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Seeing your favorite smartphone get some screen time is something that many people enjoy. But the Nexus One hasn't gotten nearly the push that we've seen with the Droid, myTouch 3G or ... well, any other phone. But  Hulu now has a Nexus One commercial that plays throughout the site. Whether this is an attempt from Google to sell more of these devices, since we know it didn't quite outsell the Droid or iPhone, or just plain average marketing, we are unsure. Either way, thanks, Jason, for sending this in!


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Nexus One hits the small screen with commericals on Hulu


I don't think this is any real push to sell more of the Nexus Ones to the general consumer population. Watching TV on Hulu is still very much a geek thing, albeit less a geek thing than it is to read Android Central. LOL

The N1 is still, in my opinion, just meant to be a "reference phone" for Google and not one intended to be mass marketed. That doesn't mean Google wouldn't mind selling as many as they can, but it's not thier ultimate goal with the N1. By playing ads on Hulu, they're slightly expanding the target audience, but it's still mostly geeks and those comfortable with the latest in tech.

Leo Laporte said on several of his podcasts this weekend that the Nexus One actually sold more units last month than the iPhone. If the Android sites like this one reported it, I missed the stories.