CSR Racing

Try out a different kind of racing game and win a new tablet to play it on in the process

CSR Racing isn't your standard racing game requiring lots of fine motor skills to steer and navigate a track. It instead focuses on building up your car collection by street drag racing, focusing on proper use of car upgrades, accelerating and shifting to win races. With a deep story line taking you through an RPG-like experience and high-quality graphics, there's a whole lot of content here to enjoy playing through.

Hang around after the break to take a better look at CSR Racing and learn how you could win a Nexus 7 in the process.

After learning a bit more about the game and having time to give it a try, now we get to the contest. To enter to win a 16GB Nexus 7 tablet courtesy of CSR Racing, leave a comment below answering the following question:

"Which of the cars featured in CSR Racing would you most want to own, and why?"

  • For reference, the CSR Racing team has offered a full listing of the cars available in the game right here.
  • We'll be keeping the comments open here until Friday, July 5th for people to give their answer, then we'll pick one lucky winner who will receive a 16GB Nexus 7.
  • One comment entry per person, let's keep things clean.
  • The contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Good luck!


Reader comments

Play CSR Racing and win a Nexus 7 tablet!


The car featured in CSR Racing that I would most want to own is Z1 Corvette.
Why? Because that car is me! YES!


Which would I want to own? If you mean to actually use, then the Nissan GT-R. It's engineering in motion -- functionality given the power of flight.

If you mean to keep in my garage, as a hypercar showpiece? The Pagani Huayra. No question. That thing is pure, unadulterated car-porn.

McLaren MP4-12C so I can pretend I'm Jenson Button and think I helped design the car. And so I can imagine my other car is a F1 car. :)

Audi R8 - because of the styling, it's stunning. And because it's actually available with a proper manual transmission.

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The Audi R8 CSR is a sweet ride that handles so well on the street and insanely on the track. Slip differential just doesn't get any better than that.

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Audi A1 fast light and stylish not to mention its a very inexpensive car despite all the features!!!!

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Mustang cobra jet! It isn't the newest or fastest. But you can't beat old-school muscle, and I'd love to own one! ....That and a Nexus 7.

I would probably go for the GT-R. As much as I love the really high dollar cars, this car has pretty close to those specs for several hundred thousand cheaper and much more possibility for upgrades!! I love being able to make the car my own rather than just buy the best one off the lot. It's still a head turner wherever you go with def. curb appeal..

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I think I'll be lame and say the Mini Cooper S (out of the listed models). Mostly because I live in a city with lots of narrow streets, so a tiny car would reduce my chance of crashing into someone who's parked too far over!

Mustang cobra jet is my personal favorite...it's American...it's fast...and it hooks up predictably....and flies

I would choose the PAGANI Huayra because it's fast, sexy,and it isn't well Known unlike the others. Plus, I will never have the chance in real life to drive it lol.

P.S.- In your car listing, you Accidentally listed the camaro ss under the Ford section.

Dodge viper. Its a true beauty and a shame in my country their rarely seen!

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Mini Cooper S, because UK. But country issues aside, I'd go for Mustang GT for it's pure power and good looks. xD

The Audi A1 because its a small luxury hatch that would be so different than anything on the streets here in the u.s

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I always said if I hit the lottery I would buy a 69' Boss and buy it's newest incarnation the new FORD MUSTANG BOSS 302. I sat in it at the Ny auto show and almost cried knowing I'd never own it lol as the seats hugged me lol.

Ive always wanted a skyline since I first saw fast and furious. So the Nissan GTR would be my choice. Sure its not the fastest or the best looking in the game compared to the other cars, but its my favorite.

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Ford GT40! It's THE best American car ever (in my opinion). It's been my dream car since the re-release in 2006. It's a beast of a beauty!

Camaro ZL1, because it's a new spin on a classic muscle car that's hard not to stair at as it drives past.

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Mustang GT because, even though I do not particularly love Ford, the Mustang was my first love in the car department and they are still turning heads today.

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I kill it with the Camaro ZL1 but that Challenger SRT looks sweet, perfect blend of classic style with modern power. Love CSR racing, great game

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Definitely the Charger RT – AWD. I'm a big guy with a family and need a big car. I hate squeezing into a coupe.

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Mustang Boss 302 because it is a big upgrade over my Mustang GT and I know it can serve as a reliable family car for at least as long as my kids still have to sit in the back seat.

Mustang Boss 302 because it is a big upgrade over my Mustang GT and I know it can serve as a reliable family car for at least as long as my kids still have to sit in the back seat.

How do I delete a double post?

The Pagani Huayra - RWD, such a beautiful car. I would never be able to afford one in real life

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Nissan GTR, hands down.

Why? You kidding? A 542hp, 3800lb monster. Plus, they're talking about making a hybrid. A light fast racing machine that you could actually drive every day and not look like a total douche? I'll take two please. And my tablet. Hook it up!

Dodge Challenger SRT8 while it has a classic style , modern cars performance ......its just the muscle car that i want

This is easy. I'd want the BMW M3 coupe. I had an Audi A4 and that was my first German made car. IMO, German cars have the best handling and are built for sport while providing top of the line luxury. I don't buy American cars any longer.

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Audi R8 LMS ULTRA V10 because it has updated transmission, 570 PS V10 engine with high torque at low speeds, great cooling systems, aerodynamic design.

would love to play the CSR version on the Nexus7.

Nissan GT-R in black please; easily for the AWD and looks. Always wanted one... if only I were rich.. lol

BMW M3. Quality luxury and speed. What more could you want? That or an Audi R8, I could be happy with either one.

The Nissan GTR...I think its the best sports car you can buy for less than $100,000. Performance wise, it can beat out most Italian and German cars, minus the Italian and German price tag. It would be a no-brainer for me!

Dodge Challenger SRT8. Nothing beats a good muscle car.

My favorite car overall however, which isn't in the game is the Dodge Viper, or the DeLorean (well the one that comes pimped out with a flux capacitor and Mr. Fusion).

The Audi R8 would be my choice. I used to work as a parking attendant and got to drive one. Its an awesome car and feels great when you're behind the wheel.

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Nissan GT-R. Most awesome performance for the money and a real looker too. Also makes it into the "two second club." Dreamery.

Dodge Challenger SRT8 because it blends the old with the new. And it inspires to hold on to the american muscle we have all come to love and appreciate.

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The Camaro SS - RWD. That's my dream car I can't afford. Hopefully I'll have one soon.

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My dream car is the Mclaren Slr. That car is so beautiful! Love to have one. But I can't, at least I can drive one in CSR!

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Mini Cooper S -FWD, because it is the most popular car in South Africa, with the largest car club network.

I would most want to own the Mini Cooper S because I have just gotten my license, and my parents and I are shopping for a car. The Mini Cooper will most probably be the car I will buy.

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Camaro Zl1, I've always been a fan of the camaro and the shape is just wonderful, also that v8 6.2 engine should make a melodious sound :3

2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca. Basically purpose built race car that is still street legal, this thing is a monster on the track. I'd love to throw one around some curves.

Audi? BMW?? FERRARI????? NO. I would like a batmobile and if be fine with that instead. On a serious note imagine the possibility of having the TUMBLER on a racing game!!! IN A BURNOUT GAME!!!! *MIND BLOWN*

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Camaro ZL1 without a doubt. It's a sexy piece of machinery that can hold its own against higher end cars and I've loved Camaros since I first saw one as a kid.

My dream car is and always will be the Dodge Viper SRT10, next to that would be the Dodge Challenger SRT8 - RWD. Just a beautiful muscle car with a classic look, plus was the greatest birthday present for the greatest spy agent ever, Malory Archer. Thanks Dodge.

I would love to have the money to trick out a Nissan GT-R. You can't get a better base car to start with, and I've seen video of 1000+ HP GT-R's that make many other cars look silly.

It would have to be the Nissan gtr, it's beautiful tears up cars costing tens of thousands more. And you don't have to be a professional driver to get the most out of it.

Nissan GT-R because fast as hell and not an exotic, still pretty expensive though, I'd settle for anything though haha

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Pagani Huayra because of the badass active aero system. Maybe the Audi R8 V10 for a daily driver being more reliable?

The Camaro ZR1, its an all American muscle car, kinda like the Nexus branded Google goodness packed into 7 inches of "oh my", always support anything made here :-)

The Audi R8 or the GTR.. have been a fan of nissan ever since i saw one online and as for the R8, just an amazing car with looks to kill!!

Obviously the BMW 1M Coupe because it is no longer in production and also it is the best beemer made in a long time, especially for this generation. Perfect combination of what BMW used to be known for.

I'll take one of those sweet Audi R8 V10s...525hp and AWD should get me through that quarter-mile rather quickly!

I'd have to say the Corvette ZR1. I've always liked Corvettes because they are just badass, lol.

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The Mini Cooper S, as it is a dream car for my wife who drives all her cars like Charlize Theron in The Italian Job!

I would like to own the Nissan 370Z. Simply because I love Nissan and ever since I was a kid I wanted that car. :-)

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R8 V10 FSI I just absolutely love this car! My dream car, but games are the only way I can afford it:(, but still a great looking car! And great performance!!!

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My two favorite's are the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren and the Nissan GT-R.
From playing racing games for years on home consoles, now I can take my dream cars with me everywhere and admire their beauty.

R8 V10 FSI - I just love this car! Awesome looking and great performance, pity I can only afford it in games:(. Best car ever!!!!!!!!!!!

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Must own the Pagani Huayra - RWD...! I'll settle for a new tablet though :D'

Seeing as this is a fun ask, I'll list a few more that make up my top 5 from the game:

Audi R8 V10 FSI - AWD
McLaren MP4- 12C – RWD
Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren – RWD
Ford GT - RWD

Though very impractical, I would enjoy owning the McLaren MP4- 12C most. Just imagine how good I would look pulling up to church in that thing!

The BMW m6 coup. It's a fast sleek ride that you can't help but look twice. Probably gets decent gas milage :p

If i have money for maintenance and all the other costs of high end sports cars? Nissan GT-R

if not... the Altima :p

in the real world.. i want to own.. BMW 125i Coupe i think, i love small cars. its really suitable for me. small compact, the right choice for a little family

Gee I want a BMW 1M - returning to the roots of sports cars. Small, light, fast handling - I'd love to take it to a hill climb. Pure fun - no macho nonsense, no excess.

I choose the Nissan GT-R. It's a high tech car which can beat a lot of other high end cars for a much lower price.

I would want to win the Dodge Challenger SRT8 – RWD because its the most sexiest car in the universe.

R8 V10 FSI - AWD - Because it's gorgeous, it's speedy, and it's also the one I'm going to get on tier 4, as soon as I beat Alieda :)

Ford Focus RS. Because I own a Fiesta, and I do envy those with the Focus. Love that car! It's fast, it's interior is beautiful and very technologically advanced!

Dodge Challenger SRT8, Why?: because its just an awesome ride, it got the looks, the muscle but as i live in the Netherlands en we pay about 2.323341 million Euro's in vehicletax just to buy this car it wont happen anytime soon... :-(

So many amazing cars in this game, but i'm gonna have to go with the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, ever since i first saw the SLR i have had a crush on that thing, it is simply an amazing mix of raw power and mind blowing design!

What's more iconic than the Cobra Jet? The Ford GT40, so I'd go with the Ford GT. Besides it's obvious iconicity, it heralds the old and better days of muscle cars of yore, you're not an asshole for owning one, no one has a problem with it (besides those brits that are just jealous that Jezza got one), and it's a beast no matter what the driver sets his mind to.

What else?
The Chevy Camaro of course!
Wish it could turn into Bumblebee and take me to Optimus :D
But reality check.. I love to use it on the CSR Racing. ;)

I would LOVE to have a Dodge Charger RT.
Here in the Netherlands there aren't a lot of American cars, and this beast is as American as it can get.
I would tour it around my city for hours, days, weeks during summer. Windows open, that guzzling sound from under the hood. Just freaking lovely!

I would choose the Pagani Huayra. When I first saw it on Top Gear (UK) I thought it was the best looking super car if not hyper car and Pagani have proved themselves with the Zonda line.

Corvette ZR1. Grew up going to vette shows with my dad and always loved them.

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I would love to own the Nissan GT-R because its a mad racer that I could drive & enjoy every day, on the public highway or on the track!

Cheers CSR Racing & AC ;)

Definitely a GT-R, why you ask? It's got the power of a supercar in a very un-supercar like price..(well 100k is a lot still). It's got a lineage of many Skylines before it that have literally defined a generation of car enthusiasts.

I'd have to pick the R8 as I've always loved the design of the R8 in general, especially the stripe design, and it also doesn't just carry completely unnecessary amounts of power making it usable in daily life

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Audi R8 V10 FSI. Modern exotic looks, and yet has a simplistic beauty.

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Pagani - Huayra For the sheer beauty and technology it brings. Technologically and aesthetically un-matched. A Car to Dream about and a car worth of dreaming to have!

Without a doubt, an Audi R8 LMS Ultra v10. It combines the best of German and Italian engineering. Its basically a Lamborghini Gallardo with Audi sheet metal and carbon. Who wouldn't want a 562 bhp beast that comes from the factory geard to smoke 0-60 in 3.8, all for half the cost of a Gallardo.

AUDI A1, of course.

Well, I don't have a car yet, and I'll get my driver's license soon, so for a starter it would make great first things first! :D

I'm gonna have to go a little more conservative and choose the JCW Mini. I've always wanted to have a Cooper and the JCW is sweet!

Corvette ZR1, I have been a chevrolet fan my whole life and have only ridden in one corvette. this is the baddest and best one yet and it would be so much fun

For me, it's the Camaro ZL1. It's American super-car class muscle for a fraction of the price. Oh, and it looks freaking sweet. :-)

I do wish they had and old Fiero though, so I could cram a small-block V8 in it and dominate.

Although having a Nissan Altima, would be fancy, I would say the ZR1.

Side note: my brother would flip for the Huayra.

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the Pagani Huayra cause its the only supercar which is still silly and doesn't take itself so serious with its mental design and stupid amount of power

The Charger. I was going to say the Challenger because I prefer the looks, however I see that it is Rear Wheel Drive.

The Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. Our first family car was a Mercedes and I've loved the brand ever since. I hope that surgeons are paid high enough though so I'd be able to afford it :P

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I would want to own the Pagani Zonda. The styling of the car is beautiful keeping with the rich history of Italian cars. There are varying version of the Zonda but each model has an engine that is a finely tuned work of art. With their being less than 500 ever made it would be rare car to have and an amazing car to drive.

The Nissan 370z...this car is the closest I can get..in real..
Wohho.. I love the nexus 7 too..
I hope they give away the car as well.. Hehe

I love the Camaro SS because it looks so awesome and I have some American pride. But if I were to be able to choose a new car for free I'd pick the Mini Cooper S because my wife loves them and I could give it to her.

R8 LMS ULTRA CSR- Simply the best car on the game. With those decals, together with the performance, that car simply is the best!

I would have to say the Pagani Zonda R, I have been in love with the Zonda (in all of its forms/models/etc). Coming in a close second is the McLaren MP4-12C.
That list that is linked is incomplete, they added new cars a few weeks ago.

I'd definitely have to go with the Mini Cooper. Smaller always equals faster right? Can they add a guy on a Segway? I changed my mind. I want Segway guy.

Since I was kid I've always liked the Corvettes. I'm see it listed twice and would switch between them. The new ones look incredible and I'm see one for kids by playschool would like to get for my grandneice when she's old enough.

the mustang boss 302, as it is one of the best overall cars... easily tweeked and has taken me all the way through teir 4 fully modded. love this game!!! definately took enough of my money, mostly buying gas lol. hope i win! i dont have a tablet!!!

I'll drive a Dodge Challenger SRT8. Just looks old-school Charger enough, while clearly being made today, I would be The Envy of my block! Except maybe late at night when I start it up...

chevrolet camaro ss would obviously be the only choice
you may not get the best horsepower or pick up
but i would love a car that's gonna change into bumblebee any second
i think i would even spend a night awake just to see it sneak out and meet up with optimus and the others
hope you choose me
thanks for your consideration
yours truly, camaro and transformers fan

I would like a Camaro ZL1. I had a camaro a long time ago, but had to sell it when I had kids. Sure would be nice to have another.

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LOVE the game guys, top notch! The car I'd love to own would have to be the Ford GT. This remake of the car that finally beat Ferrari at The 24 Hours of Le Mans from 1966 thru 1969 is second to none in my opinion. Absolutely gorgeous and a real race car. As a full-time student, I can only dream or play your game to feel it's power.

The Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren – RWD, cause if I was rich enough to actually buy one, I would love to show it off. hahaha plus its an amazing and beautiful car.

A Corvette ZR1. Well any Corvette for that matter, it's just my favorite for obvious reasons. I will have a 'vette some day, hopefully it will be this one.

would be a toss up between the vette zr1 and the pagani. although, i don't think that i could actually get either one of them in and out of my driveway with as steep as it is off the street.

McLaren MP4, because I've loved the sleek body styling of McLarens for years, and there's just something about dihedral doors!

I would love to owe the Cooper S and/or John Cooper Works. I have been in love with this vehicle since I saw "The Italian Job". I just know that car could take corners as if it was on rails. To get great engine performance, I would replace the air filter with high flow performance air filter like JCW Intake High Flow Air Filter Replacement. Now I just have to figure out how not to get a speeding ticket. LOL!

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BMW M3 Coupe RED - simply put it is the best car in the following categories: weight distribution 50/50; engine hp; handling; and looks!

I loved this game. I have already been through teir 5, my tier 5 was the mustang. My dream car would be the audi, there are already to many vette's on the streets.

Definitely the Audi A1: a small hatchback that can fit anywhere and yet still has a kick when you step on the pedal!

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I'd love the Pagani Huayra. That 720 horsepower, 6 liter twin-turbo V12 engine would make my 5 minute commute to work even faster, and ticket laden, lol. Seriously though, I love Italian exotics and this would fit the bill....

Well IRL I've owned a 1970 Mustang, and an 1987 Firbird, so I would go with a Dodge Charger so that I could have owned Detroit Muscle from all of the Big 3.

My choice would be the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. I know that the all wheel drive of the Audi's give them superior handling and I know the Cobra Jet isn't a supercar; But call me old fashioned, I just love the idea of cruising the streets in a modern classic rear wheal drive muscle car. As a bonus the mustang, whatever model, looks great.
Love the AC site and the app. Keep up the great work.

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I bow my head to Mercedes McLaren when it passes you its sound of engine and its looks makes you wonder when you'll finally win lottery to get one...

BMW Z4 GT 3. It's a European racing car which have the gearbox like a Japanese cars

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The Pagani Huayra, because it's not just the fastest car listed but also a piece of art. Though I'd sell it after a couple runs and open a tech startup.

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Audi A1. I would pick this one, because in Brazil, with all the taxes and robberies, I should take take one of the cheapest ones!

The mustang cobra jet cause when it was released they only made 50 of them and they hit 60 mph mark in a scant 1.52 seconds and reached 100 mph in just 3.26 seconds and has a best of 7.848 seconds at 174.4 mph in the quarter mile ... did I mention I'm a ford guy :)

I would LOVE to have a Nissan GT-R because of its low profile and wide body it handles like a dream AND turns heads around every corner

The reason i chose this supercar is because of the thrill that i get when i drive my yellow CSR R8 in the CSR Game series . The handling , the acceleration and the braking is just unbelievable .
Its a dream to own this car .

I would have an AUDI TT RS. It's a perfect car for a young boy like me (and also, it's perfect to use a Nexus 7 with) :P

I'm torn. In my climate, AWD is a real benefit, so I'm inclined to say the Audi R8 LMS ULTRA - AWD. I'd have the only one around. That said, the winter would wreak havoc on the carbon fibre, and with our potholes (and the R8's low profile), I think I'd only get to drive it once.

The Huayra, because I'd never heard of it before. Looking at the pics, the cockpit is insane and what's not to love about gullwing doors?

I was going to say GT-R, but if I could only have 1 car, it would be the BMW M3 - the ideal mix of performance and class.

A Nissan GT-R because is my favorite car and is the closest $100K supercar to my wallet right now. I don't care about porsches,lambos or Raris, i need to own a GT-R before i die. That's my dream car.. the affordable dream car that is lol

An Audi R8 LMS Ultra CSR , because it is fun to drive with that short wheel base and the AWD can get my anywhere FAST.

McLaren MP4- 12C – RWD would be the awesomest car ever!!! I haven't got close to unlocking it though. For now im kicking as in Mini Coop.

That would be the Focus RS - FWD. I love Fords and love the Focus. I want one! But I'd also love a Nexus 7!!! Thanks.

I'd like to own the Corvette C6, just to see if it's 0-60 time is REALLY faster than my Saturn L200. I'm skeptical.

Audi R8 V10. So i can complete my key collection. House key, company's key and my audi's key.