Take a look at the picture you see here.  Clear your head and take a long hard look at it (we'll wait).  See it yet?  I'll give a hint -- it's not a Samsung Galaxy S II with a big juicy Verizon logo up top, no matter how bad we all wanted it to be.  When we read the caption attached to this picture uploaded at Amazon, things start to make some sense:

Ordered a Galaxy S II from Warehouse Deals, received a Verizon Galaxy S. Sad that people take advantage of Amazon like this...I hope whoever stole the Galaxy S II gets caught.

Now we weren't there so we don't know exactly how this went down, but it sure looks like someone ordered a Galaxy S II from Amazon, then slapped the screen covering on a Samsung Fascinate, threw it in the box and sent it in for a refund.  With stock being low and demand being high, it slipped through and was sent to another customer. 

Feeling a little pissed off yet?  Yeah, I am, too.  It's not like it was my money, or this happened to a SGS II that was destined for my doorstep, but I can't help but feel a little outrage.  We're pretty sure Amazon will make this right -- they're Amazon.  We do have to agree with the gentleman who was expecting a shiny SGS II ready for his AT&T SIM card -- we hope whoever did this gets caught.  And maybe sent to some Russian Gulag to atone for his (or her) sins.  OK, maybe that's a bit too far.

This all goes to show just what hype will do to people.  We keep hearing about how something will be "the best one yet", and we'll be getting it soon.  After a while, this has one of two effects; you get jaded and stop caring, or you let it consume you.  I'm here to tell you, there is no best one, because the next one will always be the best one.  I've decided I'm not going to ride the hyperbole train any longer and just use what I have, and love it.  My old scratched Nexus One may not have that Super AMOLED HD screen I've been crying for, but I dropped my SIM card back in it, and made myself smile.  Do I still want a great new Android phone to use and abuse?  Of course I do.  I'm just not going to worry about when it gets here any longer.

Thanks, intheb0x for the link and pic! 


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One-of-a-kind Verizon Samsung Galaxy S II not found on Amazon [the old switcheroo]


Pretty sad the things people will do when they think they won't get caught...

As far as the GSII, frankly I think Super AMOLED+ is overyped, the oversaturated colors look nice initially but they're nowhere near accurate and when seeing photos of people it shows (skin tones can look way off dependin on lighting). I'll take any decent qHD screen over Samsung's for now, if they do manage to leapfrog everyone and start producing 720p displays tho, that'll be a big coup.

Super AMOLED+ is also part of what allows them to make thinner phones than almost everyone else, it's not just about the plastic construction... There's less layers on those screens, which helps. No search buttons or notification light is a big negative on my book tho, but this is what's great about Android, choice.

On the original SGSII model, holding the menu button gives you search or voice search. I can't recall which one.

Holding the menu key is used for toggling the on screen keyboard. Oddly this only works on phones without physical keyboards (though this was recently enabled for keyboarded phones in a recent CM build) so I missed it a lot when going from my Nexus S to my Desire Z.

AMOLED are bit over-saturated, but better than the Moto screens which are dull and washed-out and make me want to cry.

HTC went from having the most average screens to having the best all around screens imo, the Sensation's in particular is terrific. I specially like the beveled edges that sink it just a few mm beyond the phone's edge. The EVO 3D's screen could use slightly better viewing angles, probably a side effect from the polarizing layer used for the 3D effect.

Great write up Jerry! People gotta be on the lookout for all the slime out there trying to make a quick, dishonest buck. I saw, a week or so ago, some asshat from Australia trying to sell a Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 claiming it was running Ice Cream Sandwich and was brand new, unopened. Hope nobody fell for it.

"This all goes to show just what hype will do to people." maybe if sites like this one would quit over hyping things? and no, i'm not complaining about the over hyping, i'm complaining about this site over hyping and then complaining because the hype caused someone to do something stupid

It's not the site's fault that someone acted douchey. They can complain about it. That's like telling someone who works for Budweiser that they can't complain about drunk drivers.

There is a certain segment of people that will do whatever they can get away with. They are the garbage people and should always be avoided at all costs. They have always existed and always will.

To an extent low-life acts like this are an accounting cost of doing business. It's called shrinkage and you can control it but not stop it.

Suggestions to get the thief:
1- Turn on the phone (most probably it's formatted)
2- If he wanted that GSII that bad then he is a hardcore Android fan, so he must have rooted his old phone (assumption) and each rooter usually has a Nandroid backup in the SD card just in case... so restore that Nandroid backup and get him :D

3- Finger prints? (if not the phone then on the battery)

4- pray and wish he'd surrender xD

5- (Boring suggestion with nothing exciting) Just check the records regarding the serial on the box lol

(i'm just trying to help... and the 2nd suggestion is the easier but it's just an assumption :P )

Really dude?! What's up with quoting scripture?! I don't own a bible, so I can't lookup these passages to tell if you are being witty and cunning (by referencing those passages with regards to the subject of this article) or just being an idiot troll. Either way, you are annoying -- VERY few people (if ANY AT ALL) want to see this kind of stuff in the reactionary comments of a smartphone related article. Post this kind if stuff somewhere else. You are as bad as spammers!!