Google Nexus One 

Our full, no-holds-barred Nexus One review is coming shortly. In the meantime, here's a video walkthrough to whet your appetite. (And don't forget about our hands-on at CES, and our FAQ). Join us after the break.


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Nexus One video review


Hey Phil. Green smoke is very customizable. Do you have any recommendations on getting your battery life to last longer then 10 hours?

Looks pretty half-baked. What is the deal with the lack of screen responsiveness? I can see lag too so even with a 1ghz proc Android is still in need of fine tuning. Plus only a few hundred Mb for apps? Seriously?

As stated above, we should be seeing an apps to SD update at some point so storage won't be a big deal anymore once that happens. Also, I have a quad core PC with four gigs of ram, and it will lag often too when I'm switching between programs or if another program is doing something in the background. If it happens on regular PCs (and always has), one would have to expect it from time to time on a phone that isn't much different than having an older laptop in the palm of your hand. There will never be a phone that runs flawlessly all the time, especially when it does what this phone can do. This is surely one of the best phones out right now.

The Nexus One is very snappy for me as long as I don't have more than about 15 apps open at once. Around 15 it starts to slow down. If I have live wallpapers off then I can have about 18-20 apps without lag. Polar clock thing is so stupid... there are options to change clocks and some work and some don't. Gallery is ALOT of fun to use and I really love the form factor. Big screen, quality build, and a nice camera. I really love it. DEfinitely better than the iPhone. Hopefully Apple has something new in store for us at the end of this month or in June.

One thing that puzzles me is the buttons at the bottom of the screen, several reviews show they just flat out don't work half the time, especially if the phone is on its' back.

The touch buttons at the bottom are one of my favorite things about the phone. They work great for me, especially since I have limited use of mt hands and have a hard time with press buttons. Don't let the reviews fool you. They respond just fine a lot more often than not.

This phone is never compare with other phones.its futures are very impressing and nice.every one want to buy it after look it.

Interactive Live Wallpaper was not shown e.g. touching the water will ripple.. one of the nifty features hihihi

I think it will be hard to coax iphone users away from Apple. The brand is loved, sure there's downsides with the iPhone but it's going to be hard to cut Apple's share of the market.

I use it in for my internet marketing activities all day long and couldn't see myself without the iPhone. Sure most phones allow tweeting, facebook and browsing the net but iPhones interface is hard to beat for keeping in touch.


Ha! That phone sucks! Pretty laggy and slow to have a 1GHZ processor. It's going right to the graveyard with all of the other so-called "iPhone Killers"! LOL!!!

I'm a Palm Pre user...and I was really curious about Nexus One because it seems like the big boys are purposely trying to make Palm fail but not allowing apps that we used to take for granted on the Palm OS to be ported over to webOS...which blows!
So, I figured I'd check this out and see if it's worth all the hoo ha going on about it.. Well...sad to say...I'm not very impressed! I see one person who's mentioned having more than one app open at a time...but how do you go back and forth between them??
This review certainly doesn't make it seem as if multi-tasking is even possible on this phone...which I was told it was possible..

Anyway...until they work out the kinks, I'll stick with my support and all. It's still the best damn smartphone I've ever used...including iPhone and Droid.... Too bad...I really hoped for more out of this phone. Live wallpaper is very cool...but not enough to make me switch when I see that webOS seems to be easier to use...and much more responsive. has awesome multi-tasking which I never thought I'd use...until I had the option! Now I use it all the time!