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The Nexus 7 is substantially more portable than larger tablets, and that means you may be more inclined to use a case. I've found the Nillkin leather flip cover for mine, and it's quite an impressive little case for the money. When I got my Nexus 7 I planned on carrying it with me more often, tossing it in the bag whenever I left the house. It's light and portable with great one-handed use, but I wanted to protect the screen when I wasn't using it.

The case is a thin, tough, two-tone unit with black rubber edges accenting a colored leather primary case (red, grey or black colors are available). The leather part has a texture to it that I could only describe as a large hard cover book binding, which is very reassuring when holding the Nexus 7 one handed and provides an ample amount of grip. The case snaps on around the tablet like a normal case would, with no extra flaps, straps or fasteners. The flip cover pulls double duty as a screen protector and a tri-fold stand, and is attached with heavy stitching to the back of the case. The cover has a magnet to wake and sleep the device when opened and closed, which is a nice touch.

The inside of the flip portion is a light brown microfiber material, which should protect the screen nicely and help soak up some smudges when it's resting on the screen. When you're ready to use the tablet, it flips back out of the way but has no magnet or fastener to keep it pinned back. Luckily the cover is very thin and folds over nicely to be held in a very natural position, so it doesn't add a whole lot of bulk when it's on the back. If you would prefer to use the cover as a stand, it props up the tablet low for activities like typing, or stands it up near a 45-degree angle for things like watching video.

At somewhere between $20 and $25 (depending on the day) through many ebay sellers, the Nillkin leather flip cover is worth a look to protect and add a good bit of functionality to your Nexus 7. It is well-made and keeps a clean and functional design throughout, something not found in accessories as often as we'd hope. Check out our hands-on video and several pictures after the break.


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Nillkin leather flip cover for Nexus 7


Just as a personal observation, since I've had that Poetic case for about 3's a really nice case in all areas but one. It doesn't hold up well. I'm careful with my electronics, so I never threw it around, or did anything outrageous with it. However, the plastic around the edges wears out pretty quickly, and if you take your N7 out of the case too often, the plastic casing can crack (and by too often, I mean maybe 5 times).

Varies greatly with sellers that ship International Mail from China. I live in WA so it comes pretty quickly, but if you live on the East Coast you may be in for a wait, unfortunately. It took 2 days for them to ship and 10 days from shipment to arrival (seems about normal for anyting i buy on ebay from China.) I was happy with that timing.

I have this cover and it's great. However, I have no idea why the word "leather" is in the name. It's not leather, and I actually prefer it a lot more to the leatherette cases available from other people (like the Poetic one).

Everything is easily accessible, it doesn't add much to the weight or size. With regards to lack of a magnet to keep it closed, I can't think of any instances where it would be a problem.

As I noted in the video, it really is red, but definitely not a deep red. The pattern and material make it seem a lot lighter in pictures than it actually is.

Oh, sorry Andrew. I actually didn't watch the video this time. When I ordered a case for my Droid X, back in the day, it was advertised as red and ended up shipping as pink (or close to it). I know that most cheaper cases do end up being lighter than they should be. But, if they get the job does, who cares?

Just ordered mine from the manufacturers eBay store. I had been holding out for a genuine ASUS one but this for me is pretty much what I've been waiting for.

Slim enough to not be too cumbersome and the magnet cover is a big plus.

Great find!

I have one of these for my nexus 4, its great quality and good protection however for a constant use device like my nexus 4 it wasn't that great(texting was a chore). For a devices like the Nexus 7 this would be a great styled case.

How does it attack to the tablet? How solidly does it grip it? Should the tabled fall down, would the case stay with the tablet, or would it slip off?

The case portion snaps on like a traditional case does. The flip cover doesn't attach to the tablet other than the binding where it is sewn to the back of the case.

I'm not going to drop my Nexus 7 to test (of course) but it is pretty well stuck on there. There's no movement or looseness I can find.

I bought this case for my mom a month ago in China on for 80 yuan (about 14 dollars). By using it for awhile I found out it is such a beautiful case that I eventually exchange my old case with my mom for it.

There are too obvious problems, though. First and the most annoying one, it works poorly as a stand since there is not magnet to help fix the stand so it falls down frequently. Second, you can always see two lines with dust on the screen with respect to the two lines on the front cover so you have to clean your screen now and then. Aside from the two problems it is still a well build case for Nexus 7 considering its reletively higher price (those 16 dollars supcase-like cases would only cost you 20 yuan (3-4 dollars) on in China). I would recommend it to anybody who want their tablet and case to look nicer.

So it's like the iPad cover, which was completely unoriginal, except that Apple pretended that it was original?

The case from TheSnugg is alittle more bulkier but I see that as more protection. It also offers alot more functionality and comfort to viewing and everyday use. Anyone else agree?