexus 7.


That car is amazing looking and wood be a blast to drive. German engineering at it's finest! Taking corners at 80 mph and passing people on the freeway ... can't wait!

Without a doubt, would choose my favorite car, the Nissan GT-R. There is such great history and lineage to this car that money cannot buy and would feel proud to own one, one day....lol

if I didnt have the pay the gas and the insurance I'd take the McLaren MP4, fast, good line.
if it was a car i actual was going to drive for real Focus RS would make a better daily driver.

Audi R8 V10 for me. I've loved the look of these cars since they first debuted. If I ever win the lottery this will be one of the first things I buy!

Ford Mustang Boss 302. It has plenty of horsepower but is a practical daily driver. Especially with SYNC which I've come to really be fond of. All around a very comfortable and awesome car with classic American muscle.

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It doesn't get better than this.. speed, looks, comfort... what else do u need from a car.. waitttt for it... a SUPER CAR

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, Why? because its the car I've always wanted a Merc but have known I'll never be able to afford it.

Easy choice: Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. Thinking about my uncle who died of cancer almost exactly a year ago. He was a huge fan and a proud owner of Mercedes.

Its got to be the Mini Cooper S which has to be the coolest car ever made. Just driving one would make you feel like the star of the Italian Job.. The coolest film ever!

Would for sure go with the Audi A1 S-line. Compact, Great gas mileage, and fast too what more could you ask for.

R8 LMS ULTRA. because it is so far beyond any remote possibility of actually occurring in my lifetime (damn those student loans) that it would simply be awesome to walk up to in a parking lot, hit the unlock button on the key-less remote, and watch people's reactions.

I'd love to own the McLaren MP4-12c! Why? Why the hell not? It's a dream super-car, and we can dream, right? :D

GTR hands down. Super car performance at a reasonable price. Great looks together with great performance. Sooo wish I could just drive one.

HAS to be a mustang! I guess the mustang gt, altho all the mustangs shown for the game would work for me! I'm "old school" ---so I don't need a "beemer" . Hope I win-I studied the game!

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet - I'm on my second Mustang GT and owning the ultimate factory Mustang, the Cobra Jet, would be a dream come true for this Mustang fanatic!

I'd have to have the Mini John Cooper Works. It's a work of art, and has been my dream car since the first JCW was announced. Each time I see one puttering around town I get the sickest form of envy.

Really want the Audi R8 V10 FSI.. I had the BMW M3 and was so close to getting the Audi but lost all my data :)

AUDI R8 LMS ULTRA AWD - Live in Alaska and need the AWD in luxury. The ground clearance may be a problem with all the pot-holes though.

Definitely an Audi R8. They are fast and the most aesthetically pleasing to me. The design makes me think car ahead of its time.

Pagani! Don't really have a reason or excuse other than, why not! Really enjoyed CSR and so did my friends. Keep up the good work Devs! Could you please bring the online racing that IOS has though? Myself and my friends have been dying for that. Thanks.

Mini Cooper --- such a beautiful masterpiece from Mini...:) an all-in-one package with lots of things that can be done...just loving it!:)

Definitely the Corvette ZR1. I have wanted a 'vette ever since I have been a kid. The only way I would change my answer would be if the 2014 Stringray was in the game.

I'd say the Dodge charger, because it's still an American muscle car that can easily be tuned and customized for drag racing without having to change too much of the body. Plus it's cool!

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I would love to have the McLaren MP4 12C. The car is as technical a marvel as its name evokes. Its engineered to the last detail for the single purpose of speed.

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BMW M6 Coupe, because I just love the way that car looks. And the Ford Mustang 302 because my girlfriend loves Mustangs. I would love to own those cars.

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Mustang cobra jet is my favorite. It looks like a monster filled with power and the huge tires in the back look awesome. If it had the monster energy vinyl setup then it would look even better. :)

While there are plenty of fast cars on that list, the one I'd most like to own would be the Mini Cooper S. Strange, I know, but it's the one I'd use the most and get the closest to "living up to its potential".

Nissan GT-R - it reminds me of the Skyline from all the classic NFS games, which I am a die hard fan of :)

Camaro SS! my dream car! I had one, black, t-top, leather interior, fully loaded, V8, dual exhaust,800.00 apiece rims. my babieeeee! My then teenage son wrecked it :(

Pagani Huayra hands down I love the look of the Pagani cars and lets be honest its unlikely I'll ever have the money to throw down to buy a million dollar car.

Mini Cooper S - Yellow with a black top. It was the first new Mini I saw and I fell in love. Just don't know how I'll fit my kids in the back :)

The Mini Cooper S it's just amazingly cute and fast, suits all my needs. It's my little dream car to own :)

The Dodge Challenger as I have fond memories of driving one when they first came out for real.

NISSAN GT-R ofcuz, the all wheel drive makes me crazy, handling and control of vehicle at a top speed. Futhermore, GTR is also great for drifting, wOo~~enjoy it ^_^

Definitely the Charger RT, its fast enough and it has 4 doors so I could still put the car seats in.

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I would definitely want to own the BMW m6 coupe because its both powerful and classy.

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Somehow I've always had an eye for Chevy Camaro ZL1 for it's awesome combination of sleek and sexy design (don't ask, LOL!) and high power performance, so I'll definitely choose it!

Camaro SS - RWD To be honest, the guy next door has this ..so i'm seeing it everyday..every morning :( i'm like damn..

"Nissan GT-R"
I am bowled over by the classy looks of this one and also Nissan is my favorite manufacturer. Also this one has the All Wheel Drive

My second option would be the "Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren"

First off I love this game and I'd love to own a GTR I love the way that car is designed and it's my favorite car so why not.

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Camaro ZL1. My favorite car of all time is the 68, The new ZL is more car than a lot of daily drivers, exudes danger and is just plain worthy to the name stamped on it. Both the bow tie and the line.

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Audi TT RS. I've been a long time fan of Audi TTs, and I think the car is a good compromise between being awesome and not being so awesome that I would not dare getting it out of the garage.

McLaren Mercedes SLR. I once saw it on one of the episodes of Top Gear and I absolutely fell in love with it.

The McLaren MP4-12C, looks great, spectacular performance, flexible supspension, reliable engineering. A race-bred pedigree that's hard to beat.

Have been playing the game since a long time months before this contest, am at level 4 and love the game and love the PAGANI
Huayra - RWD, what sheer acceleration it has even with no upgrades. I wish I could play it on a nexus so give me one :)

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The BMW M6 is the car that I would most love to own. I am a huge fan of the coupe style of car and this is BMW's finest coupe available currently, in my opinion.

I'd have to go with a Nissan GT-R. 545hp, AWD and Nissan reliability. Plus it's not so exotic that I'd worry about driving it. It would just make for an excellent daily driver & track car.

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I'm not picky, and while I like outlandish cars, I still think I would be more than content with my Nissan Altima... Out of all the cars in the game, I choose it because my best friend owns one and we hang out in the car a lot on the weekends... It's roomy, functional, not to mention fast :)

Well, thinking about this from a realistic point of view. Economics is the driving, (pun intended) factor, for what car is tangible to me. Actually , I sit in a demographic that leaves me still needing to shift up even to attain my choice of cars... The Mini Cooper S. But heck, even if I could afford more, the sexy Mini is a tough one to skip over. Looks sharp in all of its customizable tweaks. Great on gas, the pocket and in turn the old lady like that! Turns heads. Handles more than meets the eye, yet stealthily avoids unnecessary attention from itself, that the more testosterone built machines get... from police to those overzealous road warriors always looking to one up one another. I know I"ll find a spot to fit into, and love the one try parallel park job that everyone in the car said no way your going pull off. This baby is full of little rewards you just have to love it! I mean just ask Jason Bourne. Who doesn't want to take it down a long set of stairs to get around the traffic jam in their respective municipality? M-i-n-i...M-i-n-i...M-i-n-i...!

Hey, its still friday, right? Better late than never. Definitely always late though. Maybe a little tablet with its capabilities can help me out with that problem and help put me back on track. I can provide my own shock and awe to those who see me finally be on time or actually remember appointments or better yet, Birthdays! Now I'm begging and sounding pathetic. Alright, and thanks for the opportunity and the great site.

I would like a Ford Focus ST because it is sporty but I would actually be able to afford to drive it around. If we're going total fantasy then I want a McLaren MP4.

I love mercedes benz sls amg. Because, it has a 6.2 litre v8 engine with 7 speed automatic gear. The horsepower is 583 at 6800 rpm and what more do u want. Its a luxurious, expensive, fast, beautiful car. I always wanted that car